Leicestershire Football Combination

The Leicestershire Football Combination was formed at the start of the 1972/73 season to provide a competition for the reserve teams of clubs playing in Senior Leagues (e.g. the Leicestershire Senior League and above).

Most of the teams joined from the Leicester & District League (which had been set up as a similar competition for the reserve teams back in the 1950’s). Initially starting out with a single division it expanded to two divisions after a couple of seasons. A third division was added for one season in 1997/78.

I’m a bit unclear about when the league ended as it was administered by the same comittee that ran the Leicestershire Senior League. It looks like the Senior League absorbed the Combination for the 2018/19 season but I’m not sure if this is the official joining point as the lower Senior League divisions were referred to as Combination for a few seasons before on the FA Full Time Website.

What do we know about this league ?

I have all the participants for each season and I have final positions for quite a few seasons but need to fill in the details for the final tables.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1972/73Ibstock Penistone Rovers Reserves
1973/74Oadby Town Reserves
1974/75Friar Lane Old Boys ReservesHinckley Town Reserves
1975/76Friar Lane Old Boys ReservesAnstey Nomads Reserves
1976/77Friar Lane Old Boys ReservesSileby Town Reserves
1977/78Friar Lane Old Boys ReservesBirstall United Reserves
1978/79Friar Lane Old Boys ReservesWigston Fields Reserves
1979/80Anstey Nomads ReservesHoughton Rangers Reserves
1980/81Shepshed Charterhouse ReservesBarwell Athletic Reserves
1981/82Birstall United ReservesHolwell Works Reserves
1982/83Birstall United ReservesNarborough & Littlethorpe Reserves
1983/84Narborough & Littlethorpe ReservesHoughton Rangers Reserves
1984/85Birstall United ReservesSyston St. Peter’s Reserves
1985/86Birstall United ReservesThringstone Reserves
1986/87Wigston Fields ReservesSt. Andrews Reserves
1987/88Narborough & Littlethorpe ReservesEarl Shilton Albion Reserves
1988/89Wigston Fields ReservesStapenhill Reserves
1989/90Syston St. Peter’s ReservesPedigree Petfoods Reserves
1990/91Oadby Town ReservesHoughton Rangers Reserves
1991/92Birstall United ReservesBurbage Old Boys Reserves
1992/93Friar Lane Old Boys ReservesThringstone Reserves
1993/94Anstey Nomads ReservesHighfield Rangers Reserves
1994/95Birstall United ReservesThringstone Reserves
1995/96Birstall United ReservesAsfordby Amateurs Reserves
1996/97Friar Lane Old Boys ReservesCoalville Reserves
1997/98Birstall United ReservesCottesmore Amateurs ReservesSileby Town Reserves
1998/99Oadby Town ReservesStoney Stanton Reserves
1999/00Birstall United ReservesQuorn Reserves
2000/01Quorn ReservesCoalville Town Reserves
2001/02Quorn ReservesLeicester YMCA Reserves
2002/03St. Andrews ReservesRatby Sports Reserves
2003/04Loughborough Dynamo ReservesRothley Imperial Reserves
2004/05Barrow Town ReservesFriar Lane & Epworth Reserves
2005/06Barrow Town ReservesLutterworth Athletic Reserves
2006/07Barrow Town ReservesEarl Shilton Albion Reserves
2007/08Barrow Town ReservesEllistown Reserves
2008/09Kirby Muxloe ReservesAnstey Nomads Reserves
2009/10Thurmaston Town ReservesAshby Ivanhoe Reserves
2010/11Thurnby Nirvana ReservesAylestone Park Reserves
2011/12Aylestone Park ReservesSt. Andrews Reserves
2012/13Blaby & Whetstone Athletic ReservesAllexton & New Parks Reserves
2013/14Sileby Town ReservesFriar Lane & Epworth Reserves
2014/15Desford Development
2015/16Friar Lane & Epworth Reserves
2016/17Lutterworth Town Reserves
2017/18Saffron Dynamo Reserves