Leicester & District League

Leicester & District League 2010/11

Blaby United win the District League.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier DivisionBlaby UnitedGuru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)
Division OneThurnby UnitedKibworth Town
Division TwoAllexton & New ParksKingsway Celtic
Reserve Premier DivisionCosby United ReservesGlenfield Town Reserves
Reserve Division OneAllexton & New Parks ReservesOadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves
League CupGlenfield TownThurnby United
Chairman’s CupHoughton Rangers ReservesAllexton & New Parks Reserves

Before the start of the season the following teams moved to the league:

From the North Leicestershire Football League

Belgrave ‘A’.

The following new teams joined the league:

Allexton & New Parks (+ Reserves), Aylestone Lounge, Braunstone Trinity, Kingsway Celtic, Rafters and NKF United.

As well as the above teams the following reserve teams also joined, Birstall Social Reserves, Blaby United Reserves, Cosby United ‘A’ and Sporting Sapcote Reserves,

Premier Division

1Blaby United20135248202844
2Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)20134356342243
3Houghton Rangers20133449262342
4Glenfield Town2011184843534
5Birstall Royal British Legion (-3)20113660421833
6County Hall209293639-329
7Mountsorrel Amateurs206594846223
8FC KirklandR2062124360-1720
9Magna 732053123054-2418
10Oadby Boys Club ’93 (-3)R2053123645-915
11Cosby United2021172570-457
  • Topps United resigned without playing a game.
  • Kingsway Rangers resigned during the season.
  • Midland Syston St. Peter’s resigned in February.

Division One

1Thurnby United22182288286056
2Kibworth Town22153486434348
3Leicester Tile 0822153457263148
4Glen Villa2211474448-437
6Birstall Social2291124952-328
8Ashby Road2273124053-1324
9St. Patricks2270153466-3221
10Burbage Old Boys2255123451-1720
11North Kilworth Sports2261153167-3619
12Welby Lane United2244143061-3116
  • Newbold Verdon resigned during the season.

Division Two

1Allexton & New Parks2626001381312578
2Kingsway Celtic26173697504754
3Fleckney Athletic26163764412351
4Oakham ImperialL26137675552046
5Thurlaston Magpies2614396961845
6FC DesfordL26142105850844
7Sporting Sapcote (-3)261241071601137
8Aylestone Lounge26121136969037
10Braunstone Trinity2690176272-1027
11FC Barlestone St. GilesL2683154972-2327
12Broughton Astley2663172788-6121
13Belgrave ‘A’26531840104-6418
14NKF United2612231497-835
  • FC Khalsa ‘A’ resigned from the league (note there is no sign of this team in either league or cup games so I’m not sure if they even started the season).

Reserve Premier Division

1Cosby United Reserves22170571373451
2Glenfield Town Reserves22142664521244
3FC Kirkland ReservesL22115665452038
4Houghton Rangers Reserves22114753371637
5North Kilworth Reserves2296761481333
6Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves2295853431032
7Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves229585654232
8County Hall Reserves228776668-231
9Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) ReservesR227783948-928
10Magna 73 Reserves2283114754-727
11St. Patricks ReservesL2231183883-4510
12Glen Villa ReservesR2223173377-449

Reserve Division One

1Allexton & New Parks Reserves242013116338361
2Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves24164469363352
3Blaby United Reserves24145583483547
4Cosby United ‘A’24134789692043
5Queniborough Reserves24126676581842
6Thurnby United Reserves24123971571439
7Sporting Sapcote ReservesL24120126165-436
8Kibworth Town Reserves2496962511133
9Midland Syston St. Peter’s ReservesL2493126871-330
10Huncote Reserves2484125269-1728
11Birstall Social Reserves2434173281-4913
12Oakham Imperial ReservesL24331839105-6612
13Thurlaston Magpies Reserves24312029104-7510

FC Barlestone St. Giles, FC Desford, FC Kirkland Reserves, Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves, Oakham Imperial (+Reserves), St. Patricks Reserves and Sporting Sapcote Reserves all left the league after this season.

At the end of the season the following clubs changed names:

  • Rafters became Topps Wine Bar.

