Leicestershire Challenge Cup

Westerby Challenge Cup 1995/96

Leicester City win against St. Andrews.

First Round > Quarter Finals > Semi Finals > Final

Entries – 12 Teams

Football League Division (1 team)

Leicester City .

Southern Football League (2 teams)

Hinckley Town and Leicester United.

Midland Football Alliance (3 teams)

Barwell, Hinckley Athletic and Shepshed Dynamo.

Leicestershire Senior League (6 teams)

Anstey Nomads, Barrow Town, Friar Lane Old Boys, Holwell Sports, Oadby Town and St. Andrews .

First Round

12th September 1995
Hinckley Athletic0 – 3Oadby Town
10th October 1995
Anstey Nomads0 – 2Shepshed Dynamo
Holwell Sports1 – 4Leicester United
11th October 1995
Friar Lane Old Boys5 – 0Barrow Town

Byes: Barwell, Hinckley Town, Leicester City and St. Andrews.

Quarter Finals

21st November 1995
Friar Lane Old Boys2 – 1Leicester United
28th November 1995
Shepshed Dynamo1 – 0Hinckley Town
4th December 1995
Leicester City5 – 0Oadby Town
19th December 1995
Barwell2 – 3St. Andrews

Semi Finals

29th February 1996
Friar Lane Old Boys
(Leicestershire Senior League – Prem)
0 – 6Leicester City
(Football League – Div 1)
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.
20th March 1996
St. Andrews
(Leicestershire Senior League – Prem)
3 – 1Shepshed Dynamo
(Midland Football Alliance)
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.


22nd April 1996
Leicester City
(Football League – Div 1)
2 – 1St. Andrews
(Leicestershire Senior League – Prem)
at Filbert Street, Leicester.