Alliance Sunday League

The Alliance Football League 2023/24

Premier Division unfinished but FC Monday win Division One.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier Divisionunfinished
Division OneFC MondayTop House
Division TwoNorth Kilworth SundayGilmorton
Division ThreeFulhurst RangersMelton Athletic
Division FourEvington FCSouth Leicester Foxes
Division FiveBagworth AthleticEpworth Forest Old Boys
Billy Walton CupCommunity Football AcademyBraunstone Athletic
Arthur Moore Cupunfinished
EW Foster CupFulhurst RangersAtletico Magna
Stokes CupClarendon ParkSouth Leicester Foxes

Premier Division

1Sporting Dynamo871040103022
2Braunstone Athletic77003172421
3Countesthorpe United94142129-813
4ANP Internazionale114162435-1113
5Community Football Academy93332018212
6Oadby Owls123181232-2010
7Sileby Athletic101181128-174
  • Oadby Athletic 2012 resigned before December.
  • Braunstone Irons resigned in February, last game 26th November.
  • River Swift resigned in March, last game 4th February.

Division One

1FC Monday16121343172637
2Top House16111462243834
3Midland Rangers16111462313134
4CSKA Carnabys168173132-125
5CRG FC166284455-1120
6Birstall Social (-1)166283541-619
7Harborough Town Sunday (-3)164483056-2613
8Enderby & District Social Club1633102857-2912
9Lutterworth Athletic Sunday1631123153-2210
  • Spectrum FC resigned before the start of October.

Division Two

1North Kilworth Sunday (-3)16131276354137
2Gilmorton (-1)16103334201432
3Leicester Bharat SLF1693462372530
4Beaumont Town 20121691649351428
5Uplands AFC167274649-323
6AC Urchins164394152-1115
7Burbage & Huncote Sunday1642102543-1814
8Bulls Head Countesthorpe1622123179-488
9Fosse Athletic (-12)1651104256-144
  • Crown FC resigned before December.
  • 1912 FC resigned in January, last match 26th November.

Division Three

1Fulhurst Rangers18152187216647
2Melton Athletic18142266234344
3Atletico Magna18112555302535
4Bulls Head Countesthorpe Old Boys189275857129
5Knighton FC186395656021
6Glenfield United Sunday (-1)1871103870-3221
8FC Monday Reserves (-1)1851122750-2315
9Blaby Foxes1823132360-379
10Earl Shilton Albion (-27)1862105059-9-7

Division Four

1Evington FC20161386384849
2South Leicester Foxes20152369393047
3Oadby Owls Reserves (-3)191351103356841
4Blaby Wanderers20122667432438
5Lutterworth FC2011186559634
6Whitwick Athletic2073104555-1024
7North Kilworth Sunday Reserves2062122345-2220
8Melton Athletic Reserves1961124260-1819
9Middleton United2052133980-4117
10Karma Leicester Reserves (-1)2041154486-4212
11FC Burbage2040163578-4312
  • SKTV were not in the league on 17th September, unsure if they started the season.
  • Barlestone St. Giles Sunday resigned in April, last match 7th April.

Division Five

1Bagworth Athletic201613100307049
2Epworth Forest Old Boys20124457322540
3Leicester Bharat Talbot20123573502339
4Clarendon Park20105555371835
5AFC Beaumont Youth209294438629
6Sileby Athletic Development 2023 (-3)209475557-228
7CSKA Carnabys Reserves2072113544-923
8South Leicester Foxes Reserves2063113863-2521
9Aylestone St. James2054113855-1719
10BLS United2043133481-4715
11Leicester Town2033142971-4212
  • Habesha Leicester resigned in May, last match 8th May.

Billy Walton Cup

This is the League Cup of the Alliance Football League.

First Round

8th October 2023  
AFC Beaumont Youth1 – 1
(1 – 3 pens)
Leicester Bharat Talbot
Aylestone St. James2 – 0CSKA Carnabys Reserves
Epworth Forest Old Boys0 – 1BLS United
29th October 2023
Sileby Athletic Development 20231 – 0Habesha Leicester

Byes: 1912 FC, AC Urchins, ANP Internazionale, Atletico Magna, Bagworth Athletic, Barlestone St. Giles Sunday, Beaumont Town 2012, Birstall Social, Blaby Foxes, Blaby Wanderers, Braunstone Athletic, Braunstone Irons, Bulls Head Countesthorpe, Bulls Head Countesthorpe Old Boys, Burbage & Huncote Sunday, Clarendon Park, Community Football Academy, Countesthorpe United, CRG FC, Crown FC, CSKA Carnabys, Dukla, Earl Shilton Albion, Enderby & District Social Club, Evington FC, FC Burbage, FC Monday, FC Monday Reserves, Fosse Athletic, Fulhurst Rangers, Gilmorton, Glenfield United Sunday, Harborough Town Sunday, Karma Leicester Reserves, Knighton FC, Leicester Bharat SLF, Leicester Town, Lutterworth Athletic Sunday, Lutterworth FC, Melton Athletic, Melton Athletic Reserves, Middleton United, Midland Rangers, North Kilworth Sunday, North Kilworth Sunday Reserves, Oadby Owls, Oadby Owls Reserves, River Swift, Sileby Athletic, South Leicester Foxes, South Leicester Foxes Reserves, Sporting Dynamo, Top House, Uplands AFC and Whitwick Athletic.

