Leicester & District League

Leicester & District League 2006/07

Dunton & Broughton Rangers win the league.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier DivisionDunton & Broughton RangersBarlestone St. Giles
Division OneSt. PatricksBurbage Old Boys
Division TwoMelton MowbrayKingsway Rangers
Reserve Premier DivisionGlenfield Town ReservesCosby United Reserves
Reserve Division OneSt. Patricks ReservesDunton & Broughton Rangers Reserves
League CupSt. PatricksFC Kirkland
Chairman’s ShieldSt. Patricks ReservesGFC Kirkland Reserves
Three Sons Trophyunknown

Before the start of the season the following teams moved to the league:

From the Leicestershire Senior League

North Kilworth Sports.

From the Leicester City Football League

Kibworth Town.

From the Leicestershire Football Combination

North Kilworth Sports Reserves.

The following reserve teams joined the league:

Blaby United Reserves, Desford Reserves, Kibworth Town Reserves and Melton Mowbray Reserves.

Premier Division

1Dunton & Broughton Rangers26232186196771
2Barlestone St. Giles26232176175971
3Cosby United26163773512251
5FC Kirkland26144877453246
6Welby Lane United26123115546939
8Magna 732686124452-830
9Glenfield Town2685134455-1129
10Blaby United (-3)25861172591327
12Birstall Royal British Legion2681174483-3925
13North Kilworth SportsR2642203287-5514
14Thringstone Miners Welfare (-3)R2612232498-742

Division One

1St. Patricks20152367264147
2Burbage Old Boys20133451222942
3Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC20123560402039
4Guru Nanak Gurdwara20121754361837
5Barwell Athletic Sporting207674842627
6Glen Villa2074965412425
7Ashby Athletic207494460-1625
8Broughton Astley206683151-2024
9Oadby Boys Club ’932064103243-1122
10Mountsorrel AmateursR2033142961-3212
11South LeicesterL2024142887-5910
  • Earl Shilton Town resigned from the league.

Division Two

1Melton Mowbray22183197277057
2Kingsway Rangers22171460233752
3Houghton Rangers22135468353344
4County Hall22125551351641
5Midland Syston St. Peter’s22102104165-2432
6Kibworth Town22921158481029
7Thurlaston Magpies2292114651-529
8Oakham Imperial2282124961-1226
9Braunstone Town Old BoysL2263133554-1921
10Sapcote United (-6)L2273124451-718
11Fleckney Athletic2242162659-3314

Reserve Premier Division

1Glenfield Town Reserves22182261184356
2Cosby United Reserves22172370244653
3Barlestone St. Giles Reserves22152552242847
4Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves (-3)2211475651534
5Magna 73 Reserves229584648-232
6Belgrave Reserves2293106060030
7FC Kirkland Reserves226793735225
8Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves2265114543223
9Oakham Imperial Reserves2263133156-2521
10Glen Villa Reserves2255122241-1920
11Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves2243153065-3515
12North Kilworth Sports ReservesR2243152570-4515
  • Earl Shilton Town Reserves resigned from the league.

Reserve Division One

1St. Patricks Reserves20153271323948
2Dunton & Broughton Rangers ReservesM20125355233241
3Broughton Astley Reserves20114559382137
4Welby Lane United Reserves209564235732
5Melton Mowbray Reserves209384849-130
6Blaby United ReservesL208484951-228
7Queniborough Reserves208394153-1227
8Burbage Old Boys Reserves207494757-1025
9County Hall Reserves2062122839-1120
10Desford Reserves (-3)2043132744-1712
11Kibworth Town Reserves2022161965-468
  • Thringstone Miners Welfare Reserves resigned from the league.

After the season finished the following teams moved from the league:

  • Dunton & Broughton Rangers to the Leicestershire Senior League
  • Dunton & Broughton Rangers Reserves to the Leicestershire Football Combination

Blaby United Reserves, Braunstone Town Old Boys, Sapcote United and South Leicester also left the league.

  • Leicester Tile 07 may have changed their name to Leicester Tile 08 or Saffron Gap.

League Cup

Preliminary Round

23rd September 2006
Glen Villa1 – 2Belgrave
Guru Nanak Gurdwara4 – 5Queniborough
Oadby Boys Club ’933 – 4Birstall Royal British Legion
Sapcote United2 – 5Thringstone Miners Welfare
South Leicester4 – 1Mountsorrel Amateurs
Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC5 – 2Cosby United

Byes: Ashby Athletic, Barlestone St. Giles, Barwell Athletic Sporting, Blaby United, Braunstone Town Old Boys, Broughton Astley, Burbage Old Boys, County Hall, Desford, Dunton & Broughton Rangers, Earl Shilton Town, FC Kirkland, Fleckney Athletic, Glenfield Town, Houghton Rangers, Huncote, Kibworth Town, Kingsway Rangers, Magna 73, Melton Mowbray, Midland Syston St. Peter’s, North Kilworth Sports, Oakham Imperial, St. Patricks, Thurlaston Magpies and Welby Lane United.

