Leicestershire Senior League – Moves

All moves in and out of the league.
Teams InTeams Out
Barrow Rising Star (Lboro Dist)
Coalville Town (Coalville Dist)
Coalville United (Coalville Dist)
Hinckley Town Reserves (unknown)
Leicester Fosse Reserves (Midland Counties)
Leicester Imperial (Leicester Dist)
Loughborough Corinthians (Lboro Dist)
South Wigston Albion (Leicester Dist)
Whitwick White Cross Reserves (unknown)
1903/04Hinckley Town Reserves (unknown)
Whitwick White Cross Reserves (disbanded)
Coalville Excelsior (Coalville Dist)
Hinckley Town (Midland Counties)
Hugglescote United (Coalville Dist)
Market Harborough Town (Northants)
1904/05Coalville United (disbanded)
Earl Shilton United (Hinckley Dist)
British United (Leicester Dist)
1905/06Hinckley Town (suspended then disbanded)
Hinckley United (New Club)1906/07Leicester Fosse Reserves (Midland Counties)
South Wigston Albion (Leicester Dist)
Shepshed Albion (Lboro Dist)1907/08British United (Leicester Dist)
Coalville Excelsior (disbanded)
Gresley Rovers (Midland Counties)
Ibstock Albion (Coalville Dist)
1908/09Earl Shilton United (disbanded)
Gresley Rovers (Burton Dist)
Holwell Works (Leicester Dist)
Leicester Nomads (English Amateur Alliance)
Whitwick Imperial (Coalville Dist)
1909/10Barrow Rising Star (Lboro Dist)
Leicester Nomads (English Amateur Alliance)
Market Harborough Town (Leicester Dist)
Gresley Rovers (Burton Dist)
Melton Mowbray (Leicester Dist)
Market Harborough Town (Leicester Dist)1911/12Gresley Rovers (Central Alliance)
Melton Mowbray (disbanded)
Leicester Nomads (Midland Amateur League)1912/13Holwell Works (Central Alliance)
Hugglescote United (disbanded)
Leicester Imperial (Central Alliance)
Leicester Nomads (resigned then disbanded)
Market Harborough Town (Northants)
Earl Shilton Albion (Hinckley Dist)1913/14Hinckley United (Birm Combination)
Loughborough Corinthians (Central Alliance)
Burton All Saints (Burton FA)
Coalville Swifts (Coalville Dist)
Hinckley United Reserves (unknown)
Hugglescote St. John’s (Coalville Dist)
Loughborough Corinthians Reserves (Lboro Dist)
Sileby Victoria (Lboro Dist)
1914/15Burton All Saints (Birm Combination)
Earl Shilton Albion (Hinckley Dist)
* moved in September 1914.
Hugglescote St. John’s (disbanded)
Ibstock Albion (resigned then disbanded)
Loughborough Corinthians Reserves (Lboro Dist)
Burton Workers Union (Burton FA)
Gresley Rovers (Central Alliance)
Hinckley United (Birm Combination)
Loughborough Corinthians (joined)
Moira United (Coalville Dist)
Newhall Swifts (Notts & Derbyshire)
1915/16Burton Workers Union (disbanded)
Gresley Rovers (Central Alliance)
Newhall Swifts (Burton FA)
Coalville WMC (new club)
Loughborough Brush (new club)
Loughborough Empress Works (Lboro Dist)
Loughborough YMCA (new club)
Pegg’s Green Victoria (Coalville Dist)
Stableford’s Works (new club)
1918/19Coalville WMC (Coalville Dist)
Stableford’s Works (Coalville Dist)
Hugglescote Imperial (Coalville Dist)
Loughborough DS & S (new club)
1919/20Loughborough DS &S (resigned)
Loughborough Empress Works (Lboro Dist)
Loughborough YMCS (resigned)
Ashby Town (Measham Dist)
Barwell United (Hinckley Dist)
Nuneaton United (Cov & North Warks)
Stableford’s Works (Coalville Dist)
1920/21Coalville Swifts (Central Alliance)
Loughborough Brush (Lboro Dist)
Nuneaton United (Walsall Dist)
Coalville Swifts Reserves (Coalville Dist)
Ibstock Colliery (Coalville Dist)
Loughborough Corinthians Reserves (Lboro Dist)
