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Teams in Blaby Region
North West Leics
17th Regimental District
35th LAA Glen Parva
A&T Sports
AFC Hurricanes (2007-)
AFC Narborough
Alstom Sports & Social (see Whetstone Sports & Social)
Athletico Oak
Bell Narborough
Blaby & R.D. Old Boys (see Blaby Old Boys)
Blaby & Whetstone Athletic
Blaby & Whetstone Old Boys
Blaby 74
Blaby 74 Reserves
Blaby British Legion (see Blaby United (1973-))
Blaby Foxes
Blaby Old Boys
Blaby Swifts
Blaby United (1973-)
Braunstone Rangers (2007-)
Braunstone Rangers 2006 (see Braunstone Rangers (2007-))
Braunstone Town
Braunstone Town Old Boys
Braunstone United (1979-1980)
Bulls Head Countesthorpe
Bulls Head Stoney Stanton
Bulls Head United Cosby
Copt Oak (see Copt Oak 95)
Copt Oak 95
Corporate Blues
Cosby United
Cosby United Sunday School
Cosby Victory
Countesthorpe (1902)
Countesthorpe Athletic Old Boys
Countesthorpe Colts
Countesthorpe Mutual
Countesthorpe Nomads
Countesthorpe Town
Countesthorpe United (1922)
Countesthorpe United (1950-1990)
Countesthorpe United (1994-1996)
County Hall
Croft Albion
Croft Diamonds
Croft Granite
Croft Rising Star
Croft St. Michaels
DGT Transport
Elephant & Castle
Ellis Park
Enderby & District Social Club
Enderby Athletic (1933)
Enderby Congregational
Enderby Forest
Enderby Mission United
Enderby Nags Head
Enderby Plough
Enderby Rangers
Enderby St. Johns
Enderby Town (1907-1982) (see Leicester United)
English Electric Whetstone (see Whetstone Sports & Social)
Es Cana
FC Bug Abargee
FC Fosse
FC Parva 94
FC Tumar
Forest Rangers (2003-2006) (see LK Old Boys)
GE Lighting (see A&T Sports)
GE Sports (see A&T Sports)
GEC Sports & Social (see Whetstone Sports & Social)
GEC Whetstone (see Whetstone Sports & Social)
Glen Parva (1997-)
Glenfield Gunners
Glenfield LATZ
Glenfield Nags Head
Glenfield Rangers (1949-1952)
Glenfield St. Peters Sunday School
Glenfield Town
Glenfield Villa
Guthlaxton Old Boys
Heathcote Arms Croft
Hockley Rangers
Huncote Granite
Huncote Sports & Social
Huncote United
Kilby & Great Glen
Kingsway MTL (see Kingsway Rangers (2006-))
Kingsway Rangers (2006-)
Kirby Muxloe
Kirby Muxloe BC
Kirby Muxloe Seniors
Kirby Muxloe Sunday School
Leicester City Womens
Leicester Nomads (see Leicestershire Nomads)
Leicester United
Leicestershire Constabulary
Leicestershire Nomads
LK Old Boys
LM United
Magna 73
Midland Athletic (1922-1977)
Narborough (1922)
Narborough (1996)
Narborough & Littlethorpe
Narborough Congregational
Northbridge (2005-)
Northmills Town
Oadby & Wigston Bullets Ladies
Oadby & Wigston United Ladies
Oakfield Park Rangers
Old Inn Littlethorpe
Real Francis
Red Star Bell Inn (see AFC Hurricanes (2007-))
Robert Hall Church
Saffron Dynamo
Sapcote Albion
Sapcote United
Sapcote Wesleyans
Shakespeare Inn
Sharnford (1922)
Sharnford (1986-1991)
Sharnford YMCA
Sharnford Youth Club (see Sharnford (1986-1991))
Smith Steel Rangers
South Leicester
St. Saviours (2007-)
Star Inn Stanton
Stoney Stanton (1902-2001)
Stoney Stanton Combination
TF Bell & Co Ltd
The Alliance
The Navigation Inn
Thurlaston Inst
Thurlaston Magpies
Thurlaston United
TWT Glenfield Town (see Glenfield Town)
Whetstone Albion
Whetstone Athletic (see Blaby & Whetstone Athletic)
Whetstone Congregational
Whetstone Kaffirs
Whetstone Sports & Social
Whetstone Temperance
Whetstone United
Wigston Fields
WMC Braunstone (2003-2004) (see WMC Braunstone 2007)
WMC Braunstone 2005 (see WMC Braunstone 2007)
WMC Braunstone 2007
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