Leicester & District League

Leicester & District League 2007/08

Barlestone St. Giles are the champions.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier DivisionBarlestone St. GilesDesford
Division OneCounty HallHoughton Rangers
Division TwoMidland Syston St. Peter’sKibworth Town
Reserve Premier DivisionGlenfield Town ReservesBarlestone St. Giles Reserves
Reserve Division OneThurnby United 2007 ReservesCounty Hall Reserves
League CupDesfordMelton Mowbray
Chairman’s ShieldGlenfield Town ReservesGuru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves
Three Sons TrophyThurlaston MagpiesHoughton Rangers

The following new teams joined the league:

Fosse Hearts, Leicester Tile 07 (+ Reserves) and Thurnby United 2007 (+ Reserves).

As well as the above teams the following reserve teams also joined, Houghton Rangers Reserves, Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves and Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC Reserves.

Premier Division

1Barlestone St. Giles262330108228672
3St. Patricks26172762392353
4Welby Lane United26134971492243
5Cosby United26114115653337
6Burbage Old Boys26106104748-136
7Blaby United26106104959-1036
8Magna 7326105115158-735
10Glenfield Town26112134964-1535
11Birstall Royal British Legion2674154881-3325
12FC Kirkland2655164685-3920
14Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMCR2642203172-4114

Division One

1County Hall20145164303447
2Houghton Rangers20133462283442
3Oadby Boys Club ’9320124457292840
4Ashby AthleticL2011453027337
5Melton Mowbray20105552252735
6Glen Villa198384643327
7Kingsway Rangers206594151-1023
8Guru Nanak Gurdwara2062123444-1020
9Broughton Astley2060143068-3818
10North Kilworth Sports2030172971-429
11Barwell Athletic Sporting (-3)L1925122453-298

Division Two

1Midland Syston St. Peter’s20190196296757
2Kibworth Town20142468402844
3Mountsorrel Amateurs20142462402244
5Thurlaston Magpies2010195351231
6Fleckney Athletic209473432231
7Oakham Imperial2090114546-127
8Leicester Tile 072070134463-1921
9Thurnby United 20072060144074-3418
10Fosse Hearts (-3)2030172570-456
11Thringstone Miners WelfareM2012171848-305

Reserve Premier Division

1Glenfield Town Reserves26221387266167
2Barlestone St. Giles ReservesM26191681305158
3St. Patricks Reserves26174595365955
4Cosby United Reserves26142106354944
5Magna 73 Reserves261411180671343
6Belgrave Reserves26122126058238
7FC Kirkland Reserves26115105358-538
8Welby Lane United Reserves26106105652436
9Glen Villa Reserves26102143748-1132
10Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves2693144657-1130
11Birstall Royal British Legion ReservesR2682163672-3626
12Oakham Imperial ReservesR2672173880-4223
13Broughton Astley ReservesL2663173681-4521
14Mountsorrel Amateurs ReservesR2652194089-4917

Reserve Division One

1Thurnby United 2007 ReservesL22174190236755
2County Hall Reserves22153461253648
3Kibworth Town Reserves2213544940944
4Burbage Old Boys Reserves22123751391239
5Desford Reserves22111105460-634
6Queniborough Reserves2284106062-228
7Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves2283113951-1227
8Houghton Rangers Reserves2275104047-726
9Melton Mowbray ReservesL2280144263-2124
10Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC ReservesL2255124559-1420
11North Kilworth Sports Reserves2245135366-1317
12Leicester Tile 07 ReservesL2234153685-4913

After the season finished the following teams moved from the league:

  • Barlestone St. Giles to the Leicestershire Senior League
  • Barlestone St. Giles Reserves to the Leicestershire Football Combination
  • Thringstone Miners Welfare to the North Leicestershire Football League

Ashby Athletic, Barwell Athletic Sporting, Broughton Astley Reserves, Huncote, Leicester Tile 07 Reserves, Melton Mowbray Reserves, Thurnby United 2007 Reserves and Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC Reserves also left the league.

At the end of the season the following clubs changed names:

  • Fosse Hearts became St. Andrews Hearts.
  • Leicester Tile 07 may have changed their name to Leicester Tile 08 or Saffron Gap.

League Cup

Preliminary Round

13th October 2007
Huncote6 – 3Thurnby United
Melton Mowbray5 – 3Birstall RBL
Midland Syston St. Peter’s5 – 3Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC
Thringstone Miners Welfare(home walkover)Barwell Athletic Sporting

Byes: Ashby Athletic, Barlestone St. Giles, Belgrave, Blaby United, Broughton Astley, Burbage Old Boys, Cosby United, County Hall, Desford, FC Kirkland, Fleckney Athletic, Fosse Hearts, Glen Villa, Glenfield Town, Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG), Houghton Rangers, Kibworth Town, Kingsway Rangers, Leicester Tile 07, Magna 73, Mountsorrel Amateurs, North Kilworth, Oadby Boys Club ’93, Oakham Imperial, Queniborough, St. Patricks, Thurlaston Magpies and Welby Lane United.