Measham Town (Coalville Dist)
Mountsorrel Town (new club)
1921/22Pegg’s Green Victoria (Coalville Dist)
Nuneaton Town Reserves (Walsall Dist)1922/23Hinckley United Reserves (Nuneaton Com)
Hugglescote Imperial (resigned)
Sileby Victoria (Lboro Dist)
Burton All Saints Reserves (Burton Dist)1923/24Coalville Swifts Reserves (Coalville Dist)
Nuneaton Town Reserves (Northants)
Gresley Rovers Reserves (South Derbyshire)1924/25Coalville Town (resigned then disbanded)
1925/26Burton Town Reserves (Stafford Dist)
1926/27Ashby Town (disbanded)
Barwell United (unknown)
Measham Town (unknown)
Shepshed Albion (unknown)
Stableford’s Works (Coalville Dist)
Burton Town Reserves (Stafford Dist)1927/28Ibstock Colliery (disbanded)
Moira United (Coalville Dist)
Barrow Trinity (new club)1928/29Mountsorrel Town (Derbyshire Senior)
Whitwick Imperial (unknown)
Newhall United (Derby Dist)
Nuneaton Town Reserves (Nuneaton Com)
South Wigston Imperial (Leicester Dist)
1929/30Barrow Trinity (unknown)
Burton Town Reserves (Derbyshire Senior)
Gresley Rovers Reserves (Derbyshire Senior)
Loughborough Corinthians Reserves (Derbyshire Senior)
Newhall United (unknown)
Nuneaton Town Reserves (Nuneaton Com)
South Wigston Imperial (Leicester Dist)
No Comp
Holwell Works (Melton Dist)
Ibstock Penistone Rovers (Coalville Dist)
Ibstock Swifts (Coalville Dist)
Loughborough Brush Works (Lboro Alliance)
Measham Imperial (Tamworth Trent Valley)
New Lount Colliery (Coalville Dist)
Newhall Swifts (South Derbyshire)
Oaks Parish Church (Lboro Dist)
Overseal Institute (South Derbyshire)
Snibston New Sports (Coalville Dist)
Whitwick Holy Cross (Lboro Dist)
Whitwick White Cross (Lboro Dist)
1934/35Ibstock Penistone Rovers (Central Amateur)
Donisthorpe (Tamworth Trent Valley)
Gresley Rovers (Central Com)
HR Mansfields Sports (Burton FA)
Leicestershire Nomads Reserves (Midland Amateur)
Snibston United (Coalville Dist)
1935/36Ibstock Swifts (disbanded)
Newhall Swifts (Burton FA)
Snibston New Sports (disbanded)
Moira United (Tamworth Trent Valley)1936/37New Lount Colliery (Coalville Dist)
Oaks Parish Church (Coalville Dist)
Midland Woodworkers (Melton Dist)
Quorn Methodists (Lboro Alliance)
1937/38Leicstershire Nomads Reserves (unknown)
Shepshed Parish Church (Lboro Alliance)1938/39Whitwick Holy Cross (Coalville Dist)
Anstey Primative Methodists (Leicester Mutual)1939/40
Gresley Rovers (South Derbyshire)
HR Mansfields Sports (unknown)
Moira United (South Derbyshire)
Overseal Institute (South Derbyshire)
Coalville Town (Central Amateur)
Ibstock Penistone Rovers (Central Amateur)
Loughborough Colleges (Central Amateur)
Donisthorpe (unknown)
Hugglescote United (unknown)
Midland Woodworkers (Grantham Dist)
Gresley Rovers (South Derbyshire)
Leicester City Colts (Midland Mid Week)
RAPC Woodhouse (unknown)
1940/41Shepshed Town (disbanded)
Central Ordnance Depot Old Dalby (unkown)
RAOC Oadby (unknown)
1941/42Gresley Rovers (Burton Dist)
Quorn Methodists (Lboro Alliance)
RAOC Oadby (unknown)
RAPC Woodhouse (unknown)
Whitwick White Cross (resigned)
106 Bridge Company (unknown)
BTH Sports (unknown)
Number 23 PTC (unknown)
RAPC (HAA) (unknown)
RAPC (LAA) (unknown)
1942/43106 Bridge Company (unknown)
Number 23 PTC (unknown)
RAPC (HAA) (unknown)
RAPC (LAA) (unknown)
Midland Woodworkers (Grantham Dist – 1941/42)
Pegson’s (Coalville Dist)
RAF (unknown)
REME Leicestershire (unknown)
1943/44BTH Sports (unknown)
RAF (unknown)
Morris Sports (new club)
RAF Desford (unknown)
