Leicester & District League

Leicester & District League 2005/06

Cosby United are champions.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier DivisionCosby UnitedDesford
Division OneFC KirklandBlaby United
Division TwoMountsorrel AmateursSouth Leicester
Reserve Premier DivisionFC Kirkland ReservesBelgrave Blackbird Reserves
Reserve Division OneOakham Imperial ReservesGuru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves
League CupDesfordFC Kirkland
Chairman’s ShieldMountsorrel Amateurs ReservesBelgrave Blackbird Reserves

Before the start of the season the following new teams joined the league:

Houghton Rangers, Kingsway MTL, Northbridge, South Leicester and Thurlaston Magpies.

As well as the above teams the following reserve teams also joined, County Hall Reserves and Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves.

Premier Division

1Cosby United24174373294455
3Barlestone St. Giles24155458273150
4Belgrave Blackbird24142860372344
5Dunton & Broughton Rangers24114955431237
6Thringstone Miners Welfare24121117267537
7Birstall Royal British Legion24105956461035
8Welby Lane United2495104940932
9Glenfield Town24100145354-130
10Magna 732478952421029
11Guru Nanak GurdwaraR2473144772-2524
12Glen VillaR2452173794-5717
13Syston FosseL24102324118-943

Division One

1FC Kirkland22191279334658
2Blaby United22127360332743
4St. Patricks22111106053734
5Ashby Athletic228774947231
6Oadby Boys Club ’932293105657-130
7Earl Shilton Town2284104951-228
8Barwell Athletic Sporting2284103643-728
9Burbage Old Boys227694340327
10Broughton Astley2264123764-2722
11Braunstone Town Old BoysR2245134564-1917
12Oakham Imperial (-3)R2243153070-4012

Division Two

1Mountsorrel Amateurs242103117358263
2South Leicester24151862461646
3Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC (-3)24152763521144
4County Hall24134750371343
5Northbridge (-6)L24152776502641
6Melton Mowbray241211175502537
7Houghton Rangers249784943634
8Sapcote United2493125258-630
9Thurlaston Magpies2492134253-1129
10Kingsway MTL2491144575-3028
11Fleckney Athletic2453163763-2618
13Midland Syston St. Peter’s (-3)2451183587-5213

Reserve Premier Division

1FC Kirkland Reserves20134346252143
2Belgrave Blackbird Reserves20133457352242
3Barlestone St. Giles Reserves20123548331539
4Glenfield Town Reserves20114556421437
5Cosby United Reserves20102852401232
6Magna 73 Reserves2093850401030
7Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves2073104847124
8Glen Villa Reserves2062125656020
9Earl Shilton Town Reserves (-3)2063114571-2618
10Dunton & Broughton Rangers ReservesR2027112939-1013
11Syston Fosse ReservesL2032152685-5911

Reserve Division One

1Oakham Imperial Reserves20152357332447
2Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves20123549272239
3Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves20105547321535
4Burbage Old Boys Reserves2096556411533
5Thringstone Miners Welfare Reserves2095638271132
6Queniborough Reserves209295150129
7Broughton Astley Reserves207493239-725
8Welby Lane United Reserves2062122954-2520
9St. Patricks Reserves2054113849-1119
10Oadby Boys Club ’93 ReservesL2053123862-2418
11County Hall Reserves2042143657-2114

After the season finished the following teams moved from the league:

  • Syston Fosse were absorbed by HM Desford Sports of the Leicestershire Senior League, with the club changing their name to Syston Fosse Sports for next season.
  • Syston Fosse Reserves were absorbed into the HM Desford Sports Reserves team in the Leicestershire Football Combination

Northbridge and Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves also left the league.

At the end of the season the following clubs changed names:

  • Belgrave Blackbird became Belgrave.
  • Kingsway MTL became Kingsway Rangers.

League Cup

First Round

24th September 2005
Ashby Athletic1 – 4South Leicester
Huncote1 – 4Houghton Rangers
Melton Mowbray3 – 4Oadby Boys Club ’93
Oakham Imperial1 – 2Birstall Royal British Legion
Thringstone Miners Welfare3 – 1Earl Shilton Town
Thurlaston Magpies2 – 7Cosby United

Byes: Barlestone St. Giles, Barwell Athletic Sporting, Belgrave Blackbird, Blaby United, Braunstone Town Old Boys, Broughton Astley, Burbage Old Boys, County Hall, Desford, Dunton & Broughton Rangers, FC Kirkland, Fleckney Athletic, Glen Villa, Glenfield Town, Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Kingsway MTL, Magna 73, Midland Syston St. Peter’s, Mountsorrel Amateurs, Northbridge, Queniborough, Sapcote United, St. Patricks, Syston Fosse, Welby Lane United and Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC.

