Leicester & District League

Leicester & District League 1998/99

Uppingham Town are the league champions.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier DivisionUppingham TownGEC Sports & Social
Division OneRatby SportsGynsill Lane
Division TwoSwallowGlen Villa
Reserve Premier DivisionCosby United ReservesGlenfield Town Reserves
Reserve Division OneDunton Bassett ReservesRatby Sports Reserves

Before the start of the season the following teams moved to the league:

From the Melton & Rutland District League

Melton Toy Soldiers Reserves.

The following new teams joined the league:

Earl Shilton Town and Syston United, along with their reserve teams.

As well as the above teams the following reserve teams also joined:

Pick Everard Reserves.

Premier Division

1Uppingham Town18132346252141
2GEC Sports & Social18122432191338
3Magna 7318102642212132
4Glenfield Town188643425930
5Cosby United1885545301529
6Rothley Imperial187384448-424
7Fleckney United185583441-720
9County Hall1833122255-3312
10City GasL1823132349-269

Division One

1Ratby Sports20173087177054
2Gynsill Lane20133452262642
3Blaby United20123548242439
4Dunton Bassett2010465757034
5Heather St. John’s2093845351030
7Lutterworth Athletic205783338-522
8Burbage Old Boys2064103458-2422
9Stoke Golding2062124558-1320
10Sapcote United2042143455-2114
11Melton Toy SoldiersR2033143174-4312

Division Two

2Glen Villa18142261283344
3Syston United1810084439530
4Earl Shilton Town187384749-224
5Wellington Victoria 861880105156-524
6Pick Everard185584144-320
7Welby Lane United185493648-1219
8East Midlands Electricity 97 (-3)185493347-1416
9Birstall Royal British Legion1843113255-2315

Reserve Premier Division

1Cosby United Reserves24173469264354
2Glenfield Town Reserves24155469323750
3Uppingham Town Reserves24135653332044
4Epworth Reserves24126660382242
5GEC Sports & Social Reserves24123950401039
6County Hall Reserves24103113851-1333
7Rothley Imperial Reserves2495104942732
8Heather St. John’s Reserves2484123132-128
9Magna 73 Reserves2483134559-1427
10Blaby United Reserves2468103248-1626
11Queniborough ReservesR2473143261-2924
12Stoke Golding ReservesR2465133451-1723
13Sapcote United ReservesR2453163584-4918

Reserve Division One

1Dunton Bassett Reserves24173464313354
2Ratby Sports Reserves24164472284452
3Syston United Reserves24163576393751
4Fleckney United Reserves24162668353350
5Glen Villa Reserves24143779394045
6Lutterworth Athletic Reserves2412485248440
7Pick Everard Reserves2494115058-831
8Wellington Victoria 86 Reserves24101134155-1431
9Gynsill Lane Reserves2493124858-1030
10Earl Shilton Town Reserves2471164672-2622
11Melton Toy Soldiers ReservesM2461174185-4419
12Birstall Royal British Legion Reserves2444164175-3416
13City Gas ReservesL2423193287-559

After the season finished the following teams moved from the league:

  • Melton Toy Soldiers Reserves to the Melton & Rutland District League.

City Gas (+Reserves) and Stanton also left the league.

At the end of the season the following clubs changed names:

  • GEC Sports & Social became Alstom Sports & Social.