RAF Leicester East (unknown)
RAF Market Harborough (unknown)
RAF Melton Mowbray (unknown)
RAF Wymesworld (unknown)
1944/45RAF Desford (unknown)
RAF Leicester East (unknown)
RAF Market Harborough (unknown)
RAF Melton Mowbray (unknown)
RAF Wymesworld (Notts & Derbyshire)
Ellistown Colliery (unknown)
Gresley Rovers (Burton Dist)
Kettering Town (United Counties)
Melton Town (new club)
1945/46Ibstock Penistone Rovers (Central Amateur)
Kettering Town (Birmingham Dist)
Leicester City Colts (unknown)
Loughborough Colleges (left)
REME Leicestershire (unknown)
Barrow Old Boys (Lboro Alliance)
Kettering Town Reserves (Kettering Amateur)
Market Harborough Sports (Kettering Amateur)
Moira United (Coalville Dist)
Overseal Institute (South Derbyshire)
Quorn Methodists (Lboro Alliance)
Shepshed Albion (Lboro Alliance)
Sileby British Legion (new club)
Stewarts & Lloyds Corby Reserves (unknown)
Whitwick Colliery (Coalville Dist)
1946/47Brush Sports (United Counties)
Kettering Town Reserves (United Counties)
Market Harborough Sports (disbanded)
Central Ordnance Depot Old Dalby (resigned)
Barlestone United (South Leicestershire)
Castle Donington Town (Derby Dist Amateur)
Earl Shilton Institute (South Leicestershire)
Hinckley Athletic Reserves (South Leicestershire)
Loughborough Colleges (joined)
Nuneaton Borough Reserves (Nuneaton Com)
Rolls-Royce Mountsorrel (unknown)
Syston St. Peter’s (Leicester Mutual)
1947/48Castle Donington Town (Derby Senior)
Midland Woodworkers (Central Alliance)
Pegson’s (Coalville Dist)
Rolls-Royce Mountsorrel (resigned)
Whitwick Colliery (Central Amateur)
Whitwick White Cross (Coalville Dist)
Atherstone Town Reserves (Nuneaton Com)
Barwell Athletic (Nuneaton Com)
Bedworth Town Reserves (Coventry & North Warks)
Desborough Town Reserves (Kettering Amateur)
Rothwell Town (Kettering Amateur)
Rugby Oakfield (Coventry & North Warks)
Stoney Stanton (South Leicestershire)
Symington’s Reserves (Kettering Amateur)
1948/49Atherstone Town Reserves (Birmingham Alliance)
Gresley Rovers (Central Alliance)
Overseal Institute (resigned)
Enderby Town (Leicester City)
Leicester City ‘A’ (Birmingham Dist)
Oadby Imperial (Leicester City)
Oakham Town (Central Amateur)
Whitwick Colliery Reserves (joined)
1949/50Bedworth Town Reserves (Coventry Dist)
Coalville Town (Central Alliance)
Corby Town Reserves (United Counties)
Desborough Town Reserves (United Counties)
Rothwell Town (United Counties)
Rugby Oakfield (left)
Symington’s Reserves (United Counties)
Wellingborough Town Reserves (United Counties)
Burgess Products (unknown)
Desford Colliery (new club)
Ibstock Penistone Rovers (Central Amateur)
Leicester University College (Central Amateur)
Rugby Town Reserves (joined)
South Leicester Amateurs (new club)
1950/51Sileby British Legion (disbanded)
Cosby United (Leicester Mutual)
Leicester Nomads (Leicester Mutual)
Leicester YMCA (Leicester Mutual)
1951/52Barlestone United (resigned)
Leicester University College (Leicester City)
Melton Town (disbanded)
Nuneaton Borough Reserves (Staffordshire)
Whitwick Colliery Reserves (left)
Bedworth Town Reserves (unknown)
Bentley Engineering (Leicester City)
Coalville Town Reserves (Coalville Dist)
Midland Woodworkers (Melton Dist)
1952/53Bedworth Town Reserves (South Warwickshire)
Coalville Town Reserves (left)
Earl Shilton Albion (South Leicestershire)
Sileby Town (Lboro Alliance)
Whitwick Colliery Reserves (joined)
1953/54Hinckley Athletic Reserves (left)
