Southern Football League

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The Southern Football League was formed in the 1894/95 season. It became the top league in the south of England and Wales outside of the Football League (effectively step 1 of the Non League Pyramid). This changed with the formation of the Alliance Premier League (what is now the National League) in 1979/80. The Southern Football League now sits at step 3 of the Non League Pyramid.

Geographically speaking the league stretches from the South Coast to the Midlands (excluding the London, South East area which is generally covered by the Isthmian League).

Leicestershire teams have taken part in this league for a number of seasons, first appearing in 1923/24 then being almost a permanent fixture from the 1960’s onwards.

Leicestershire & Rutland Teams
1894/05 – 1922/23No teams.
1923/24Leicester City Reserves
1924/25Leicester City Reserves
1925/26Leicester City Reserves
1926/27Leicester City Reserves
1927/28 – 1958/59No teams.
1959/60Hinckley Athletic
1960/61Hinckley Athletic
1961/62Hinckley Athletic
1962/63Hinckley Athletic
1963/64Hinckley Athletic
1964/65Hinckley Athletic
1965/66Hinckley Athletic
1966/67Hinckley Athletic
1967/68 – 1971/72No teams.
1972/73Enderby Town
1973/74Enderby Town
1974/75Enderby Town
1975/76Enderby Town
1976/77Enderby Town
1977/78Enderby Town
1978/79Enderby Town
1979/80Enderby Town
1980/81Enderby Town
1981/82Enderby Town
1982/83Enderby Town
1983/84Leicester United, Shepshed Charterhouse
1984/85Leicester United, Shepshed Charterhouse
1985/86Leicester United, Shepshed Charterhouse
1986/87Leicester United, Shepshed Charterhouse
1987/88Leicester United, Shepshed Charterhouse
1988/89Leicester United
1989/90Leicester United
1990/91Hinckley Town, Leicester United
1991/92Hinckley Town, Leicester United
1992/93Hinckley Town, Leicester United
1993/94Hinckley Town, Leicester United
1994/95Hinckley Town, Leicester United
1995/96Hinckley Town, Leicester United
1996/97Hinckley Town, Leicester United, Shepshed Dynamo
1997/98Hinckley United, Shepshed Dynamo
1998/99Hinckley United, Shepshed Dynamo
1999/00Hinckley United, Shepshed Dynamo
2000/01Hinckley United, Shepshed Dynamo
2001/02Hinckley United, Shepshed Dynamo
2002/03Hinckley United, Shepshed Dynamo
2003/04Hinckley United, Shepshed Dynamo
2004/05 – 2010/11No teams.
2013/14Hinckley United
2014/15 – 2017/18No teams.
2018/19Barwell, Coalville Town
2019/20Barwell, Coalville Town
2020/21Barwell, Coalville Town
2021/22Barwell, Coalville Town
2022/23Barwell, Coalville Town
2023/24Barwell, Coalville Town