Northern Premier League

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The Northern Premier League was formed in the 1968/69 season as the northern equivalent of the Southern League. Teams could be promoted to the Football League making this league the equivalent of step 1 of the Non League Pyramid). This changed with the formation of the Alliance Premier League (what is now the National League) in 1979/80. The Northern Premier League now sits at step 3 of the Non League Pyramid.

Leicestershire sits at the southern most tip of the Northern Premier League catchment area (though this has drifted further south over the seasons).

Leicestershire teams have taken part in this league for a number of seasons, first appearing in 1988/89 then appearing in every season from 2004/05 onwards.

Seasons that contained Leicestershire & Rutland based teams
Leicestershire & Rutland Teams
1968/69 – 1987/88No teams.
1988/89Shepshed Charterhouse
1989/90Shepshed Charterhouse
1990/91Shepshed Charterhouse
1991/92Shepshed Albion
1992/93Shepshed Albion
1993/94 – 2003/04No teams.
2004/05Shepshed Dynamo
2005/06Shepshed Dynamo
2006/07Shepshed Dynamo
2007/08Quorn, Shepshed Dynamo
2008/09Loughborough Dynamo, Quorn, Shepshed Dynamo
2009/10Loughborough Dynamo, Quorn, Shepshed Dynamo
2010/11Barwell, Loughborough Dynamo, Quorn, Shepshed Dynamo
2011/12Coalville Town, Loughborough Dynamo, Quorn, Shepshed Dynamo
2012/13Coalville Town, Loughborough Dynamo
2013/14Barwell, Coalville Town, Loughborough Dynamo
2014/15Barwell, Coalville Town, Loughborough Dynamo
2015/16Barwell, Coalville Town, Loughborough Dynamo
2016/17Barwell, Coalville Town, Loughborough Dynamo
2017/18Barwell, Coalville Town, Loughborough Dynamo
2018/19Loughborough Dynamo
2019/20Loughborough Dynamo
2020/21Loughborough Dynamo
2021/22Loughborough Dynamo, Shepshed Dynamo
2022/23Harborough Town, Hinckley LRFC, Loughborough Dynamo, Shepshed Dynamo
2023/24Anstey Nomads, Harborough Town, Hinckley LRFC, Loughborough Dynamo, Quorn, Shepshed Dynamo