Leicestershire Junior Cup

Leicestershire Junior Cup North 1907/08

First Round > Second Round > Third Round > Fourth Round > Semi Finals > Final

Entries – 31 Teams
Coalville & District Amateur Football League (9 teams)
  • Coalville Amateurs
  • Coalville Swifts
  • Hugglescote Athletic
  • Ibstock Albion
  • Ibstock Town
  • Moira United
  • Pegg’s Green Victoria
  • Ravenstone Rising Star
  • Swannington St. George’s
Hinckley & District Football League (1 team)
  • Barlestone Rising Star
Loughborough & District Amateur Football League (12 teams)

Division One

  • Castle Donington Town
  • Hathern Victoria
  • Kegworth St. Andrew’s
  • Loughborough Amateurs
  • Markfield Rising Star
  • Quorn Havelock
  • Shepshed Albion Reserves
  • Sileby Victoria

Division Two

  • Belton Villa
  • Castle Donington Amateurs
  • Thringstone Excelsior
  • Woodhouse Imperial
Measham & District Football League (7 teams)
  • Ashby Ivanhoe
  • Ashby St. Helen’s
  • Blackfordby
  • Donisthorpe
  • Hastings United
  • Measham United
  • Oakthorpe Albion
Midland Amateur Alliance (1 team)
  • Old Loughburians
Unknown League (1 team)
  • Coalville Rovers
First Round

Coalville Division

2nd November 1907
Ashby St. Helen’s4 – 2Hugglescote Athletic
Barlestone Rising StarbeatMeasham United
Moira United4 – 1Ravenstone Rising Star

Byes: Ashby Ivanhoe, Blackfordby, Coalville Rovers, Coalville Amateurs, Coalville Swifts, Donisthorpe, Hastings United, Ibstock Albion, Ibstock Town, Oakthorpe Albion, Pegg’s Green Victoria, Swannington St. George’s and Thringstone Excelsior.

Loughborough Division

2nd November 1907
Belton Villalost toQuorn Havelock
Kegworth St. Andrew’s1 – 2Castle Donington Amateurs
Shepshed Albion Reserves0 – 10Loughborough Amateurs
Woodhouse Imperial2 – 2Castle Donington Town


9th November 1907
Castle Donington Town4 – 2Woodhouse Imperial

Byes: Hathern Victoria, Markfield Rising Star, Old Loughburians and Sileby Victoria.

Second Round

Coalville Division

7th December 1907
Ashby Ivanhoe1 – 3Pegg’s Green Victoria
Barlestone Rising Star(WO H)Oakthorpe Albion
Coalville Amateurs6 – 0Ibstock Town
Coalville Swifts2 – 1Donisthorpe
Moira United(WO H)Blackfordby
Swannington St. George’s3 – 1Ibstock Albion
Thringstone Excelsior2 – 3Coalville Rovers
4th January 1908
Hastings United1 – 8Ashby St. Helen’s


4th January 1908
Thringstone Excelsior0 – 3Coalville Rovers
I’m not sure why this match was replayed.

Loughborough Division

7th December 1907
Castle Donington Town4 – 1Castle Donington Amateurs
Loughborough Amateurs1 – 0Markfield Rising Star
Sileby Victoria1 – 1Old Loughburians
28th December 1907
Hathern Victoria1 – 0Quorn Havelock


11th January 1908
Sileby VictoriabeatOld Loughburians
Third Round

Coalville Division

18th January 1908
Coalville Amateurs2 – 2Coalville Swifts
Coalville Rovers2 – 3Moira United
Pegg’s Green VictoriabeatAshby St. Helen’s
Swannington St. George’s5 – 1Barlestone Rising Star

Loughborough Division

18th January 1908
Loughborough Amateurs3 – 1Hathern Victoria
Sileby Victoria0 – 4Castle Donington Town
Fourth Round

Coalville Division

1st February 1908
Moira United5 – 1Peggs Green Victoria
Swannington St. George’sCoalville Amateurs
awarded to Swannington due to Coalville playing an ineligable player.
Semi Finals
22nd February 1908
Loughborough Amateurs7 – 5Moira United
at Ashby Ivanhoe
21st March 1908
Castle Donington Town4 – 0Swannington St. George’s
at Hemington
11th April 1908
Castle Donington Town2 – 0Loughborough Amateurs
at Kegworth

Match Report


Melton Mowbray Mercury and Oakham and Uppingham News, Thursday 16th April 1908.

Played at Kegworth before a good attendance. Loughborough won the toss, and the Dons opened in brilliant fashion, Brewin spoiling a good chance by offside. The Amateurs forced a corner, which proved fruitless, and later Reckless saved well from Poxon. Give and take play followed for some time, but at last the Dons right got down, and the Amateurs’ goal had many escapes. Withers centred well, and Hodgkin shot hard, but did not score.



The second half opened with the Amateurs playing much the better game. The Dons backs had a hot time, but at length Poxon cleared with a big kick, and then the Dons in turn made the pace, and forced a corner which was placed outside. Soon after Withers missed by inches, and hands against the Amateurs spoiled an attack when the forwards were well placed. Play became more interesting, each team playing hard, and excitement ruled high as each goal had escapes. Brewin placed well, and the next minute Reckless brought off a brilliant save at the expense of a corner. From this Poxon centred beautifully, and Tunnicliffe opened the Dons scoring from among a crowd of players. This placed the Dons on their merits, and they rushed down again only to be repulsed in good style by Simmons. The Amateurs had another try, but after tricking the backs Chamberlain kicked over with an open goal at his command. There was no stopping the Dons now, and Poxon placed across for Withers to bang the ball into the net. The end came with the score: