The Alliance Football League

The Alliance Football League is a Sunday League covering the whole county of Leicestershire. It was formed at the start of the 1976/77 season when the Hinckley and Harborough Alliance formed a Sunday section. When the Saturday section stopped at the end of the 1977/78 season the league was named the Hinckley and Harborough Alliance Sunday League. The current name of the Alliance Football League was used from the 1989/90 season.

Originally the teams that played in this league came from the South Leicestershire area, but this quickly expanded to include teams from Leicester and surrounding villages, plus teams from the North West Leicestershire area. Now it can be considered a truly county wide sunday league.

The league currently consists of six divisions with 66 teams.

What do we know about this league ?

I have most of the divisional winners but I’m missing all information for the 2013/14 to 2015/16 seasons.

Hinckley & Harbrough Alliance League (Sunday Section)

Division OneDivision Two
1976/77Cedar Motors 
1977/78Cedar MotorsWigston RBL

When the Saturday section of the league stopped the league changed name to identify as a Sunday football league. The divisions were also renamed as the league expanded to a third division.

Hinckley & Harbrough Alliance Sunday League

Premier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1978/79Wigston Town CCTurner & JarvisPremier Drum 
1979/80WMC BraunstoneEyres Monsell OBOadby RBL 
1980/81Eyres Monsell OBEL Cook ElectricalCharnwood Sports 
1981/82Aylestone Park OBHuncote Sports & SocialLeicester Photo-LithoSwallow
1982/83EL Cook ElectricalWMC Braunstone ResNew Road InnSwinging Sporran
1983/84WMC BraunstoneApollo SundaySwinging SporranNarborough Rangers Res
1984/85WMC BraunstoneSwinging SporranThe BluesTom Towers
1985/86Belgrave LiberalGroveBraunstone West EndHuntsman ’84
1986/87HuntersOld CrownDesford AthleticGCM
1987/88WMC BraunstoneMossdale RoyalsNorburgUppingham
1988/89WMC BraunstoneNorburgLeicester FoxesWiddowson Haulage

Another name change for the league which saw the league expand to cover most of Leicestershire. The league continued to grow, especially in the 2010s, eventually getting to nine divisions in 2015/16 before dropping slightly to the current six divisions.

The Alliance Football League

Premier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision FiveDivision SixDivision SevenDivision Eight
1989/90WMC BraunstoneStar & GarterWigston PloughWrightwaysBlaby & Whetstone OB    
1990/91Wigston Town CCBulls HeadGearys BakerySt. Georges ResBulls Head Res    
1991/92HumberstoneGearys BakeryHusbands BosworthRF Brookes SSCGilmorton    
1992/93Wigston Town CCWigston Town CC ResAFC WheatsheafStarry KnightMark Jarvis    
1993/94Oadby AcademicalsBlaby & Whetstone OBMark JarvisEvans HalshawDesford United    
1994/95Wigston Town CCMark JarvisWigston PloughWoodgate ’80 OBRoal Oak Rovers    
1995/96Birstall EagleFleckney Old CrownWoodgate ’80 OBNT PlasmaticWillowbrook Rangers    
1996/97Wigston Town CCMeadow BankFC PlasmaticBulls Head CountesthorpeBakers Arms Syston    
1997/98GEC Sports & Social SundayEnderby TownVikings TunTolwellWest End WMCOadby & Wigston   
1998/99Enderby TownMagna WindowsPremier Sports TravelEnderby Town ResSporting ParvaGreat Bowden   
1999/00Fleckney Old CrownTolwellWinstanley WanderersSportsman BarFC Park RiseMonsell Magpies   
2000/01Aylestone Park DiamondsMagna TownKaffir HarriersBushby Rangers OBTwo TrianglesMere Athletic   
2001/02Advance CouriersMonsell MagpiesWest End WMCHorseThurmaston UnitedThe Abbey   
2002/03Advance CouriersLeicester FoxesDesford UnitedMowmacre RangersAll In One WindowsLM United   
2003/04Advance CouriersHockley RangersAll In One WindowsMDRGroby TownWelford   
2004/05Advance CouriersCountesthorpe RoyalsGlen ParvaMonsell DiamondsThe DifferenceCountesthorpe Athletic OB   
2005/06Advance CouriersLeicester AcademicalsField BoxmoreCountesthorpe Athletic OBAnstey Swifts OBLegion United   
2006/07Oadby UnitedCountesthorpe Athletic OBAnstey Swifts OBNiffyJBLToyoda Gosei   
2007/08Premier Sports TravelNiffy RangersLegion UnitedBlaby & Whetstone OBSt. Patricks SundayHarrow   
2008/09Advance CouriersGlenfield Town SundayTerratruckThroopsGreat WigstonWillows   
2009/10Advance CouriersMagna 73 RangersKirby Muxloe RangersSunbury UnitedFosse CityTrinderBox   
2010/11Scraptoft Garage 2007Sparta MoshdockSunbury UnitedStar & GarterNew Road InnSaffron Lounge Bar SundayNorth Kilworth Sunday  
2011/12Premier Sports TravelStar & GarterLeicester Foxes OBNRIFC Hoskins ReservesSt. MarksNPEHumberstone 2000 
2012/13Advance CouriersFC AzzurriMDH KnightsOakfield Old BoysNPEMonsell WMCAFC Royal OakNorth Kilworth Sunday Res
2013/14unknownLeicester Foxes OBunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown 
2016/17Sparta MoshdockCFABlaby & Whetstone OBDesfordBlaby United Sunday 2016FC TumarHorse & TrumpetFC Wygston 
2017/18Oadby Athletic 2012Swinford ChequersFC CataloniaWest Leicester PanthersAFC Bardo 1992Syston AFC ResMarkfield Rangers OB  
2018/19Oadby AthleticHorse & TrumpetDunton & Broughton United DynamoCRGRoyalistDunton & Broughton United Dynamo ResRavenstone 2018  
2021/22Oadby AthleticQuorn Royals 2008NEBARavenstone 2018Bulls Head CountesthorpeWigston Willow RangersEMR Old BoysHuncote & Blackbird AFC 
2022/23Sporting DynamoFC TumarCountesthorpe UnitedRiver SwiftHuncote & Blackbird AFCSouth Leicester FoxesBulls Head Countesthorpe OB  
2023/24incompleteFC MondayNorth Kilworth SundayFulhurst RangersEvington FCBagworth Athletic