Midlands Regional Alliance

The Midlands Regional Alliance was formed in the 1985/86 season by the merger of the East Midlands (Regional) League and the Central Alliance.

The league covered the Southern half of Derbyshire with teams from the border areas of other counties also joining.

The Midlands Regional Alliance was absorbed into the Central Midlands League for the 2023/24 season under the new name of the Central Midlands Alliance

Teams from the northern tip of Leicestershire played in this league.

Leicestershire & Rutland Teams
1985/86 – 1991/92No teams.
1992/93Slack & Parr (+ Reserves)
1993/94Slack & Parr (+ Reserves)
1994/95Slack & Parr (+ Reserves)
1995/96Slack & Parr (+ Reserves)
1996/97Slack & Parr (+ Reserves)
1997/98Slack & Parr
1998/99Slack & Parr
1999/00Slack & Parr
2000/01 – 2002/03No teams.
2003/04Castle Donington Town
2004/05Castle Donington Town
2005/06Castle Donington Town
2006/07Castle Donington Town (+ Reserves), Shepshed Dynamo Reserves
2007/08Castle Donington Town (+ Reserves), Shepshed Dynamo Reserves
2008/09Castle Donington Town (+ Reserves)
2009/10Castle Donington Town (+ Reserves)
2010/11Castle Donington Town (+ Reserves)
2011/12 – 2015/16No teams.
2016/17Castle Donington Cobras, Moira United
2017/18Castle Donington, Castle Donington Cobras, Moira United
2018/19Castle Donington (+ Reserves), Moira United
2019/20Castle Donington (+ Reserves), Moira United
2020/21Castle Donington (+ Reserves), Moira United
2021/22Castle Donington Reserves
2022/23Castle Donington Reserves, Hemington Hammers