First Round

21st October 2006
Ashby Athletic2 – 3Barwell Athletic Sporting
Barlestone St. Giles0 – 0
(home win pens)
Midland Syston St. Peter’s
Birstall Royal British Legion3 – 2Thringstone Miners Welfare
Blaby United8 – 5Dunton & Broughton Rangers
Braunstone Town Old Boys1 – 2Kingsway Rangers
Broughton Astley0 – 5St. Patricks
Burbage Old Boys1 – 3FC Kirkland
County Hall3 – 0Fleckney Athletic
Desford3 – 2Huncote
Earl Shilton Town3 – 8Welby Lane United
Houghton Rangers0 – 1Melton Mowbray
Kibworth Town5 – 3Queniborough
North Kilworth Sports2 – 3Belgrave
Oakham Imperial1 – 3Magna 73
South Leicester0 – 0
(away win pens)
Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC
Thurlaston Magpies2 – 3Glenfield Town

Second Round

18th November 2006
Barwell Athletic Sporting2 – 1Kibworth Town
Belgrave4 – 3Glenfield Town
Birstall Royal British Legion4 – 2Barlestone St. Giles
Blaby United5 – 2Magna 73
County Hall2 – 3Kingsway Rangers
Desford0 – 3Welby Lane United
FC Kirkland5 – 3Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC
9th December 2006
St. Patricks3 – 0Melton Mowbray

Quarter Finals

3rd February 2007
Barwell Athletic Sporting3 – 1Birstall Royal British Legion
Blaby United0 – 2Welby Lane United
Kingsway Rangers2 – 4St. Patricks
10th February 2007
Belgrave1 – 2FC Kirkland

Semi Finals

24th March 2007
Barwell Athletic Sporting3 – 4FC Kirkland
Welby Lane United0 – 1St. Patricks


5th May 2007
St. Patricks3 – 1FC Kirkland
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

Chairman’s Shield

First Round

21st October 2006
Cosby United Reserves2 – 1Oakham Imperial Reserves
Glenfield Town Reserves3 – 1Desford Reserves
Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves1 – 5Barlestone St. Giles Reserves
Magna 73 Reserves5 – 4North Kilworth Sports Reserves
Melton Mowbray Reserves4 – 1Kibworth Town Reserves
St. Patricks Reserves7 – 1Blaby United Reserves
Thringstone Miners Welfare Reserves3 – 0Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves
Welby Lane United Reserves3 – 1County Hall Reserves

Byes: Belgrave Reserves, Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves, Broughton Astley Reserves, Burbage Old Boys Reserves, Dunton & Broughton Rangers Reserves, FC Kirkland Reserves, Glen Villa Reserves and Queniborough Reserves.

Second Round

18th November 2006
Cosby United Reserves6 – 8FC Kirkland Reserves
Dunton & Broughton Rangers Reserves1 – 2Belgrave Reserves
Glen Villa Reserves3 – 5Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves
Glenfield Town Reserves0 – 4Barlestone St. Giles Reserves
Magna 73 Reserves5 – 0Broughton Astley Reserves
Melton Mowbray Reserves3 – 2Welby Lane United Reserves
Queniborough Reserves3 – 2Burbage Old Boys Reserves
Thringstone Miners Welfare Reserves1 – 2St. Patricks Reserves

Quarter Finals

3rd February 2007
Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves1 – 6Belgrave Reserves
FC Kirkland Reserves2 – 1Barlestone St. Giles Reserves
Queniborough Reserves3 – 1Melton Mowbray Reserves
St. Patricks Reserves4 – 1Magna 73 Reserves

Semi Finals

17th March 2007
Queniborough Reserves3 – 4FC Kirkland Reserves
St. Patricks Reserves5 – 2Belgrave Reserves


28th April 2007
St. Patricks Reserves4 – 3FC Kirkland Reserves

Three Sons Trophy

Group Stage

Group A

1Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC21108354
2South Leicester210126-43
3Mountsorrel Amateurs201123-11

Group B

1Midland Syston St. Peter’s21102114
2Oadby Boys Club ’9321011103
3Broughton Astley201112-11

Knockout Stages

Unfortunately I have no record of any knockout games after the group stages.