Leicestershire Saturday Trophy

Westerby Group Saturday Trophy 2023/24

Loughborough Students Development win the Saturday Trophy.

First Round > Second Round > Third Round > Quarter Finals > Semi Finals > Final

Entries – 49 Teams

Leicestershire Senior League (9 teams)

Desford & Caterpillar Reserves, GNG Oadby Town Development, Loughborough, Loughborough Students Development , Melton Town Academy, Mountsorrel Amateurs, Rothley Imperial,Sileby Town Reserves and St. Patricks.

Leicestershire County Football League (36 teams)

100 Percent, AFC North Kilworth Reserves, Allexton & New Parks Development, Asfordby Development, Barlestone St. Giles, Brookside Athletic Reserves, Burbage & Huncote Reserves, CK Dons, Dunton & Broughton United Development, Dunton & Broughton United Reserves, Glenfield Town Reserves, Hamilton Lions, Kibworth Town, Leicester Lions, Leicester Medics, Leicester Rangers, Loughborough United ‘A’, Loughborough United Reserves, Market Bosworth Town, Melton Town Foxes, Mountsorrel, Mountsorrel Amateurs Development , North Kilworth, Northfield Emerald, Old Aylestone, Rogue Elite, Shepshed Amateurs Reserves, Sporting Loughborough, Sporting Old Boys, St. Patricks Reserves, Stoneygate FC, Sutton Bonington Reserves, Thurmaston Magpies, Woodhouse Imperial, Woodhouse Imperial Reserves and Wymeswold.

Central Midlands Alliance (1 team)

Castle Donington Reserves.

Peterborough & District League (3 teams)

Ketton, Oakham United Reserves and Uppingham Town Reserves.

First Round

30th September 2023
Allexton & New Parks Development6 – 0St. Patrick’s Reserves
Brookside Athletic Reserves7 – 3100 Percent
Burbage & Huncote Reserves0 – 1Barlestone St. Giles
Dunton & Broughton United Development1 – 10CK Dons
Dunton & Broughton United Reserves6 – 0Oakham United Reserves
GNG Oadby Town Development(walkover – away win)Stoneygate FC
Kibworth Town5 – 1Loughborough United Reserves
Loughborough United ‘A’1 – 12North Kilworth
Market Bosworth Town2 – 4Shepshed Amateurs Reserves
Mountsorrel Amateurs2 – 0Leicester Medics
Northfield Emerald2 – 2
(3 – 2 pens)
Old Aylestone(walkover – home win)Ketton
Rogue Elite3 – 0Leicester Rangers
Sporting Loughborough3 – 4Rothley Imperial
Sporting Old Boys4 – 1Glenfield Town Reserves
Sutton Bonington Reserves2 – 2
(3 – 4 pens)
Woodhouse Imperial Reserves0 – 6Sileby Town Reserves

Byes: AFC North Kilworth Reserves, Asfordby Development, Castle Donington Reserves, Desford & Caterpillar Reserves, Hamilton Lions, Leicester Lions, Loughborough, Loughborough Students Development, Melton Town Academy, Melton Town Foxes, Mountsorrel Amateurs Development, St. Patricks, Thurmaston Magpies, Uppingham Town Reserves and Woodhouse Imperial.

Second Round

4th November 2023
Desford & Caterpillar Reserves7 – 1Sporting Old Boys
Melton Town Foxes3 – 2Castle Donington Reserves
North Kilworth1 – 6Dunton & Broughton United Reserves
Northfield Emerald7 – 4Asfordby Development
Rothley Imperial1 – 1
(3 – 4 pens)
Stoneygate FC
St. Patricks1 – 2Loughborough Students Development
Thurmaston Magpies1 – 4Mountsorrel Amateurs
11th November 2023
Barlestone St. Giles2 – 1Brookside Athletic Reserves
Melton Town Academy11 – 3Uppingham Town Reserves
Mountsorrel Amateurs Development4 – 0AFC North Kilworth Reserves
Old Aylestone8 – 0Hamilton Lions
Rogue Elite6 – 0Allexton & New Parks Development
Sileby Town Reserves5 – 1CK Dons
Woodhouse Imperial3 – 3
(5 – 4 pens)
Kibworth Town
Wymeswold3 – 1Shepshed Amateurs Reserves
18th November 2023
Loughborough1 – 3Leicester Lions

Third Round

2nd December 2023
Desford & Caterpillar Reserves1 – 6Sileby Town Reserves
Dunton & Broughton United Reserves4 – 1Barlestone St. Giles
Leicester Lions0 – 5Mountsorrel Amateurs
Loughborough Students Development7 – 1Old Aylestone
Mountsorrel Amateurs Development2 – 5
(changed to walkover – home win)
Melton Town Academy
Stoneygate FC9 – 0Northfield Emerald
16th December 2023
Melton Town Foxes3 – 4Woodhouse Imperial
Rogue Elite0 – 1Wymeswold

Quarter Finals

6th January 2024
Loughborough Students Development8 – 1Sileby Town Reserves
Mountsorrel Amateurs Development6 – 1Dunton & Broughton United Reserves
Stoneygate FC0 – 6
(changed to walkover – home win)
13th January 2024
Woodhouse Imperial1 – 3Mountsorrel Amateurs

Semi Finals

3rd February 2024
Loughborough Students Development
(Leicestershire Senior League – Div 2)
2 – 0Mountsorrel Amateurs
(Leicestershire Senior League – Div 2)
24th February 2024
Stoneygate FC
(Leicestershire County League – League 1)
3 – 4Mountsorrel Amateurs Development
(Leicestershire County League – League 3)


11th May 2024
Loughborough Students Development
(Leicestershire Senior League – Div 2)
5 – 0Mountsorrel Amateurs Development
(Leicestershire County League – League 3)
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.