Leicester War Workers League

This league was set up in 1942 for factory workers during the war and was unique because the games were played on Sundays. The creation of the league was reported in local newspapers with the following article.


Leicester Evening Mail, Tuesday 22nd September 1942.

Fourteen local clubs which have had no opportunity for football since the war began are to take part in a league competition, the matches to be played on Sundays, a move which has been sanctioned by the Leicestershire FA.

The sole aim of the new league is to provide recreation for war workers and there is no question of providing sport for spectators.

In no circumstances will a player taking part in the league be permitted to play in league games on weekdays.

Referees on the official list can take charge of these Sunday games, but in all cases such officials must make application to the LFA secretary, Mr. C. J. Williamson, before accepting appointments.

The league ran for three seasons until the war ended in 1945. After this season some of the teams joined the reformed Leicester City Football League while other teams disbanded, some reappearing in later years.

What do we know about this league ?

I do have all the teams that competed and the winners of each division but no final tables.

Division OneDivision Two
1942/43Bentley Engineering
1943/44Bentley EngineeringCharnwood Engineering