West Midlands (Regional) League

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The West Midlands (Regional) League was formed in 1889 as the Birmingham & District Football League. Before the Second World War the league was one of the strongest in the country, even supplying teams directly to the Football League.

The league changed its name to the West Midlands (Regional) League in 1962 and continued to be a strong league until 1994 when the top teams left to form the Midland Football Alliance.

The league now covers mainly the area around West Birmingham, Dudley and Wolverhampton.

Leicestershire teams first joined the league during the late 1940s and continued up until 1995/96.

The West Midlands (Regional) League sits at step 7 of the Non League Pyramid..

Birmingham & District Football League

Leicestershire & Rutland Teams
1889/90 – 1947/48No teams.
1948/49Brush Sports, Leicester City ‘A’
1949/50Brush Sports, Whitwick Colliery
1950/51Brush Sports, Whitwick Colliery
1951/52Brush Sports, Whitwick Colliery
1952/53Brush Sports, Whitwick Colliery
1953/54Brush Sports, Whitwick Colliery
1954/55Brush Sports, Hinckley Athletic, Symingtons, Whitwick Colliery
1955/56Brush Sports, Hinckley Athletic, Whitwick Colliery
1956/57Brush Sports, Hinckley Athletic, Whitwick Colliery
1957/58Brush Sports, Hinckley Athletic
1958/59Brush Sports, Hinckley Athletic, Leicester City ‘A’
1959/60Brush Sports, Leicester City ‘A’
1960/61 – 1961/62No teams.

West Midlands (Regional) League

Leicestershire & Rutland Teams
1962/63 – 1966/67No teams.
1967/68Hinckley Athletic
1968/69Hinckley Athletic
1969/70Hinckley Athletic
1970/71Hinckley Athletic
1971/72Hinckley Athletic
1972/73Hinckley Athletic
1973/74Hinckley Athletic
1974/75Hinckley Athletic
1975/76Hinckley Athletic
1976/77Hinckley Athletic
1977/78Hinckley Athletic
1978/79Hinckley Athletic
1979/80Hinckley Athletic
1980/81Hinckley Athletic
1981/82Hinckley Athletic
1982/83Hinckley Athletic
1983/84Hinckley Athletic
1984/85Hinckley Athletic
1985/86Hinckley Athletic
1986/87Hinckley Athletic
1987/88Hinckley Athletic
1988/89Hinckley Athletic, Hinckley Town (+ Reserves)
1989/90Hinckley Athletic, Hinckley Town (+ Reserves)
1990/91Hinckley Athletic, Hinckley Town Reserves
1991/92Hinckley Athletic
1992/93Hinckley Athletic (+ Reserves)
1993/94Hinckley Athletic (+ Reserves)
1994/95Hinckley Athletic Reserves
1995/96Hinckley Athletic Reserves
1996/97 – currentNo teams.