Loughborough & District Amateur Football League

This league was formed in 1896, at the time when there was already a junior league serving the Loughborough area (the North Leicestershire League which was formed a year earlier). The Loughborough & District League quickly took over as one of the top junior leages in the county, regularly promoting teams to the Leicestershire Senior League.

The number of divisions grew to up to three but a decline set in during the 1920’s.

Two events saw the demise of this league, the first being the creation of the Loughborough & District Amateur Football Alliance in 1931/32, and the reforming of the Leicestershire Senior League in 1934/35, both of which saw teams move from the Loughborough & District Amateur League.

What do we know about this league ?

I have all the division winners, and I think I have all the teams who played in this league, but I’m missing quite a lot of final tables.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1896/97Hathern Victoria
1897/98Hathern Victoria
1898/99Whitwick White CrossLoughborough Corinthians
1899/00Hathern VictoriaLoughborough Forest Rovers
1900/01Loughborough EmmanuelLoughborough Havelock
1901/02Barrow Rising StarLoughborough Victoria
1902/03Barrow Rising StarLoughborough Corinthians Res
1903/04Loughborough EmmanuelShepshed Albion
1904/05Sileby VictoriaQuorn ExcelsiorHathern Victoria Res
1905/06Loughborough Corinthians ResLoughborough MutualsLoughborough Empress Works
1906/07Castle Donington TownLoughborough Amateurs
1907/08Quorn HavelockWoodhouse Imperial
1908/09Castle Donington TownCastle Donington AmateursKegworth Victoria
1909/10Castle Donington TownBelton VillaHathern Excelsior
1910/11Sileby VictoriaKegworth VictoriaLoughborough St. Peter’s
1911/12Sileby VictoriaBarrow TrinityMountsorrel United
1912/13Sileby VictoriaHathern ExcelsiorShepshed Amateurs
1913/14Barrow TrinityShepshed AmateursShepshed United
1914/15Shepshed Albion ResHemington

The league stopped for three seasons during the First World War and commenced again in the 1918/19 season.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1918/19Mountsorrel St. Peter’sShepshed Athletic
1919/20Quorn HavelockBarrow Trinity ResLoughborough Villa
1920/21Barrow TrinityWoodhouse ImperialHemington
1921/22Barrow TrinityBelton VillaSileby Institute Excelsior
1922/23Barrow TrinityShepshed AmateursSutton Bonington
1923/24Barrow TrinityShepshed Athletic
1924/25Barrow TrinityThorpe Albion
1925/26Barrow TrinityLoughborough Brush Works
1926/27Belton VillaLoughborough Red Triangle
1927/28Belton VillaMountsorrel Athletic
1928/29Belton Villa
1929/30Belton Villa
1930/31Belton VillaOsgathorpe Victoria
1931/32Belton VillaLoughborough Brush Works Res
1932/33Belton VillaHathern United
1933/34Whitwick White Cross