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Teams in North West Leicestershire
North West Leics
Appleby Magna
Ashby Albion
Ashby Hastings
Ashby Ivanhoe
Ashby Jun
Ashby St. Helens
Ashby Swifts
Ashby Town (1920-1926)
Ashby Town (2000-)
Ashby Trinity
Ashby White Rose
ATI Garryson
Atlas Express
Bardon Hill (1950-1967) (see Bardon Hill Sports)
Bardon Hill Sports
Belton Villa
Belvoir Bacon
Blackbrook Vale (see Thringstone Vale)
Blackfordby Youth Club (1971)
Blackfordby Youth Club (1990-)
Breedon (2000-)
Bulls Head Ashby
Castle Donington (1886-1887)
Castle Donington (1947)
Castle Donington (Sunday)
Castle Donington Amateurs
Castle Donington Baptists
Castle Donington Ladies
Castle Donington Power
Castle Donington Swifts
Castle Donington Town
Castle Donington Victoria
Coalville (1886-1887)
Coalville (1995-1997) (see Coalville Town (1998-))
Coalville Albion
Coalville Amateurs
Coalville Athletic (1899-1908)
Coalville Athletic (1963-1977)
Coalville Christ Church
Coalville Co-Op
Coalville Excelsior
Coalville Paints
Coalville Park Rangers
Coalville Pentecostal
Coalville PM
Coalville PSA
Coalville Rovers
Coalville Swifts
Coalville Technical College
Coalville Times
Coalville TN
Coalville Town (1888-1954)
Coalville Town (1976-1978)
Coalville Town (1998-)
Coalville Town Amateurs
Coalville Town Ladies
Coalville United
Coalville United Churches
Coalville Victoria
Coalville Wesleyans
Coalville Working Mens Club
Coleorton Hall
Coleorton Rovers
Coleorton United
Coleorton YC
Compass (see Whitwick Compass)
Cross Keys (Newbold)
Cross Keys Castle Donington
DHL United
Donisthorpe Albion
Donisthorpe Coliery Welfare (see Donisthorpe Miners Welfare)
Donisthorpe Colliery Miners Welfare (see Donisthorpe Miners Welfare)
Donisthorpe Jun
Donisthorpe Miners Welfare
Dynamo Roshal
Ellistown (1895)
Ellistown (1998-)
Ellistown BC
Ellistown Colliery
Ellistown Pipes
Ellistown United
Ellistown Wesleyans Ref
Ellistown Working Mens Club
Forest Rock
Fountain Inn
Garryson (see ATI Garryson)
Grace Dieu United
Greenhill FC
Greenhill YC
Heather & Bosworth Athletic
Heather Athletic (see Heather St. John)
Heather Coronet
Heather Imperial
Heather St. John
Heather St. Johns (see Heather St. John)
Heather United
Hemington (1891-1922)
Hemington (1971-1996)
Hemington Villa
Hugglescote Athletic
Hugglescote Imperial
Hugglescote PC
Hugglescote Primative Methodists
Hugglescote Robin Hoods
Hugglescote St. Johns
Hugglescote Swifts
Hugglescote United
Hugglescote Wesleyans
Ibstock Albion
Ibstock Brick & Tile
Ibstock Colliery
Ibstock Ivanhoe
Ibstock Penistone Rovers
Ibstock Rovers
Ibstock Royal Oak
Ibstock St. Deny's
Ibstock Swifts
Ibstock Tile Company
Ibstock United (1930)
Ibstock United (1999)
Ibstock United (2005-)
Ibstock Villa
Ibstock Wanderers
Ibstock Welfare (see Ibstock United (2005-))
Joseph Burgess
Kegworth Baptist
Kegworth Dynamo
Kegworth Imperial (1934-1937)
Kegworth Imperial (2006-)
Kegworth Juniors
Kegworth Kingsway (see Kegworth Dynamo)
Kegworth Rovers
Kegworth St. Andrews
Kegworth Town
Kegworth United
Kegworth Victoria
Kegworth Wanderers
Kings Arms Coleorton
Kingston & District
Lady Jane '98
Long Whatton (1953-1961)
Long Whatton (1970-)
Long Whatton Imperial
Long Whatton United (see Long Whatton (1953-1961))
Long Whatton YP
Lutterworth Ladies
Marlborough Rovers Ladies
Measham Albion
Measham Imperial (1930-1998)
Measham Imperial (2006-)
Measham Red Bank
Measham Social Welfare
Measham Town
Measham United (1904-1910)
Measham United (2004-)
Measham Wanderers
Measham Welfare (see Measham Imperial (2006-))
Measham Wesleyans
Measham YC
Midland Red Coalville
Millfield Manor
Minnesotas Sunday
Moira 84
Moira Miners Welfare
Moira MK
Moira Rovers
Moira United
Moira Wesleyans
NCB Transport
New Lount Colliery
Newton Burgoland (1927-1965)
Newton Burgoland (1996)
North Leicester Miners Welfare
Oakthorpe Albion
Oakthorpe Athletic
Old Edwardians
Osgathorpe Victoria
Peggs Green
Peggs Green Sports Club
Pegsons United (see Pegsons)
Pegsons Works (see Pegsons)
Precision Rubbers
RAOC Moira
Ravenstone (1958-1960) (see Coalville Town (1998-))
Ravenstone (1995-)
Ravenstone Druids
Ravenstone Forest Rovers
Ravenstone Miners Athletic (see Coalville Town (1998-))
Ravenstone Miners Welfare (see Coalville Town (1998-))
Ravenstone Queens
Ravenstone Sports (see Coalville Town (1998-))
Ravenstone St. Michaels
Ravenstone United
Rawdon Colliery
Slack & Parr
Snarestone United
Snibston New Inn Sports
Snibston St. James
Snibston United
South Colliery (see South Leicester Colliery)
South Leicester Colliery
Sporting Dynamo
Stableford's Works
Swannington Institute
Swannington Swifts
Swannington Villa
The Gate Inn
The Oak of Whitwick
The Railway (see The Railway EWM)
The Railway EWM
The Ram Inn
Thringstone (see Thringstone Miners Welfare)
Thringstone House
Thringstone House Miners Welfare (see Thringstone Miners Welfare)
Thringstone Imperial
Thringstone Miners Welfare
Thringstone PC
Thringstone Rangers (2003-)
Thringstone Town
Thringstone United (see Thringstone Miners Welfare)
Thringstone Vale
United Collieries (see Ellistown (1998-))
West End Rangers
West End United (1990-1996)
Western Park
Western Rovers
Whitwick Colliery (1943-1965)
Whitwick Colliery (2006-)
Whitwick Colts
Whitwick Compass
Whitwick Hare & Hounds
Whitwick Holy Cross
Whitwick Holy Cross Juniors (see Whitwick Colts)
Whitwick Imperial
Whitwick Imps
Whitwick Juniors (see Whitwick Colts)
Whitwick Town (1895-1898)
Whitwick Town (1983-1998)
Whitwick Village
Whitwick Wanderers
Whitwick White Cross
Whitwick White Horse (see Whitwick Colliery (2006-))
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