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Teams in Charnwood Region
North West Leics
3M Loughborough (see CF Turpins)
Adwest Rearsby
Anchor Inn
Angraves (see Thurmaston Town (1996-))
Anstey Athletic
Anstey Congregational Church
Anstey Methodists
Anstey Nomads
Anstey Primitive Methodists
Anstey St. Marys
Anstey Town (1895-1903)
Anstey Town (1973-)
Anstey United (1903-1905)
Anstey Working Mens Club
Astra Charnwood (see Club AZ)
Astrazeneca R&D Charnwood (see Club AZ)
Atlas (2001-2003)
Bakers Arms Syston
Barkby Swifts
Barrow Amateurs
Barrow Baptist
Barrow Church United
Barrow Gunners
Barrow Imperial
Barrow Ivanhoe
Barrow Juniors
Barrow Nonconformists
Barrow Old Boys (see Barrow Town)
Barrow Primitive Methodists
Barrow Rising Star
Barrow Sunday
Barrow Town
Barrow Trinity (1911-1929)
Barrow Trinity (1989-1991)
Barrow USS
Barrow YC (see Barrow Sunday)
Baxter Gate Baptists
Beacon Athletic
Beagle Automotive (see Rearsby Automotive)
Birstall Community College
Birstall Community College Old Boys
Birstall Eagle
Birstall Friar Lane & Epworth Ladies (see Friar Lane & Epworth Ladies)
Birstall Old Boys
Birstall Plough (see Birstall Stamford)
Birstall Royal British Legion
Birstall St. James
Birstall Stamford
Birstall Sunday School
Birstall Trees
Birstall United (1975-)
Birstall United Ladies (see Friar Lane & Epworth Ladies)
Birstall United Social (see Birstall United (1975-))
Birstall YOB
Britannia Inn
Brush Amateurs
Brush Apprentices
Brush Sports (see Loughborough United (1960-1973))
Brush Sports & Social
Bull & Bush Shepshed
Burleigh Community College
C Squad Yeomantry
Cartwright & Warner's
CF Turpins
Charnwood Athletic (2001-)
Charnwood Dynamo Sunday
Charnwood Forresters (2007-)
Charnwood Foxes
Charnwood Rangers
Charnwood Rangers Sunday
Club AZ
Cossington Olympic
Cossington Royal Oak
Cotton Sports
Cottons App. (see Cottons)
Davy Morris Anchor
DCE Thurmaston (see Thurmaston Town (1996-))
Discharged Soldiers & Sailors
Eagle Athletic (see Birstall Eagle)
Eagle United (see Birstall Eagle)
Earl of Stamford (1979-1984) (see Birstall Stamford)
East Goscote
East Goscote EME (see Goscote Spartans)
East Goscote Roofing
East Goscote Spartans (see Goscote Spartans)
Emgals (see TNT Ladies)
Emmanuel Bible Class (see Emmanuel Bible Class 'A')
Emmanuel Bible Class 'A'
Epinal Rovers
FC Belgrave
FC Bush
FC Goscote Spartans (see Goscote Spartans)
FC Hart 04
FC Kirkland
FC Morris (see Davy Morris Anchor)
FC Ricks
Fisons Sports
Fosse Imps
Friar Lane & Epworth Ladies
Genatosan Sports (see Fisons Sports)
Glenfield United (2002-)
Glenmore Colts
Glenmore Rangers
Goscote Spartans
Hathern Adult School
Hathern Colts
Hathern Excelsior
Hathern Old Boys
Hathern Parish Church
Hathern Rangers
Hathern Three Crowns (1978-1996) (see Hathern)
Hathern Three Crowns (2006-)
Hathern United
Hathern United Sunday School
Hathern Victoria
Holywell Athletic
Jack O' Lantern
JMS Colts (see Loughborough Rovers (2007-))
King Street Baptists
Kirklands (see FC Kirkland)
Loughborough Academicals
Loughborough AFC
Loughborough All Saints
Loughborough Amateurs
Loughborough Athletic (1889-1899)
Loughborough Athletic (1931-1934)
Loughborough Athletic (1994-2000) (see Loughborough)
Loughborough Bedouins
Loughborough Blue Boar
Loughborough British Legion
Loughborough Brush (see Loughborough United (1960-1973))
