Leicester & District League

Leicester & District League 2008/09

Desford win the District League.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier DivisionDesfordHoughton Rangers
Division OneKingsway RangersMidland Syston St. Peter’s
Division TwoThurnby UnitedLeicester YMCA 2008
Reserve Premier DivisionCosby United ReservesWelby Lane United Reserves
Reserve Division OneBirstall Royal British Legion ReservesDesford Reserves
League CupMountsorrel AmateursGlenfield Town
Chairman’s ShieldGlenfield Town ReservesWelby Lane United Reserves

Before the start of the season the following teams moved to the league:

From the Leicestershire Senior League

Huncote (previously Huncote Sports & Social).

From the Leicestershire Football Combination

Huncote Reserves.

The following new teams joined the league:

Hinckley Athletic 2008, Leicester YMCA 2008, Newbold Verdon Jubilee, Saffron Gap, Sporting Sapcote, Stanton 2008 and Topps United.

As well as the above teams the following reserve teams also joined, FC Khalsa ‘A’ and Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves.

Premier Division

2Houghton Rangers26184482305258
4Magna 7326164662382452
5Glenfield Town2612595346741
6Oadby Boys Club ’9326123113940-139
7County Hall2610795151037
8Cosby United26113125571-1636
9Birstall Royal British Legion26104125854434
10Welby Lane United2676134859-1127
11Blaby United2674154472-2825
12FC KirklandR2663174484-4021
13Burbage Old BoysR2654174067-2719
14St. PatricksR26312228118-9010

Division One

1Kingsway Rangers24202299207962
2Midland Syston St. Peter’s24181598425655
3Mountsorrel Amateurs241806109446554
4Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)24160865382748
6Hinckley Athletic 200824122105250238
8Glen Villa2494116053731
9Kibworth Town2494116479-1531
10Melton MowbrayL2452172758-3117
11North Kilworth Sports (-6)2471163675-3916
12Broughton AstleyR2442183595-6014
13Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMCL24122118139-1215

Division Two

1Thurnby United2017121221810452
2Leicester YMCA 2008L201712102336952
3Topps United (-3)20144273254843
4Newbold Verdon Jubilee20102858451332
5Thurlaston Magpies2082103874-3626
6Leicester Tile 082073105865-724
7Saffron GapL2073105562-724
8Sporting Sapcote2080123783-4624
9Oakham Imperial2027112460-3613
10Fleckney Athletic2034132462-3813
11FC Khalsa ‘A’2023152084-649
  • Stanton 2008 resigned from the league in April.
  • St. Andrews Hearts resigned from the league in April.

Reserve Premier Division

1Cosby United Reserves20141562431943
2Welby Lane United Reserves20123560392139
3Glenfield Town Reserves20105552351735
4FC Kirkland Reserves2010464840834
5Belgrave Reserves2010195244831
6Magna 73 Reserves2082104247-526
7County Hall Reserves2082103343-1026
8St. Patricks Reserves2073105462-824
9Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) Reserves2072113443-923
10Glen Villa Reserves2054112640-1419
11Kibworth Town ReservesR2051143461-2716

Reserve Division One

1Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves20133461263542
2Desford ReservesM20132568274141
3Houghton Rangers Reserves20132560283241
4Burbage Old Boys Reserves20106442251736
5Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves2010373030033
6Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves206683342-924
7North Kilworth Sports Reserves206593344-1123
8Huncote Reserves205693451-1721
9Queniborough Reserves204793752-1519
10Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves2043133250-1815
11Oakham Imperial Reserves2041153590-5513

After the season finished the following teams moved from the league:

  • Desford to the Leicestershire Senior League
  • Desford Reserves to the Leicestershire Football Combination

Melton Mowbray were absorbed by Melton Mowbray Building Society of the North Leicestershire League, who moved to the Leicestershire Senior League for next season changing their name to … Melton Mowbray.

Leicester YMCA 2008, Saffron Gap, Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC also left the league.

