Leicestershire Challenge Cup

Leicestershire Challenge Cup 1985/86

Shepshed Charterhouse hit six against Leicester United in the final.

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Entries – 8 Teams

Southern Football League (2 teams)

Leicester United and Shepshed Charterhouse .

West Midlands (Regional) League (1 team)

Hinckley Athletic.

Leicestershire Senior League (5 teams)

Anstey Nomads, Friar Lane Old Boys, Holwell Works, Thringstone and Wigston Fields.

Quarter Finals

2nd April 1986
Holwell Works1 – 4Shepshed Charterhouse
3rd April 1986
Friar Lane Old Boys1 – 4Hinckley Athletic
Thringstone0 – 3Leicester United
Wigston Fields0 – 1Anstey Nomads

Semi Finals

15th April 1986
Anstey Nomads
(Leicestershire Senior League – Prem)
2 – 4Leicester United
(Southern Football League – Midland)
Shepshed Charterhouse
(Southern Football League – Prem)
1 – 0Hinckley Athletic
(West Mids Regional League – Prem)


24th April 1986
Shepshed Charterhouse
(Southern Football League – Prem)
6 – 0Leicester United
(Southern Football League – Midland)
at Filbert Street, Leicester.