Loughborough Celtic
Loughborough College AFC (see Loughborough University)
Loughborough College CD
Loughborough College E Dept (see Loughborough College of FE)
Loughborough College of FE
Loughborough College of Technology (see Loughborough University)
Loughborough College Works
Loughborough Colleges
Loughborough Corinthians
Loughborough Cross Keys
Loughborough Dyeworks
Loughborough Dynamo
Loughborough Dynamo Ladies (see Loughborough Dynamo Womens)
Loughborough Dynamo Womens
Loughborough Eagles
Loughborough Emmanuel (1897-1905)
Loughborough Emmanuel (1999-)
Loughborough Empress
Loughborough FC 'A'
Loughborough Forest Rovers
Loughborough Havelock
Loughborough JOL (see Loughborough AFC)
Loughborough Junior College Old Boys
Loughborough Liberal Club
Loughborough Mutuals
Loughborough North End
Loughborough Old Boys
Loughborough Olympic
Loughborough Parish Church
Loughborough Park Rovers
Loughborough Pegasus
Loughborough Police Sunday
Loughborough Rangers (1935-1937)
Loughborough Rangers (1971-1994)
Loughborough Red Triangle
Loughborough Rovers (1931-1932)
Loughborough Rovers (1964-1974)
Loughborough Rovers (2007-)
Loughborough Royal British Legion
Loughborough Royal Oak
Loughborough Royals
Loughborough Saints
Loughborough St. Marys
Loughborough St. Peters
Loughborough Students
Loughborough Students CU (see Revive)
Loughborough Students Ladies 2006
Loughborough Students Men's
Loughborough Students Women's
Loughborough Swifts
Loughborough Technical College
Loughborough Telecom
Loughborough Town (1886-1899)
Loughborough Town (1983-)
Loughborough Trinity
Loughborough United (1960-1973)
Loughborough United (1988-)
Loughborough University
Loughborough University Sports
Loughborough Victoria
Loughborough Villa
Loughborough Wanderers
Loughborough Wednesday
Loughborough Wesleyans
Loughborough Working Mens Club
Loughborough YMCA
Mansfield Hosiery
Midland Syston St. Peters
Morris Sports
Mountsorrel Acorn
Mountsorrel Albion
Mountsorrel Amateurs
Mountsorrel Athletic
Mountsorrel Castle
Mountsorrel Christ Church
Mountsorrel Dynamo
Mountsorrel Imps
Mountsorrel Primitive Methodists
Mountsorrel Rangers (see Mountsorrel)
Mountsorrel Rovers (1940)
Mountsorrel Rovers (1988-1996)
Mountsorrel St. Peters
Mountsorrel Town
Mountsorrel United
Mountsorrel United Methodists
Mountsorrel Wesleyans
Mountsorrel Working Mens Club
Nanpantan Foresters
Newfoundpool Working Mens Club
Newtown Linford
Newtown Linford All Saints
North FC
Notts Road Methodists
Old Loughburians
Old Plough (see Birstall Stamford)
Park View
Peacock Athletic
Pied Bull
PSV Rearsby
Queniborough Amateurs (see Queniborough)
Queniborough Athletic
Queniborough Park Rangers
Queniborough Rangers
Queniborough St. Marys
Queniborough Sunday
Queniborough YC
Quorn Baptist
Quorn Excelsior
Quorn Grange
Quorn Hall
Quorn Havelock
Quorn Juniors
Quorn Methodists (see Quorn)
Quorn Park Rangers
Quorn Pioneers
Quorn Rawlins
Quorn Rovers
Quorn Royal Oak
Quorn Royals
Quorn United (1922)
Quorn United (1995-2006) (see Burton)
Quorn Wesleyans (see Quorn)
RAF Wymeswold
RAPC Woodhouse
Rearsby Automotive
Rearsby Comp
Rearsby St. Michaels
Ring O'Bells
Rolls Royce Mountsorrel
Rothley Athletic
Rothley Church
Rothley Imperial
Rothley Swifts
Royal Signals 224 Squadron
Seagrave Rising Star
Seagrave United
Sheepshed (see Shepshed)