League Cup

First Round

20th September 2008
Birstall Royal British Legion7 – 1Huncote
Fleckney Athletic2 – 4Welby Lane United
Glen Villa6 – 1Oakham Imperial
Hinckley Athletic 20084 – 2St. Andrews Hearts
Houghton Rangers3 – 1Saffron Gap
Magna 73(home walkover)Melton Mowbray
North Kilworth Sports1 – 3County Hall
Sporting Sapcote3 – 6Newbold Verdon Jubilee

Byes: Belgrave, Blaby United, Broughton Astley, Burbage Old Boys, Cosby United, Desford, FC Khalsa ‘A’, FC Kirkland, Glenfield Town, Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG), Kibworth Town, Kingsway Rangers, Leicester Tile 08, Leicester YMCA 2008, Midland Syston St. Peter’s, Mountsorrel Amateurs, Oadby Boys Club ’93, Queniborough, St. Patricks, Stanton 2008, Thurlaston Magpies, Thurnby United, Topps United and Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC.

Second Round

25th October 2008
Belgrave4 – 2Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)
Birstall Royal British Legion0 – 5Glenfield Town
Blaby United3 – 1Kibworth Town
Cosby United(home walkover)Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC
County Hall5 – 1Topps United
Desford4 – 0Kingsway Rangers
Glen Villa2 – 1Welby Lane United
Houghton Rangers1 – 3Oadby Boys Club ’93
Leicester Tile 083 – 1Hinckley Athletic 2008
Leicester YMCA 20082 – 0Burbage Old Boys
Mountsorrel Amateurs3 – 2Midland Syston St. Peter’s
Newbold Verdon Jubilee1 – 6Magna 73
Queniborough1 – 3Broughton Astley
St. Patricks1 – 12FC Kirkland
Stanton 20081 – 3Thurlaston Magpies
Thurnby United6 – 1FC Khalsa ‘A’

Third Round

22nd November 2008
Belgrave3 – 1FC Kirkland
Blaby United1 – 7Leicester YMCA 2008
Broughton Astley0 – 1Thurlaston Magpies
Desford8 – 2Leicester Tile 08
Glenfield Town5 – 1Cosby United
Magna 732 – 0Glen Villa
Mountsorrel Amateurs3 – 0County Hall
Oadby Boys Club ’932 – 5Thurnby United

Quarter Finals

31st January 2009
Belgrave8 – 6
Thurnby United
Desford5 – 2Magna 73
Leicester YMCA 20083 – 5Mountsorrel Amateurs
Thurlaston Magpies0 – 2Glenfield Town

Semi Finals

21st March 2009
Belgrave2 – 4
Mountsorrel Amateurs
at Alans Way, Newbold Verdon.
Desford0 – 1Glenfield Town
at Huncote Sports & Social, Thurlaston.


2nd May 2009
Mountsorrel Amateurs5 – 2Glenfield Town
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

Chairman’s Shield

First Round

25th October 2008
Burbage Old Boys Reserves4 – 3Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves
FC Kirkland Reserves0 – 3Cosby United Reserves
Glenfield Town Reserves3 – 1Houghton Rangers Reserves
Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves2 – 4North Kilworth Sports Reserves
Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves1 – 0Queniborough Reserves
Welby Lane United Reserves2 – 1Desford Reserves

Byes: Belgrave Reserves, Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves, County Hall Reserves, Glen Villa Reserves, Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) Reserves, Huncote Reserves, Kibworth Town Reserves, Magna 73 Reserves, Oakham Imperial Reserves and St. Patricks Reserves.

Second Round

22nd November 2008
Burbage Old Boys Reserves1 – 6Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves
County Hall Reserves4 – 0Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG) Reserves
Glen Villa Reserves1 – 5Glenfield Town Reserves
Huncote Reserves1 – 2Cosby United Reserves
Kibworth Town Reserves1 – 5Magna 73 Reserves
North Kilworth Sports Reserves1 – 4St. Patricks Reserves
Oakham Imperial Reserves1 – 8Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves
Welby Lane United Reserves5 – 2Belgrave Reserves

Quarter Finals

31st January 2009
Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves5 – 3Magna 73 Reserves
Glenfield Town Reserves5 – 0County Hall Reserves
Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves1 – 2Cosby United Reserves
St. Patricks Reserves0 – 1Welby Lane United Reserves

Semi Finals

14th March 2009
Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves0 – 3Glenfield Town Reserves
at Huncote Sports & Social, Thurlaston.
Cosby United Reserves3 – 4Welby Lane United Reserves
at Rearsby Road, Queniborough.


25th April 2009
Glenfield Town Reserves3 – 0Welby Lane United Reserves
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.