Leicestershire County Football League

The Leicestershire County Football League was formed for the 2020/21 season by a merger of the Leicester & District Football League and the North Leicestershire Football League. The new league covers the whole of Leicestershire and is a feeder to the Leicestershire Senior League.

Due to Covid 19 the league did not complete it’s first season. The first season that was completed was the 2021/22 season and Old Aylestone 2013 were the first league champions.

The current setup of the league is five divisions.

What do we know about this league ?

As this league was only formed in 2020 we have all the information about this league.

PremiershipChampionshipLeague 1League 2League 3
2021/22Old Aylestone 2013St. Patrick’sWhetstone AthleticBrookside AthleticRogue Elite
2022/23Houghton RangersBrookside AthleticAmbleside AthleticCK DonsWelford Victoria
2023/24in progress