Loughborough & District Amateur Football Alliance / North Leicestershire Football League

The Loughborough & District Amateur Alliance was formed at the start of the 1931/32 season, at a time when there were already two established football leagues in the Loughborough area, the Loughborough & District Football League and the Loughborough & District Sunday School League.

From the newspaper article below it seemed that there were a number of clubs from the Loughborough area who were not in leagues.


Leicester Evening Mail, Thursday 3rd September 1931

Eight Clubs Attend the Inaugural Meeting

It is hoped that a new Association football league, formed at the Loughborough Adult School, last night, will absorb many of the clubs in Loughborough and district which at present do not operate in competitive football.

The league will be known as the Loughborough and District Alliance.

Mr. D. Stocker presided over a representation of eight clubs, which figure, it is expected, will be augumented before next Wednesday, the closing date for application for membership.

A nominal entrance fee of 2s. 6d. a team was fixed and it was agreed that the treasurer, Mr. F. Edgington, should be allowed to call upon teams for a further shilling should the funds become exhausted.


So far as could be seen, however, the expenses would not necessitate the request for this extra sum.

Mr. Arthur Freeman was elected secretary and Mr. J. Layfield was appointed to the executive committee. Members of the executive committee and other officers are to be elected later.

A meeting is to be held in Loughborough Adult School on Wednesday, September 9, when fixtures will be arranged and rules formulated.

Clubs which were represented last night are: Willowbrook, Loughborough Athletic, Hathern United Reserves, Shelthorpe Reserves, Ibstock Rovers, Loughborough Rovers, Loughborough West End and the Corporation Electricity Department.

Initially the league started off with one division but quickly added a second and third before the start of the Second World War.

The Loughborough Alliance was one of the few leagues in the county to continue playing football during the war years and only stopped for a single season in 1941/42.

After the war the league contained four divisions until it was restructured in the 1972/73 season, also changing its name to the North Leicestershire Football League.

It absorbed the Coalville & District League in 1975 and grew to five divisions shortly after.

Team numbers declined from 2013/14 until the final season of when only two divisions existed. After this season it was decided to merge with the Leicester & District League to form the Leicestershire County Football League.

What do we know about this league ?

I have all the teams that competed plus all division winners apart from the 1946/47 season. There are quite a few seasons where I don’t have all the final league positions.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1931/32Kingston & District
1932/33Shepshed ImperialLoughborough Rovers
1933/34Quorn MethodistsLoughborough Bedouins
1934/35Hathern UnitedLoughborough North End
1935/36Quorn Methodists
1936/37Quorn MethodistsBeacon Sports
1937/38Sileby Old BoysClarence Sports Club
1938/39Sileby Old BoysBeacon SportsShepshed Swifts
1939/40Whitwick Holy CrossHathern UnitedSileby Rangers
1940/41Barrow Old Boys

No competition for the 1941/42 season due to the Second World War. During the war the league ran with a single division, which in 1946/47 was split on a regional North/South basis.

1942/43RAOC Stanford Park
1943/44Quorn Methodists
1944/45Quorn Methodists
1945/46Thringstone Imperial
1947/48North – Thringstone Imperial
South – Sileby British Legion Res
Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision Four
1948/49Thringstone ImperialHathern United
1949/50Thringstone ImperialRosebery Street Youth Club
1950/51Loughborough College AFC ResLoughborough British LegionSt. Mary’s
1951/52Quorn Methodists ResSt. Mary’sShelthorpe VicsSt. Mary’s Res
1952/53Quorn ResShepshed AmateursShelthorpe Social ClubShepshed Parish Church
1953/54Holwell Works ResShelthorpe Social ClubShepshed Parish ChurchLoughborough YMCA
1954/55Shelthorpe Social ClubCotton SportsGlenmore Rangers Res
1955/56Loughborough College AFC ResYeates SCBrush Colts
1956/57Glenmore RangersLoughborough College of FEMountsorrel Amateurs
1957/58Glenmore RangersGlenmore Rangers ResGenatosan Sports
1958/59Glenmore RangersMountsorrel AmateursFalcon SwiftsMorris Apprentices
1959/60Glenmore RangersFisons SportsLoughborough DynamoSileby Town ‘A’
1960/61Glenmore RangersShepshed SwiftsLoughborough WanderersWills & Hepworth
1961/62Glenmore RangersBrush AmateursWymeswoldShepshed Albion HL
1962/63Shepshed AmateursCossingtonSileby Town ‘A’Shelthorpe Social Club Res
1963/64Cotton SportsPhoenix SportsBelton VillaWoodhouse Imperial
1964/65Loughborough DynamoBelton VillaWoodhouse ImperialMoss Sports
1965/66Loughborough College of TechThringstone Miners WelfareLoughborough RoversLoughborough WMC
1966/67Cotton SportsKings AthleticLoughborough WMCHathern
1967/68Thringstone Miners WelfareLoughborough RoversHathernCastle Donington Town Res
1968/69Thringstone Miners WelfareHathernThringstone Miners Welfare ResGeorge Braunds Ltd. Res
1969/70Loughborough Colleges ResThringstone Miners Welfare ResThorpe WanderersRolls Royce Mountsorrel Res
1970/71Thringstone Miners WelfareThringstone Miners Welfare ResBelton Villa ResShepshed Albion HL
1971/72Belton VillaLoughborough Colleges ‘A’Rolls Royce MountsorrelLoughborough Rovers Res

Name changed to North Leicestershire Football League.