Leicester Nomads (disbanded)
Leicester YMCA (resigned)
Rugby Town Reserves (Warwickshire Com)
Coalville Town (Central Alliance)
Oakham Imperial (Melton Dist)
Wellington Victoria (Leicester City)
1954/55Anstey Nomads (Central Alliance)
Coalville Town (resigned then disbanded)
Moira United (resigned)
Oakham Town (Rutland Dist)
Stoney Stanton (Leicester Mutual)
Anstey Nomads Reserves (Leicester City)
Burton Albion Reserves (Staffordshire)
Lutterworth Town (Leicester City)
Shelthorpe Social Club (Lboro Alliance)
1955/56Ellistown Colliery (Coalville Dist)
Hinckley Athletic Reserves (joined)
Newfoundpool WMC (Leicester City)
1956/57Hinckley Athletic Reserves (Warwickshire Com)
Whitwick Colliery Reserves (Coalville Dist)
Donisthorpe Colliery Welfare (Tamworth Trent Valley)
Rawdon Colliery (Burton FA)
Stapenhill (Derby Senior)
Whitwick Colliery (Birmingham Dist)
Wigston Fields (Leicester Mutual)
1957/58Burton Albion Reserves (Central Alliance)
Leicester Amateurs (disbanded)
Leicester City ‘A’ (Birmingham Dist)
Atherstone Town Reserves (joined)
Leicester City ‘B’ (unknown)
1958/59Rawdon Colliery (Burton FA)
Shelthorpe Social Club (resigned)
Brush Sports Reserves (Central Alliance)
Loughborough College of Technology (new club)
1959/60Oakham Imperial (Melton Dist)
Melton Old Grammarians (Melton Dist)
Midland Athletic (Leicester Mutual)
St. Margaret’s Works (Leicester City)
1960/61Atherstone Town Reserves (resigned)
Desford Colliery (Coalville Dist)
Leicester City ‘B’ (unknown)
Morris Sports (Lboro Alliance)
Desford (Leicester Mutual)1961/62
English Electric Whetstone (Leicester Dist)1963/64
1964/65Burgess Products (resigned)
Loughborough College of Technology (Lboro Alliance)
Whitwick Colliery (Coalville Dist)
Brush Amateurs (Lboro Alliance)
Hinckley Athletic Reserves (Warwickshire Com)
Northfield United (Leicester Dist)
1965/66Desford (Leicester Dist)
Blaby Old Boys (Leicester Mutual)
Jones & Shipman (Leicester City)
Leicester YMCA (Leicester Dist)
Loughborough University (Lboro Alliance)
1966/67Hinckley Athletic Reserves (unknown)
Whetstone Athletic (Leicester City)1967/68
1968/69Barwell Athletic (Leicester Dist)
Brush Amateurs (Lboro Alliance)
Earl Shilton Institute (Leicester Dist)
Enderby Town (East Midlands Regional)
Syston St. Peter’s (unknown)
Cotton Sports (Lboro Alliance)
Enderby Town Reserves (Leicester Dist)
Friar Lane Old Boys (Leicester Mutual)
Hinckley Gunners (Nuneaton Amateur)
1969/70Hinckley Gunners (Nuneaton Amateur)
Loughborough Colleges (unknown)
Loughborough United Reserves (East Midlands Regional)
Earl Shilton Institute (Leicester Disst)1970/71Anstey Nomads Reserves (Central Alliance)
Enderby Town Reserves (East Midlands Regional)
Barwell Athletic (Leicester Dist)
Thringstone (Lboro Alliance)
1971/72Bentley Engineering (Leicester Dist)
Blaby Old Boys (disbanded)
Earl Shilton Institute (Nuneaton Amateur)
Loughborough University (Derbyshire Premier)
Northfield United (disbanded)
Great Bowden Imperial (Kettering Amateur)
Hinckley Town (Nuneaton Amateur)
1972/73St. Margaret’s Works (disbanded)
Anstey Nomads (East Midlands Regional)
Corby Town Reserves (unknown)
Dainite Sports (Kettering Amateur)
Enderby Town Reserves (East Midlands Regional)
1974/75Measham Social Welfare (disbanded)
Hillcroft (Leicester Dist)
Kettering Town Reserves (unknown)
1975/76Cotton Sports (disbanded)
GEC Whetstone (Leicester City)
Holwell Works (Leicester Dist)
Birstall United (Leicester Mutual)