First Round

20th October 2007
Belgrave0 – 2Burbage Old Boys
Blaby United0 – 4Barlestone St. Giles
Broughton Astley0 – 7Houghton Rangers
County Hall5 – 3Leicester Tile 07
Desford5 – 0North Kilworth
FC Kirkland3 – 1Oakham Imperial
Fleckney Athletic2 – 0Ashby Athletic
Glen Villa2 – 4Oadby Boys Club ’93
Glenfield Town4 – 3Kingsway Rangers
Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)8 – 0Fosse Hearts
Midland Syston St. Peter’s5 – 1Kibworth Town
Mountsorrel Amateurs3 – 1Huncote
Queniborough2 – 2
(away win pens)
Thurlaston Magpies
St. Patricks2 -2
(6 – 5 pens)
Cosby United
Thringstone Miners Welfare0 – 3Melton Mowbray
Welby Lane United3 – 2Magna 73

Second Round

17th November 2007
Desford5 – 1Welby Lane United
FC Kirkland1 – 2Houghton Rangers
Fleckney Athletic3 – 2Burbage Old Boys
Glenfield Town2 – 1Barlestone St. Giles
Mountsorrel Amateurs2 – 1Guru Nanak Gurdwara (GNG)
Oadby Boys Club ’935 – 1County Hall
St. Patricks1 – 2Melton Mowbray
Thurlaston Magpies3 – 6Midland Syston St. Peter’s

Quarter Finals

2nd February 2008
Desford3 – 0Mountsorrel Amateurs
Fleckney Athletic2 – 3Midland Syston St. Peter’s
Glenfield Town6 – 2Houghton Rangers
Oadby Boys Club ’930 – 1Melton Mowbray

Semi Finals

22nd March 2008
Desford3 – 2Midland Syston St. Peter’s
at Barton Road, Barlestone.
Glenfield Town1 – 1
(3 – 4 pens)
Melton Mowbray
at Belvoir Drive, Leicester.


3rd May 2008
Desford1 – 1
(4 – 3 pens)
Melton Mowbray
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

Chairman’s Shield

First Round

20th October 2007
Barlestone St. Giles Reserves0 – 1Glenfield Town Reserves
Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves2 – 2
(5 – 3 pens)
Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC Reserves
Burbage Old Boys Reserves2 – 3Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves
Cosby United Reserves4 – 4
(5 – 4 pens)
St. Patricks Reserves
Houghton Rangers Reserves1 – 6Welby Lane United Reserves
Kibworth Town Reserves4 – 3North Kilworth Sports Reserves
Leicester Tile 07 Reserves1 – 2Glen Villa Reserves
Magna 73 Reserves4 – 2Belgrave Reserves
Oakham Imperial Reserves1 – 4FC Kirkland Reserves
Thurnby United 2007 Reserves7 – 3Desford Reserves

Byes: Broughton Astley Reserves, County Hall Reserves, Melton Mowbray Reserves, Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves, Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves and Queniborough Reserves.

Second Round

17th November 2007
County Hall Reserves1 – 4Glen Villa Reserves
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves4 – 1Cosby United Reserves
Kibworth Town Reserves0 – 3Thurnby United 2007 Reserves
Magna 73 Reserves3 – 4FC Kirkland Reserves
Melton Mowbray Reserves2 – 0Broughton Astley Reserves
Midland Syston St. Peter’s Reserves1 – 2Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves
Queniborough Reserves0 – 3Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves
Welby Lane United Reserves1 – 5Glenfield Town Reserves

Quarter Finals

2nd February 2008
Glen Villa Reserves3 – 2FC Kirkland Reserves
Melton Mowbray Reserves1 – 4Glenfield Town Reserves
Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves1 – 2Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves
Thurnby United 2007 Reserves6 – 0Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves

Semi Finals

15th March 2008
Glenfield Town Reserves1 – 0Glen Villa Reserves
at Ashby Road Sports Club, Hinckley.
Thurnby United 2007 Reserves2 – 3Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves


26th April 2008
Glenfield Town Reserves2 – 2
(4 – 2 pens)
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

Three Sons Trophy

Group Stage

Group A

1Houghton Rangers22005146
2Oakham Imperial100113-20
3Leicester Tile 07100102-20

Group B

1Kingsway Rangers21105324
2Glen Villa21016513
3Fosse Hearts201147-31

Group C

2County Hall21014403
3Kibworth Town200226-40

Group D

1Thurlaston Magpies21109184
2Ashby Athletic21102114
3Thringstone Miners Welfare200209-90

Semi Finals

24th April 2008
Houghton Rangers1 – 1
(4 – 3 pens)
26th April 2008
Kingsway Rangers0 – 1Thurlaston Magpies


8th May 2008
Houghton Rangers0 – 1Thurlaston Magpies
at Barton Road, Barlestone.