League Cup

First Round

18th September 2010
Aylestone Lounge0 – 4Oadby Boys Club ’93
County Hall2 – 1Welby Lane United
FC Desford0 – 2Blaby United
FC Kirkland5 – 0Fleckney Athletic
Houghton Rangers3 – 0St. Patricks
Kingsway Celtic3 – 3
(5 – 4 pens)
Sporting Sapcote
Magna 735 – 3Kibworth Town
NKF United0 – 3Rafters
Topps United(away walkover)Burbage Old Boys

Byes: Allexton & New Parks, Ashby Road, Belgrave ‘A’, Birstall Royal British Legion, Birstall Social, Braunstone Trinity, Broughton Astley, Cosby United, FC Barlestone St. Giles, Glen Villa, Glenfield Town, Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG), Huncote, Kingsway Rangers, Leicester Tile 08, Midland Syston St. Peter’s, Mountsorrel Amateurs, Newbold Verdon, North Kilworth Sports, Oakham Imperial, Queniborough, Thurlaston Magpies and Thurnby United.

Second Round

16th October 2010
Allexton & New Parks5 – 0Birstall Social
Ashby Road11 – 2Belgrave ‘A’
Braunstone Trinity0 – 2Leicester Tile 08
Broughton Astley4 -2Rafters
Burbage Old Boys2 – 1Birstall Royal British Legion
Cosby United0 – 3Houghton Rangers
FC Barlestone St. Giles0 – 4Queniborough
Glen Villa1 – 4Kingsway Celtic
Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)2 – 0North Kilworth Sports
Huncote8 – 1Midland Syston St. Peter’s
Kingsway Rangers1 – 5Glenfield Town
Magna 731 – 5FC Kirkland
Mountsorrel Amateurs1 – 0County Hall
Oadby Boys Club ’930 – 8Newbold Verdon
Oakham Imperial1 – 4Thurnby United
Thurlaston Magpies0 – 5Blaby United

Third Round

13th November 2010
Ashby Road6 – 4Queniborough
Broughton Astley2 – 5Huncote
Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)4 – 0Burbage Old Boys
Houghton Rangers0 – 1Allexton & New Parks
Kingsway Celtic5 – 4FC Kirkland
Mountsorrel Amateurs1 – 3Blaby United
Newbold Verdon3 – 4Glenfield Town
Thurnby United4 – 1Leicester Tile 08

Quarter Finals

29th January 2011
Allexton & New Parks2 – 3Glenfield Town
Ashby Road1 – 2Kingsway Celtic
Blaby United0 – 0
(3 – 4 pens)
Thurnby United
Huncote4 – 2Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)

Semi Finals

19th March 2011
Huncote0 – 1Glenfield Town
at Rearsby Road, Queniborough.
Thurnby United5 – 2Kingsway Celtic
at Glenfield Sports Ground, Leicester.


7th May 2011
Glenfield Town3 – 2
Thurnby United
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

Chairman’s Cup

First Round

16th October 2010
Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves2 – 1Birstall Social Reserves
County Hall Reserves2 – 1Glen Villa Reserves
FC Kirkland Reserves10 – 0Oakham Imperial Reserves
Glenfield Town Reserves3 – 1Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves
Houghton Rangers Reserves3 – 0Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves
Kibworth Town Reserves1 – 5Allexton & New Parks Reserves
Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves2 – 1Magna 73 Reserves
North Kilworth Reserves3 – 1Blaby United Reserves
Thurnby United Reserves3 – 2Cosby United Reserves

Byes: Cosby United ‘A’, Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) Reserves, Huncote Reserves, Queniborough Reserves, Sporting Sapcote Reserves, St. Patricks Reserves and Thurlaston Magpies Reserves.

Second Round

13th November 2010
Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves2 – 2
(5 – 6 pens)
Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) Reserves
Cosby United ‘A’3 – 10Thurnby United Reserves
FC Kirkland Reserves5 – 2St. Patricks Reserves
Glenfield Town Reserves3 – 2Sporting Sapcote Reserves
Huncote Reserves2 – 4Allexton & New Parks Reserves
Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves0 – 2Houghton Rangers Reserves
North Kilworth Reserves3 – 1County Hall Reserves
Queniborough Reserves6 – 1Thurlaston Magpies Reserves

Quarter Finals

29th January 2011
FC Kirkland Reserves1 – 12Allexton & New Parks Reserves
Houghton Rangers Reserves3 – 2
Queniborough Reserves
North Kilworth Reserves7 – 2Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) Reserves
Thurnby United Reserves4 – 3Glenfield Town Reserves

Semi Finals

12th March 2011
Allexton & New Parks Reserves5 – 1North Kilworth Reserves
at Meadows Sports Ground, Countesthorpe.
Houghton Rangers Reserves4 – 1Thurnby United Reserves
at New College, Leicester.


30th April 2011
Houghton Rangers Reserves2 – 1Allexton & New Parks Reserves
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.