Second Round

29th October 2023
1912 FC1 – 4North Kilworth Sunday Reserves
AC Urchins6 – 0FC Monday Reserves
Birstall Social3 – 0Blaby Wanderers
Braunstone Irons6 – 1Fulhurst Rangers
Bulls Head Countesthorpe0 – 7Sporting Dynamo
Community Football Academy3 – 1Oadby Owls
Countesthorpe United6 – 4Bagworth Athletic
CRG FC4 – 2Melton Athletic
CSKA Carnabys5 – 3Blaby Foxes
Dukla4 – 8Midland Rangers
Earl Shilton Albion0 – 2Lutterworth Athletic Sunday
FC Burbage2 – 2
(4 – 3 pens)
Enderby & District Social Club
Glenfield United Sunday3 – 2Evington FC
Harborough Town Sunday0 – 10ANP Internazionale
Knighton FC1 – 2Gilmorton
Leicester Bharat Talbot4 – 4
(4 – 2 pens)
Aylestone St. James
Middleton United1 – 4Oadby Owls Reserves
River Swift3 – 1Fosse Athletic
South Leicester Foxes Reserves4 – 2BLS United
Top House6 – 2Clarendon Park
Uplands AFC(home walkover)Crown FC
Whitwick Athletic0 – 2Leicester Bharat SLF
12th November 2023
Atletico Magna8 – 1Karma Leicester Reserves
North Kilworth Sunday1 – 7Beaumont Town 2012
19th November 2023
Braunstone Athletic15 – 0Melton Athletic Reserves
Sileby Athletic Development 20232 – 3Barlestone St. Giles Sunday
26th November 2023
Sileby Athletic6 – 0South Leicester Foxes

Byes: Bulls Head Countesthorpe Old Boys, Burbage & Huncote Sunday, FC Monday, Leicester Town and Lutterworth FC.

Third Round

26th November 2023
Beaumont Town 20122 – 3Bulls Head Countesthorpe Old Boys
Birstall Social0 – 8FC Monday
Burbage & Huncote Sunday1 – 2Lutterworth Athletic Sunday
Countesthorpe United6 – 1Leicester Town
CRG FC2 – 8Oadby Owls Reserves
FC Burbage1 – 4Leicester Bharat Talbot
Glenfield United Sunday2 – 7Leicester Bharat SLF
Lutterworth FC3 – 4Gilmorton
North Kilworth Sunday Reserves1 – 5Community Football Academy
Sporting Dynamo6 – 0South Leicester Foxes Reserves
Top House5 – 4CSKA Carnabys
Uplands AFC7 – 3AC Urchins
7th January 2024
ANP Internazionale5 – 0Midland Rangers
14th January 2024
Barlestone St. Giles Sunday0 – 7Atletico Magna
River Swift2 – 2
(2 – 4 pens)
Braunstone Athletic
Sileby Athletic5 – 1Braunstone Irons

Fourth Round

14th January 2024
Community Football Academy5 – 0Bulls Head Countesthorpe Old Boys
Countesthorpe United5 – 2Leicester Bharat Talbot
Top House4 – 6Sporting Dynamo
28th January 2024
Braunstone Athletic4 – 0Leicester Bharat SLF
Lutterworth Athletic Sunday2 – 4ANP Internazionale
Sileby Athletic3 – 0FC Monday
Uplands AFC2 – 4Atletico Magna
18th February 2024
Oadby Owls Reserves0 – 3Gilmorton

Quarter Finals

3rd March 2024
ANP Internazionale1 – 8Braunstone Athletic
Atletico Magna0 – 3Sporting Dynamo
Community Football Academy3 – 3
(5 – 3 pens)
Sileby Athletic
Countesthorpe United4 – 3

Semi Finals

10th March 2024
Community Football Academy6 – 1Countesthorpe United
at Huncote Sports & Social, Thurlaston.
Sporting Dynamo1 – 2Braunstone Athletic
at Judgemeadow Community College, Leicester.


12th April 2024
Community Football Academy2 – 0Braunstone Athletic
at Linwood Playing Field, Leicester.

Arthur Moore Cup

This is the cup for Premier Division and Division One teams.

First Round

21st January 2024
Braunstone Athletic9 – 1Midland Rangers
4th February 2024
Lutterworth Athletic Sunday3 – 4ANP Internazionale

Byes: Birstall Social, Braunstone Irons, Community Football Academy, Countesthorpe United, CRG FC, CSKA Carnabys, Enderby & District Social Club, FC Monday, Harborough Town Sunday, Oadby Owls, River Swift, Sileby Athletic, Sporting Dynamo and Top House.

