Originally I started this project in 2003 when I wanted to find out some information about the Midland Woodworkers team that my Grandfather played in. After I discovered Richard Rundle’s excellent Football Club History Database Website, which had a lot of information about the Leicestershire Senior League, I thought it would be a good idea to get information on the other Football Leagues in Leicestershire.

The original website (www.leicsfootball.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk which you can still find by searching on the Wayback Machine website was my first attempt. This evolved into the leicsfootball.co.uk website which went through a few iterations in the mid 2000s.

Kids coming along and work commitments meant that I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted on the website, plus the site got hacked which meant I lost quite a lot of files which meant that the site sat idle for a good number of years.

Thanks to the British Newspaper Archive coming online, and me having a bit more time, meant that I could restart the project.

This is the current result !

The aim is the same, to get a complete list of all Leicestershire Football Leagues and Cup competitions, and then fill in the missing details.

On the individual League and Cup pages you’ll find a list of winners and runners-up where I know this information, and where links are available to individual seasons you’ll see the league tables and cup results for that season.

Hopefully now the site is set up it should just be a case of copying my notes from my many excel files so that they can be shared on this site. A lot of the tables will be incomplete but I figure it is better to put the information that I have online rather than wait to get the perfect final tables for a league, that way it may be able to help someone with their own research.

Hope you enjoy the site, I’ll try and update it more frequently than in the past. Feel free to use any information you find here on your own websites or publications (just mention this site when you use it). The information is correct as far as I know but there may be some mistakes, so if you find any then please let me know so I can correct any errors.

Cheers, Tony Burke (January 2024)