Houghton Rangers (Leicester City)
Syston St. Peter’s (Leicester Dist)
1976/77Kettering Town Reserves (resigned)
Thurmaston PWMC (Leicester Dist)1977/78Cosby United (Leicester Dist)
Jones & Shipman (disbanded)
Narborough & Littlethorpe (Leicester Dist)
Rolls-Royce Mountsorrel (Leicester Dist)
1978/79Wellington Victoria (resigned)
Holwell Works (Leicester Dist)1979/80Dainite Sports (East Mids Alliance)
Desford Colliery (Leicester Dist)1980/81Shepshed Charterhouse (Midland Counties)
1981/82Corby Town Reserves (East Mids Alliance)
Anstey Town (Leicester Dist)
Kirby Muxloe (Leicester City)
1982/83Ibstock Penistone Rovers (Central Mids)
Barlestone St. Giles (Leicester Dist)1983/84
1984/85Melton Town (Leicester Dist)
St. Andrews (Leicester City)1985/86Desford Colliery (disbanded)
Hinckley Town (Central Mids)
Leicester United Reserves (Midland Com)
Thurmaston Town (disbanded)
Ibstock Welfare (Leicester Dist)
Pedigree Petfoods (Leicester Dist)
Dainite Sports (Leicester Dist)
North Kilworth (Leicester Dist)
1988/89Stapenhill (Midland Com)
Aylestone Park Old Boys (Leicester Dist)
Leicestershire Constabulary (Leicester Dist)
Loughborough Dynamo (Leicester Dist)
1989/90Wigston Town (disbanded)
1990/91Barlestone St. Giles (Midland Com)
Rolls-Royce Mountsorrel (disbanded)
Wigston Fields (Midland Com)
Asfordby Amateurs (Leicester Dist)
Burbage Old Boys (Leicester Dist)
Huncote Sports & Social (Leicester Dist)
Ravenstone (North Leicestershire)
1991/92Barwell Athletic (Midland Com)
Cottesmore Amateurs (Leicester Dist)
Fosse Imps (Leicester Dist)
Highfield Rangers (Central Mids)
1992/93Pedigree Petfoods (Leicester Dist)
United Collieries (North Leicestershire)1993/94
Bardon Hill Sports (North Leicestershire)
Saffron Dynamo (Leiceser Dist)
1994/95Leicester YMCA (Leicester Dist)
Stoney Stanton (Leicester Dist)1995/96Hillcroft (resigned)
Pedigree Petfoods (Leicester Dist)1996/97Burbage Old Boys (Leicester Dist)
Houghton Rangers (Leicester Dist)
Pedigree Petfoods (disbanded)
Thurnby Rangers (Leicester Dist)1997/98Newfoundpool WMC (resigned)
Syston St. Peter’s (resigned)
Leicester YMCA (Midland Com)
Thurmaston Town (Leicester Dist)
1998/99Oadby Town (Midland Alliance)
Ratby Sports (Leicester Dist)2000/01Fosse Imps (disbanded)
Harborough Town Imperial (resigned)
Quorn (Midland Alliance)
2001/02Stoney Stanton (disbanded)
Epworth (Leicester Dist)
Stapenhill (Midland Alliance)
2002/03Coalville Town (Midland Alliance)
Thringstone Miners Welfare (Leicester Dist)
Rothley Imperial (Leicester Dist)2003/04Leicester YMCA (disbanded)
Loughborough Dynamo (Midland Alliance)
HM Houghton Rangers (Leicester Dist)
Ravenstone (North Leicestershire)
Ashby Ivanhoe (North Leicestershire)
Lutterworth Athletic (Leicester Dist)
2005/06Friar Lane & Epworth (Midland Alliance)
North Kilworth (Leicester Dist)
FC Braunstone Victoria (Leicester City)
Hathern (North Leicestershire)
2006/07Stapenhill (Midland Alliance)
Syston Fosse Sports (resigned)
Dunton & Broughton Rangers (Leicester Dist)
FC Khalsa (Leicester City)
2007/08Bardon Hill Sports (East Midlands Counties)
Barrow Town (East Midlands Counties)
Ellistown (East Midlands Counties)
FC Braunstone Victoria (disbanded)
Hinckley Downes (East Midlands Counties)
Holwell Sports (East Midlands Counties)
Huncote Sports & Social (Leicester Dist)
Ibstock United (East Midlands Counties)
Kirby Muxloe (East Midlands Counties)
St. Andrews (East Midlands Counties)
Barlestone St. Giles (Leicester Dist)