Premier DivisionDivision OneReserve PremierReserve One
1972/73Quorn HallWills & HepworthLoughborough Colleges ‘A’Brush Amateurs Res
Premier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision Four
1973/74Belton VillaBelton Villa ResThringstone ‘A’Ingles
1974/75Loughborough Colleges ResBelton Villa ResInglesPegsons Res
1975/76Belton Villa– Belton Villa Res
– Markfield Rovers
Quorn Park RangersMarkfield Rovers Res
1976/77PegsonsCoalville TownMarkfield Rovers ResThornton
1977/78PegsonsMorris SportsSileby SaintsCoalville Park Rangers
1978/79Markfield RoversCotton SportsBardon Hill SportsMorris Sports ResBardon Hill Sports Res
1979/80Markfield RoversOld EdwardiansCorinthiansThorpe AcreShepshed Athletic Res
1980/81Markfield RoversQuorn Park RangersThorpe AcreBagworth CollieryLodge Farm YC
1981/82Belton VillaThorpe AcreShepshed AthleticLodge Farm YCQuorn Park Rangers Res
1982/83Thorpe AcreShepshed AthleticLodge Farm YCColeortonThorpe Acre Res
1983/84Bardon Hill SportsLodge Farm YCColeortonThorpe Acre ResShepshed Athletic Res
1984/85Lodge Farm YCOld Dalby CoronationLodge Farm YC ResGolden Fleece RamsHillside Rangers
1985/86Lodge Farm YCPhoenix SportsCorinthiansRavenstone ResBagworth Colliery Res
1986/87Lodge Farm YCG&D UnitedSammy’s ResFisons SportsG&D United Res
1987/88Lodge Farm YCBagworth CollieryEllistown CollieryMountsorrel AmateursMountsorrel Amateurs Res
1988/89RavenstoneHillside RangersMountsorrel AmateursBeavers LodgeLoughborough Dynamo ‘A’
1989/90RavenstoneWheatsheafG&D United ResEllistown Colliery ResSoar Valley Swifts
1990/91WheatsheafG&D United ResSchlegel UKLoughborough Dynamo ‘A’Schlegel UK Res
1991/92Hillside RangersLoughborough TownShepshed AmateursBlackbird ResLoughborough Town Res
1992/93InglesThree Horse ShoesLoughborough Dynamo ‘A’Old Edwardians ResGroby
1993/94Hillside RangersWest End UnitedCharnwood SportsmenLoughborough Town ResRockhouse Rovers
1994/95Ashby IvanhoeHathern Three CrownsLoughborough Town ResEast Leake AlbionShepshed Amateurs Res
1995/96InglesWoodhouse ImperialAshby Ivanhoe ResMeasham Imperial ResHathern Three Crowns Res
1996/97Ashby IvanhoeAshby Ivanhoe ResMarkfield Red LionShelthorpe Kings ChurchPegg’s Green Res
1997/98Hillside RangersAshby Ivanhoe ResMeasham ImperialGrobyCrown & Cushion
1998/99Ashby IvanhoeMeasham ImperialShelthorpe Kings ChurchDynamo RoshalAzzurri
1999/00HathernShelthorpe Kings ChurchPegg’s GreenAzzurriFC Ricks
2000/01Sileby United WMCKegworth TownRavenstoneFC RicksEast Leake Villa
2001/02HathernAzzurriAstrazeneca R&D CharnwoodEast Leake VillaPeacock United
2002/03Ashby IvanhoeNew Inn WoodvilleEast Leake VillaNewbold JubileeSileby United WMC Res
2003/04HathernDynamo RoshallSileby SaintsSutton BoningtonAnstey Town ‘A’
2004/05HathernSileby SaintsLoughborough Dynamo ‘A’The RailwayLithuanian-Scandinavian
2005/06HathernGenesisRadmoorLithuanian-Scandinavian3M Loughborough
2006/07Sileby SaintsRadmoorNewbold JubileeKegworth ImperialIngles Res
2007/08FC DynamoCaterpillarWhitwick WanderersThe Railway EWMGreenhill YC
2008/09Melton Mowbray Building SocietyFalconsBirstall Old BoysIngles ReservesWhitwick Wanderers Res
2009/10CaterpillarBirstall Old BoysBagworth CollieryGreenhill Youth ClubMarkfield ‘A’
2010/11Sileby SaintsEast Leake AthleticGreenhill Youth ClubCoalville Labour ClubShepshed Amateurs Res
2011/12FalconsGreenhill Youth ClubATI GarrysonFerrariAnstey Crown Res
2012/13Anstey TownLoughboroughWhitwick White HorseLoughborough UnitedShelthorpe
2013/14InglesShelthorpeRavenstone UnitedMountsorrel Amateurs Res
2014/15Shelthorpe DynamoRavenstone UnitedSileby WMCShepshed Amateurs
2015/16Ravenstone UnitedBottesfordBirstall Old BoysSporting Markfield
2016/17CaterpillarWymeswoldKegworth ImperialFC Polonia
2017/18Greenhill Youth ClubShelthorpe DynamoMarket BosworthWymeswold Res
2018/19Greenhill Youth ClubShepshed AmateursWymeswold ResSporting Markfield Res
2019/20East Leake RobinsQuorn Rangers