National League

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The National League is the highest level of non league football in England with the top division sitting at step 1 of the Non League Pyramid. It was formed in the 1979/80 season by the top teams from the Southern League and Northern Premier League.

The National League was previously known as the Alliance Premier League between 1979/80 and 1985/86 and the Football Conference between 1987/87 and 2014/15.

Originally the league consisted of a single division but a second tier of North/South divisions were added for the 2004/05 season and this is the current format of the league.

Hinckley United are the only Leicestershire team to have taken part in this league, playing in the North Division between 20004/05 and 2012/13.

Seasons that contained Leicestershire & Rutland based teams
Leicestershire & Rutland Teams
1979/80 – 2003/04No teams.
2004/05Hinckley United
2005/06Hinckley United
2006/07Hinckley United
2007/08Hinckley United
2008/09Hinckley United
2009/10Hinckley United
2010/11Hinckley United
2011/12Hinckley United
2012/13Hinckley United
2013/14 – currentNo teams.