Evington (Leicester City)
FC Dynamo (North Leicestershire)
Friar Lane & Epworth Reserves (Midland Com)
2008/09Anstey Nomads (East Midlands Counties)
Anstey Town (North Leicestershire)
Coalville Town Reserves (unknown)
Desford (Leicester Dist)
Kirby Muxloe Reserves (Leics Com)
Melton Mowbray (North Leicestershire)
Stapenhill (new club)
2009/10Leicestershire Constabulary (disbanded)
Ravenstone (disbanded)
Thurnby Nirvana (East Midlands Counties)
Belgrave (Leicester Dist)
Caterpillar (North Leicestershire)
Newhall United (Midland Com)
Shepshed Dynamo Reserves (unknown)
2010/11Blaby & Whetstone Athletic (East Midlands Counties)
Coalville Town Reserves (Midland Com)
Friar Lane & Epworth Reserves (unknown)
Castle Donington Town (Midland Regional Alliance)
Friar Lane & Epworth (Midland Alliance)
Sileby Saints (North Leicestershire)
2011/12Aylestone Park (East Midlands Counties)
Belgrave (Leicester Dist)
Lutterworth Athletic (East Midlands Counties)
Newhall United (Midland Regional Alliance)
Thurmaston Town (disbanded)
Allexton & New Parks (Leicester District)2012/13Castle Donington Town (North Leicestershire)
Narborough & Littlethorpe (disbanded)
Sileby Saints (North Leicestershire)
Stapenhill (East Midlands Counties)
Anstey Nomads Reserves (Leics Com)
Anstey Town (North Leicestershire)
Barrow Town Reserves (Leics Com)
Blaby & Whetstone Athletic Reserves (Leics Com)
Croxton Kerrial Dons (Grantham Dist)
Ellistown & Ibstock United Reserves (Leics Com)
Heather St. John’s Reserves (unknown)
Houghton Rangers (Leicester Dist)
Lutterworth Athletic Reserves (Leics Com)
St. Andrews Reserves (Leics Com)
Thurnby Nirvana Reserves (Leics Com)
2013/14Ashby Ivanhoe (East Midlands Counties)
Heather St. John’s Reserves (unknown)
Shepshed Dynamo Reserves (unknown)
Ashby Ivanhoe Reserves (Leics Com)
Holwell Sports Reserves (Leics Com)
Ingles (North Leicestershire)
2014/15Anstey Nomads Reserves (Unknown)
Aslockton Cranmers (Grantham Dist)
Ellistown & Ibstock United Reserves (unknown)
Houghton Rangers (Leicester Dist)
Thurnby Nirvana Reserves (unknown)
Aylestone Park Reserves (Leics Com)
Barlestone St. Giles Reserves (Leics Com)
Birstall United Reserves (Leics Com)
Borrowash Victoria Reserves (Central Mids)
Caterpillar Reserves (Leics Com)
Coalville Town Development (unknown)
Cottesmore Amateurs Reserves (Leics Com)
Desford Reserves (Leics Com)
Earl Shilton Albion Reserves (Leics Com)
FC GNG Reserves (Leics Com)
Friar Lane & Epworth Reserves (Leics Com)
Hathern Reserves (Leics Com)
Ibstock United (new club)
Ingles Reserves (North Leicestershire)
Leicester Road Reserves (Midland)
Lutterworth Town Reserves (Leics Com)
Melton Mowbray Reserves (unknown)
NKF Burbage (Leicester Dist)
Oadby Town Reserves (unknown)
Quorn Reserves (Midland)
Shelthorpe Dynamo (North Leicestershire)
Sileby Town Reserves (Leics Com)
2015/16Asfordby Amateurs (resigned)
Birstall United (East Midlands Counties)
Borrowash Victoria Reserves (unknown)
Caterpillar (North Leicestershire)
Dunton & Broughton Rangers (resigned)
Lutterworth Athletic Reserves (United Counties)
Melton Mowbray (United Counties)
NKF Burbage (Midland)
Oadby Town Reserves (resigned)
Quorn Reserves (unknown)
Rothley Imperial (resigned then disbanded)
St. Andrews Reserves (resigned)
Anstey Nomads Reserves (unknown)
Bardon Hill (Midland)
County Hall (Leicester Dist)
Ibstock United Reserves (unknown)
Loughborough (North Leicestershire)
Loughborough Reserves (North Leicestershire)