Sheepshed Town (see Shepshed)
Shelthorpe (1973-1994)
Shelthorpe (2003)
Shelthorpe Albion (1931)
Shelthorpe Albion (1967-1969)
Shelthorpe Albion (1971)
Shelthorpe Alliance
Shelthorpe Doves
Shelthorpe Kings Church
Shelthorpe Lions
Shelthorpe Rangers
Shelthorpe Social Club (see Shelthorpe Albion (1971))
Shelthorpe Vics
Shelthorpe Youth Club (see Shelthorpe Albion (1971))
Shepshed Aardvarks
Shepshed Adult School
Shepshed Albion (see Shepshed Dynamo)
Shepshed Albion 'A'
Shepshed Albion Sunday
Shepshed Amateurs
Shepshed Athletic (1918-1933)
Shepshed Athletic (1976-1990)
Shepshed Charterhouse (see Shepshed Dynamo)
Shepshed Colts
Shepshed Dynamo
Shepshed Home Guard
Shepshed Imperial
Shepshed Junior Labour Club
Shepshed Parish Church
Shepshed Rangers
Shepshed Red Lion
Shepshed Rovers
Shepshed St. Winifreds
Shepshed Swifts (1892)
Shepshed Swifts (1938-1996)
Shepshed Town (1890-1899)
Shepshed Town (1939-1940)
Shepshed Town (1990-)
Shepshed United (1902-1931)
Shepshed United (1975)
Shepshed United (1988-)
Shepshed Wesleyans
Shipstone Rovers
Sileby Baptist
Sileby Boys Club (see Sileby Saints)
Sileby British Legion
Sileby Cadets
Sileby Fosse
Sileby Institute Excelsior
Sileby Malt House
Sileby Naval Association
Sileby Old Boys
Sileby Rangers (1939-1940)
Sileby Saints
Sileby St. John
Sileby St. Marys
Sileby Swifts
Sileby Town
Sileby United
Sileby United Old Boys
Sileby Victoria (1901-1925)
Sileby Victoria (2007-)
Sileby Wanderers
Sileby Wesleyans
Sparrow Hill United Methodists
Spinney Kirkland (see FC Kirkland)
Sporting Lonsdale (see Thurmaston PWMC)
Stamford Rangers
Studio Seven Thurmaston
Syston 96
Syston Albion
Syston Baptists
Syston Boys Club Old Boys
Syston Fosse
Syston Imperial
Syston Midland Sunday
Syston Olympic
Syston Park
Syston Police
Syston Robin Hoods
Syston Royal British Legion
Syston SC
Syston St. Aidans
Syston St. Old Boys
Syston St. Peters
Syston Sunday School
Syston Swifts
Syston Swifts Ladies
Syston Town (1920-1922)
Syston Town (1970-1997)
Syston United
Syston Victoria
Syston Wanderers
Syston Wreake Valley
The Gallery
The Plough
The Plough Sunday
The Trees FC (see Birstall Trees)
Thorpe Acre (1979-1983) (see Loughborough AFC)
Thorpe Acre (1984-)
Thorpe Acre Hallam (see Loughborough AFC)
Thorpe Acre Sunday (see Thorpe Acre (1984-))
Thorpe Albion
Three Nuns (2005-)
Thrussington (2003-)
Thrussington Lions (see Thrussington (2003-))
Thrussington Star (see Thrussington (2003-))
Thrussington Stars (see Thrussington (2003-))
Thurcaston & Cropston
Thurcaston All Saints
Thurmaston Mutual
Thurmaston Progressive Working Mens Club (see Thurmaston Town (1980-1985))
Thurmaston PWMC
Thurmaston Rangers
Thurmaston Sports & Social
Thurmaston St. Michaels
Thurmaston Sunday School
Thurmaston Superstore
Thurmaston Town (1980-1985)
Thurmaston Town (1996-)
Thurmaston United (1903)
Thurmaston United (1979-1990)
Thurmaston United (2001-2003)
TNT Ladies
Toothill Rangers
Towers Loughborough
Walsh Mander (see Walsh UK)
Walsh UK
White Hart Charnwood Forresters (see Charnwood Forresters (2007-))
Windmill FC (see Twelve)
Woodgate & Newfoundpool Working Mens Club
Woodgate Baptists
Woodhouse Eaves United
Woodhouse Imperial
Wymeswold (1960-1983)
Wymeswold (1984-)
Wymeswold St. Mary
Wymeswold Sunday (see Wymeswold (1984-))
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