Melton & Rutland District Football League

What do we know about this league ?

This league was formed in 1978/79 as a merger of the Melton & District and Rutland & District Leagues.

I have all the teams that participated in this league plus most of the final tables for this league until the league closed down at the end of the 2000/01 season.

Division OneDivision Two
1978/79Methodists United
1979/80Cottesmore Amateurs
1980/81Cottesmore Amateurs
1982/83Cottesmore Amateurs
1983/84Methodists United
1984/85Oakham Swifts
1985/86Ab Kettleby
1986/87Somerby United
1987/88Somerby United
1988/89Greetham United
1989/90Melton WMC (League A)
Langham (League B)
1990/91Melton WMCFrisby United Res
1991/92Waltham AthleticMelton Toy Soldiers
1992/93Ab KettlebyMelton Nomads
1993/94Ab KettlebyMelton Autotech
1994/95Ab KettlebyCottesmore Amateurs ‘A’
1995/96Ashwell AthleticAsfordby Mine
1996/97Asfordby MineAsfordby Mine Res
1997/98Asfordby VillageOakham Imperial
1998/99Asfordby VillageSaffron Athletic
1999/00Oakham ImperialRugby Joinery
2000/01Oakham ImperialOakham Imperial Res