Leicester & District League

Leicester & District League 2011/12

Thurnby United are champions.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier DivisionThurnby United 2007Allexton & New Parks
Division OneBradersHuncote
Division TwoNorthfield EmeraldBraunstone Trinity
Reserve Premier DivisionAllexton & New Parks ReservesBirstall RBL Reserves
Reserve Division OneAylestone Lounge ReservesThurnby United 2007 Reserves
League CupAllexton & New ParksCosby United
Chairman’s CupAllexton & New Parks ReservesCounty Hall Reserves
Secretary’s CupBirstall RBL ReservesMagna 73 Reserves

Before the start of the season the following teams moved to the league:

From the Leicester City Football League

Aylestone Union, Braders, Park End 74, Saffron Lounge Bar and Shoemakers Athletic.

The following new teams joined the league:

Aylestone Lounge Reserves, Birstall United Old Boys, NKF United Reserves and Northfield Emerald.

Premier Division

1Thurnby United 2007L221921114387659
2Allexton & New Parks22163379255451
3Houghton Rangers22153474284648
4Glenfield Town2212465856240
5Birstall Royal British Legion22114781582337
6Cosby United2211297269335
7Magna 732292116356729
8Mountsorrel Amateurs2273124959-1024
9County Hall2263134251-921
10Kibworth Town2253143774-3718
11Blaby UnitedL2252154283-4117
12Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)R22012121135-1141
  • Leicester Tile 08 resigned from the league in September.

Division One

3Glen Villa24138383453847
4Kingsway Celtic24124873571640
5North Kilworth Sports24123965521339
6Fleckney Athletic24114976472937
8Ashby Road24951069561332
9Saffron Lounge Bar (-3)24112116567-232
10Burbage Old Boys2475124749-226
11St. PatricksR2467114780-3325
12Thurlaston MagpiesR2460184691-4518
13Birstall SocialR24002423180-1570
  • Welby Lane United withdrew from the league in March.

Division Two

1Northfield Emerald24192399287159
2Braunstone Trinity24162687345350
3Topps Wine BarL24155499534650
4NKF United24143768462245
5Shoemakers Athletic2413296557841
6Oadby Boys Club ’9324113106966336
7Kirkland (-3)L241131070511933
8Broughton Astley2494114855-731
9Belgrave ‘A’L2481156391-2825
10Aylestone Lounge2473144394-5124
11Sporting SapcoteL2471164588-4322
12Aylestone UnionL2455144673-2720
13Park End 74R2432192894-6611
  • Birstall United Old Boys resigned from the league.

Reserve Premier Division

1Allexton & New Parks ReservesM18143184315345
2Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves18132361303141
3Cosby United Reserves188464642428
4Magna 73 Reserves1876558421627
5Houghton Rangers Reserves188374037327
6Glenfield Town Reserves188285041926
7North Kilworth Sports Reserves186393852-1421
8County Hall Reserves1851123968-2916
9Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves1833122354-3112
10Blaby United ReservesL1833123274-4212
  • Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves resigned from the league.

Reserve Division One

1Aylestone Lounge ReservesL18151269244546
2Thurnby United 2007 ReservesL18132369274241
3Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) ReservesL18121549272237
4Kibworth Town Reserves18102659372232
5Huncote Reserves188375047327
6Queniborough Reserves187474141025
7Glen Villa Reserves1871104136522
8Cosby United ‘A’L1842123170-3914
9Thurlaston Magpies Reserves1833123666-3012
10NKF United Reserves1811162494-704
  • Birstall Social Reserves resigned from the league in September.

After the season finished the following teams moved from the league:

  • Allexton & New Parks to the Leicestershire Senior League
  • Allexton & New Parks Reserves to the Leicestershire Football Combination

Aylestone Lounge Reserves, Aylestone Union, Belgrave ‘A’, Blaby United, Cosby United ‘A’, Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) Reserves, Kirkland, Sporting Sapcote, Thurnby United 2007 (+ Reserves) and Topps Wine Bar also left the league.

At the end of the season the following clubs changed names:

  • Birstall Social became Earl of Stamford.
  • Aylestone Lounge became The New Joiners.

League Cup

First Round

17th September 2011
Allexton & New Parks1 – 0Houghton Rangers
Aylestone Lounge1 – 2Braunstone Trinity
Birstall Royal British Legion11 – 0Park End 74
Broughton Astley2 – 4Northfield Emerald
Fleckney Athletic4 – 0Saffron Lounge Bar
North Kilworth Sports0 – 3Blaby United
Oadby Boys Club ’933 – 1Aylestone Union
Queniborough7 – 3
Birstall Social
Thurnby United 20079 – 0Burbage Old Boys
Topps Wine Bar1 – 2Glen Villa

Byes: Ashby Road, Belgrave ‘A’, Birstall United Old Boys, Braders, Cosby United, County Hall, Glenfield Town, Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG), Huncote, Kibworth Town, Kingsway Celtic, Kirkland, Magna 73, Mountsorrel Amateurs, NKF United, Shoemakers Athletic, Sporting Sapcote, St. Patricks, Thurlaston Magpies and Welby Lane United.