Second Round

11th February 2024
Braunstone Irons(away walkover)CRG FC
Enderby & District Social Club4 – 3Top House
River Swift1 – 3
Oadby Owls
18th February 2024
CSKA Carnabys6 – 4ANP Internazionale
17th March 2024
Sporting Dynamo(home walkover)Harborough Town Sunday
24th March 2024
Birstall Social1 – 3Community Football Academy
FC Monday1 – 6Braunstone Athletic
Sileby Athletic5 – 0Countesthorpe United

Quarter Finals

31st March 2024
Community Football Academy2 – 1Oadby Owls
CRG FC0 – 11Sporting Dynamo
7th April 2024
Braunstone Athletic6 – 1Enderby & District Social Club
CSKA Carnabys1 – 0Sileby Athletic

Semi Finals

14th April 2024
Community Football Academy2 – 1CSKA Carnabys
at Knighton Lane East, Leicester.
21st April 2024
Sporting DynamoabandonedBraunstone Athletic
at Ibstock Miners Welfare.

It looks like the competition was abandoned at the Semi Final stage so no winner declared for this season.

EW Foster Cup

This is the cup for Division Two and Division Three teams.

First Round

21st January 2024
Burbage & Huncote Sunday4 – 1Gilmorton
Dukla2 – 1Melton Athletic
FC Monday Reserves1 – 3Uplands AFC
Fosse Athletic1 – 3Leicester Bharat SLF

Byes: 1912 FC, AC Urchins, Atletico Magna, Beaumont Town 2012, Blaby Foxes, Bulls Head Countesthorpe, Bulls Head Countesthorpe Old Boys, Earl Shilton Albion, Fulhurst Rangers, Glenfield United Sunday, Knighton FC and North Kilworth Sunday.

Second Round

11th February 2024
Fulhurst Rangers(home walkover)Glenfield United Sunday
North Kilworth Sunday4 – 0Earl Shilton Albion
25th February 2024
Beaumont Town 20127 – 2AC Urchins
3rd March 2024
Bulls Head Countesthorpe Old Boys3 – 1Knighton FC
10th March 2024
Dukla0 – 6Burbage & Huncote Sunday
Leicester Bharat SLF7 – 1Bulls Head Countesthorpe
7th April 2024
Atletico Magna3 – 0Uplands AFC

Byes: Blaby Foxes.

1912 FC resigned from the league in January so were not included in the Second Round.

Quarter Finals

31st March 2024
Beaumont Town 20120 – 1Leicester Bharat SLF
Burbage & Huncote Sunday5 – 3Blaby Foxes
Fulhurst Rangers3 – 1Bulls Head Countesthorpe Old Boys
14th April 2024
Atletico Magna2 – 1North Kilworth Sunday

Semi Finals

14th April 2024
Fulhurst Rangers2 -1Leicester Bharat SLF
21st April 2024
Atletico Magna3 – 2Burbage & Huncote Sunday


10th May 2024
Fulhurst Rangers4 – 0Atletico Magna
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

Stokes Cup

This is the cup for Division Four and Division Five teams.

First Round

21st January 2024
Aylestone St. James0 – 2Barlestone St. Giles Sunday
Blaby Wanderers4 – 1AFC Beaumont Youth
Epworth Forest Old Boys4 – 0CSKA Carnabys Reserves
Habesha Leicester3 – 2Sileby Athletic Development 2023
Leicester Bharat Talbot5 – 4FC Burbage
Middleton United3 – 4BLS United
South Leicester Foxes Reserves1 – 2Oadby Owls Reserves
Whitwick Athletic4 – 1North Kilworth Sunday Reserves

Byes: Bagworth Athletic, Clarendon Park, Evington FC, Karma Leicester Reserves, Leicester Town, Lutterworth FC, Melton Athletic Reserves and South Leicester Foxes.

Second Round

11th February 2024
BLS United1 – 3Melton Athletic Reserves
Oadby Owls Reserves4 – 3Leicester Bharat Talbot
Whitwick Athletic3 – 3
(3 – 2 pens)
Barlestone St. Giles Sunday
25th February 2024
Clarendon Park2 – 0Evington FC
10th March 2024
Epworth Forest Old Boys2 – 3Habesha Leicester
Karma Leicester Reserves5 – 9
South Leicester Foxes
Leicester Town0 – 3Bagworth Athletic
Lutterworth FC8 – 4Blaby Wanderers

Quarter Finals

17th March 2024
Bagworth Athletic4 – 1Whitwick Athletic
Oadby Owls Reserves6 – 1Lutterworth FC
24th March 2024
Habesha Leicester1 – 3Clarendon Park
South Leicester Foxes4 – 1Melton Athletic Reserves

Semi Finals

7th April 2024
Oadby Owls Reserves1 – 3Clarendon Park
South Leicester Foxes2 – 0Bagworth Athletic


19th April 2024
South Leicester Foxes0 – 0
(3 – 4 pens)
Clarendon Park
at Linwood Playing Field, Leicester.