Measham & District Football League

What do we know about this league ?

This seems to be a unique league in that teams that competed in this also appeared in other Junior Leagues (mainly the Coalville & District or Burton leagues). It’s sometimes difficult to know if the teams in this league are the first team or reserve team so unless the team is also in a Senior league I’ve assumed it’s the first team.

I have most of the winners, though these need to be verified as there are few published tables for this league.

Division OneDivision Two
1902/03Moira United
1903/04Measham United
1904/05Albert Village
1905/06Moira United
1906/07Oakthorpe Albion
1907/08Measham United
1909/10Measham UnitedOverseal Swifts Res
1910/11Measham United
1911/12Measham United
1912/13Moira United
1913/14Oakthorpe Albion
1914/15Moira Unitedunknown

The league did not run for four seasons due to the First World War.

Division OneDivision Two
1919/20Moira United Res
1920/21Moira United Res
1921/22Moira United Resunknown
1922/23Gresley Rovers ResMeasham Town ‘A’