Second Round

15th October 2011
Ashby Road9 – 4
Shoemakers Athletic
Belgrave ‘A’1 – 7Glen Villa
Birstall Royal British Legion3 – 1
Oadby Boys Club ’93
Birstall United Old Boys(away walkover)Kibworth Town
Blaby United4 – 3Kirkland
Braders(away walkover)Allexton & New Parks
Braunstone Trinity1 – 6Mountsorrel Amateurs
County Hall4 – 0Kingsway Celtic
Fleckney Athletic1 – 9Cosby United
Glenfield Town3 – 2Thurnby United 2007
Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)3 – 6Huncote
Magna 732 – 1Northfield Emerald
Sporting Sapcote1 – 3Queniborough
Welby Lane United2 – 2
(5 – 6 pens)
St. Patricks

Byes: NKF United and Thurlaston Magpies.

Third Round

12th November 2011
Birstall Royal British Legion0 – 1Allexton & New Parks
Cosby United4 – 4
(4 – 3 pens)
Glenfield Town
County Hall3 – 1Mountsorrel Amateurs
Glen Villa(home walkover)Magna 73
Kibworth Town3 – 2
NKF United2 – 3Thurlaston Magpies
Queniborough3 – 1Blaby United
19th November 2011
Ashby Road3 – 3
(4 – 3 pens)
St. Patricks

Quarter Finals

28th January 2012
Ashby Road3 – 6Glen Villa
Cosby United3 – 1County Hall
Queniborough1 – 3Allexton & New Parks
Thurlaston Magpies1 – 4Kibworth Town

Semi Finals

17th March 2012
Cosby United4 – 2Glen Villa
at New College, Leicester.
Kibworth Town1 – 5Allexton & New Parks
at Meadows Sports Ground, Countesthorpe.


5th May 2012
Allexton & New Parks4 – 1Cosby United
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

Chairman’s Cup

First Round

15th October 2011
Glen Villa Reserves4 – 0Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) Reserves
Huncote Reserves4 – 6County Hall Reserves
Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves3 – 2Kibworth Town Reserves
Thurnby United 2007 Reserves3 – 0Queniborough Reserves

Byes: Allexton & New Parks Reserves, Aylestone Lounge Reserves, Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves, Blaby United Reserves, Cosby United ‘A’, Cosby United Reserves, Glenfield Town Reserves, Houghton Rangers Reserves, Magna 73 Reserves, NKF United Reserves, North Kilworth Sports Reserves and Thurlaston Magpies Reserves.

Second Round

12th November 2011
Allexton & New Parks Reserves4 – 2Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves
Cosby United ‘A’0 – 5County Hall Reserves
Houghton Rangers Reserves6 – 4Cosby United Reserves
Magna 73 Reserves1 – 0Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves
NKF United Reserves2 – 6
Aylestone Lounge Reserves
North Kilworth Sports Reserves5 – 1Glenfield Town Reserves
Thurnby United 2007 Reserves4 – 2Thurlaston Magpies Reserves
19th November 2011
Blaby United Reserves2 – 3Glen Villa Reserves

Quarter Finals

28th January 2012
Allexton & New Parks Reserves3 – 0Thurnby United 2007 Reserves
Glen Villa Reserves1 – 3North Kilworth Sports Reserves
Houghton Rangers Reserves0 – 4Aylestone Lounge Reserves
Magna 73 Reserves1 – 2County Hall Reserves

Semi Finals

10th March 2012
County Hall Reserves2 – 1Aylestone Lounge Reserves
at Houghton Field, Houghton-on-the-Hill.
North Kilworth Sports Reserves1 – 4Allexton & New Parks Reserves
at Huncote Sports & Social, Thurlaston.


28th April 2012
County Hall Reserves2 – 3Allexton & New Parks Reserves
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

Secretary’s Cup

Group Stage

Group A

1Thurlaston Magpies Reserves430115789
2Magna 73 Reserves4301131129
3Cosby United ‘A’420212756
4Birstall Social4103812-43
5NKF United Reserves4103415-113

Group B

1Aylestone Lounge Reserves4400189912
2Glenfield Town Reserves43019639
3North Kilworth Sports Reserves4103151413
4Kibworth Town Reserves4103910-13
5Park End 744103820-123

Group C

1Houghton Rangers Reserves330012399
2Queniborough Reserves4301228149
3Aylestone Union310267-13
4Glen Villa Reserves4103419-153
5Huncote Reserves200218-70

Group D

1Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves4301188109
2Thurnby United 2007 Reserves430178-19
3County Hall Reserves4112910-14
4Shoemakers Athletic4112711-44
5Cosby United Reserves402259-42

Quarter Finals

26th April 2012
Queniborough Reserves2 – 3Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves
Thurlaston Magpies Reserves1 – 4Glenfield Town Reserves
28th April 2012
Magna 73 Reserves5 – 0Aylestone Lounge Reserves
8th May 2012
Houghton Rangers Reserves3 – 4Thurnby United 2007 Reserves

Semi Finals

8th May 2012
Glenfield Town Reserves0 – 3Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves
12th May 2012
Magna 73 Reserves4 – 0Thurnby United 2007 Reserves


15th May 2012
Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves6 – 2Magna 73 Reserves
at Huncote Sports & Social, Thurlaston.