Second Round

22nd October 2005
Belgrave Blackbird2 – 4Blaby United
Broughton Astley3 – 5Glenfield Town
Burbage Old Boys6 – 4Braunstone Town Old Boys
Cosby United3 – 1Oadby Boys Club ’93
County Hall1 – 2Queniborough
FC Kirkland6 – 1Sapcote United
Fleckney Athletic4 – 2Barwell Athletic Sporting
Glen Villa0 – 3Barlestone St. Giles
Guru Nanak Gurdwara1 – 3Desford
Houghton Rangers3 – 4Magna 73
Kingsway MTL3 – 4Thringstone Miners Welfare
Midland Syston St. Peter’s0 – 7Mountsorrel Amateurs
South Leicester3 – 1Northbridge
St. Patricks4 – 0Birstall Royal British Legion
Syston Fosse0 – 2Dunton & Broughton Rangers
Woodgate & Newfoundpool WMC1 – 2Welby Lane United

Third Round

19th November 2005
Burbage Old Boys2 – 1Barlestone St. Giles
Cosby United3 – 2Dunton & Broughton Rangers
Desford2 – 1Glenfield Town
Fleckney Athletic2 – 7FC Kirkland
Mountsorrel Amateurs2 – 0Queniborough
South Leicester1 – 2Magna 73
24th December 2005
Blaby United3 – 4Thringstone Miners Welfare

Byes: Welby Lane United (unsure why the tie with St. Patricks did not go ahead)

Quarter Finals

4th February 2006
Desford5 – 1Welby Lane United
FC Kirkland3 – 0Burbage Old Boys
Mountsorrel Amateurs4 – 3Magna 73
18th February 2006
Cosby United3 – 1Thringstone Miners Welfare

Semi Finals

25th March 2006
FC Kirkland5 – 6Cosby United
Mountsorrel Amateurs3 – 2Desford


6th May 2006
Desford3 – 2FC Kirkland

Chairman’s Shield

First Round

22nd October 2005
Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves0 – 1Dunton & Broughton Rangers Reserves
Earl Shilton Town Reserves2 – 3Belgrave Blackbird Reserves
Oakham Imperial Reserves0 – 4Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves
Queniborough Reserves2 – 3St. Patricks Reserves
Thringstone Miners Welfare Reserves3 – 1Syston Fosse Reserves

Byes: Barlestone St. Giles Reserves, Broughton Astley Reserves, Burbage Old Boys Reserves, Cosby United Reserves, FC Kirkland Reserves, Glen Villa Reserves, Glenfield Town Reserves, Magna 73 Reserves, Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves, Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves and Welby Lane United Reserves.

Second Round

19th November 2005
Barlestone St. Giles Reserves1 – 0Oadby Boys Club ’93 Reserves
Broughton Astley Reserves1 – 9St. Patricks Reserves
Dunton & Broughton Rangers Reserves4 – 0Glen Villa Reserves
FC Kirkland Reserves3 – 1Cosby United Reserves
Glenfield Town Reserves3 – 2Burbage Old Boys Reserves
Magna 73 Reserves4 – 2Guru Nanak Gurdwara Reserves
Thringstone Miners Welfare Reserves1 – 2Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves
10th December 2005
Welby Lane United Reserves2 – 3Belgrave Blackbird Reserves

Quarter Finals

4th February 2006
Barlestone St. Giles Reserves2 – 3Belgrave Blackbird Reserves
Dunton & Broughton Rangers Reserves8 – 7FC Kirkland Reserves
Glenfield Town Reserves1 – 2Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves
Magna 73 Reserves1 – 2St. Patricks Reserves

Semi Finals

18th March 2006
Belgrave Blackbird Reserves1 – 0St. Patricks Reserves
Dunton & Broughton Rangers Reserves7 – 8Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves


29th April 2006
Belgrave Blackbird Reserves1 – 3Mountsorrel Amateurs Reserves