2016/17Blaby & Whetstone Athletic Reserves (left)
Friar Lane & Epworth Reserves (unknown)
Ibstock United Reserves (resigned)
Leicester Road Development (resigned)
Lutterworth Town (United Counties)
Oadby Town Reserves (United Counties)
Ratby Sports (disbanded)
Shelthorpe Dynamo (resigned)
Allexton & New Parks Development (unknown)
Asfordby (new club)
Caterpillar (North Leicestershire)
Ellistown (East Midlands Counties)
Hathern Development (unknown)
Rugby Borough (new club)
Saffron Dynamo Reserves (unknown)
St. Andrews Reserves (unknown)
Thurnby Rangers (Leicester Dist)
2017/18Aylestone Park Reserves (unknown)
Bardon Hill (disbanded)
Coalville Town Development (disbanded)
Hathern Development (unknown)
Ibstock United (resigned)
Ingles (East Midlands Counties)
Loughborough Reserves (resigned)
St. Andrews Reserves (unknown)
Blaby & Whetstone (East Midlands Counties)
Blaby & Whetstone Reserves (joined)
FC Wymeswold (North Leicestershire)
Friar Lane & Epworth Reserves (unknown)
Highfield Rangers Reserves (unknown)
Magna 73 (Leicester Dist)
North Kilworth Sports (Leicester Dist)
Thringstone Miners Welfare (North Leicestershire)
2018/19Allexton & New Parks Development (unknown)
Barlestone St. Giles Development (resigned)
Caterpillar (disbanded)
FC GNG Development (unknown)
FC Wymeswold (disbanded)
Highfield Rangers Reserves (resigned)
North Kilworth Sports (Leicester Dist)
Saffron Dynamo (United Counties)
Thringstone Miners Welfare (North Leicestershire)
Bottesford (North Leicestershire)
Dunton & Broughton United (Leicester Dist)
Fleckney Athletic (Leicester Dist)
Greenhill YC (North Leicestershire)
Kibworth Town (Leicester Dist)
Newbold Verdon (North Leicestershire)
Northfield Emerald (Leicester Dist)
Rothley Imperial (North Leicestershire)
Rugby Borough Reserves (unknown)
St. Andrews Reserves (unknown)
Sileby Athletic (new club)
Sporting Markfield (North Leicestershire)
Sutton Bonington (North Leicestershire)
Thurnby Rangers Development (unknown)
2019/20Anstey Nomads Swifts (unknown)
Greenhill YC (Leics County)
Newbold Verdon (disbanded)
Sileby Athletic (Leics County)
2nd Royal Anglian Regiment (new club)
AFC North Kilworth (Leicester Dist)
Burbage Old Boys (Leicester Dist)
Coalville Town Ravens (new club)
2020/212nd Royal Anglian Regiment (left)
Coalville Town Ravens (left)
FC GNG (left)
Lutterworth Town Reserves (left)
Aylestone Park Reserves (joined)
ProChance Football Academy (new club)
2021/22Cottesmore Development (resigned)
Rugby Borough (Spartan South Mids)
Saffron Dynamo Reserves (resigned)
Thurnby Rangers Reserves (resigned)
Anstey Nomads Reserves (unknown)
Hinckley LRFC Reserves (unknown)
Leicester Atletico (Leics County)
Lutterworth Town Reserves (unknown)
2022/23Anstey Nomads Reserves (left)
Asfordby (United Counties)
Barlestone St. Giles (Leics County)
Blaby & Whetstone (resigned)
Blaby & Whetstone Reserves (resigned)
Bottesford (left)
Earl Shilton Albion (resigned)
Fleckney Athletic (resigned)
Friar Lane & Epworth Reserves (Leics County)
Glenfield United (left)
Kibworth Town (Leics County)
Lutterworth Town Reserves (left)
Northfield Emerald (Leics County)
ProChance Football Academy (resigned)
Rugby Borough Development (left)
St. Andrews Reserves (resigned)
Barrow Town (United Counties)
GNG Oadby Town Development (United Counties)
Loughborough Students Development (Midland)
Melton Town Academy (Midland)
Mountsorrel Amateurs (Leics County)
St. Patricks (Leics County)