Leicester Town/City Football League

What do we know about this league ?

I’m missing some key information about this league, mainly the division winners from the 1920s, 1960s and early 1970s.

For the late 1940s to the mid 1950s I’m not 100% sure I have the correct information about the divisions and I’m definatly missing some teams who played in the league.

Leicester Town Football League

Division OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1898/99Leicester Imperial
1899/00Leicester Imperial
1900/01Old Boys
1901/02Oxford Victoria
1902/03Oxford Victoria
1903/04Humberstone Victoria
1904/05Oxford Victoria
1905/06EmanuelEmanuel UnitedElmdale United
1906/07Argyle RoversElmdale United
1907/08Argyle Rovers
1908/09Humberstone Victoria
1909/10Humberstone VictoriaWest End UnitedAll Saints
1910/11Humberstone VictoriaAll SaintsWoodville Rangers
1911/12Humberstone VictoriaDunton RoversWest End Old Boys
1912/13Leicester Imperial ReservesKirby RoversRutland Excelsior
1913/14Balmoral UnitedBelgrave AthleticCrafton Swifts Reserves
1914/15Balmoral UnitedPalmerstone Institute

The league was suspended during the First World War and commenced again at the start of the 1919/20 season with a new name due to Leicester gaining city status after the war.

Leicester City Football League

Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision FiveDivision SixDivision SevenDivision Eight
1919/20Balmoral UnitedToone & WellsAbbey Gate Athletic
1920/21St. Mark’s AthleticWyvern Pen CompanyDunton VictoriaHumberstone Juniors
1921/22Wyvern Pen CompanyDunton VictoriaCity ExcelsiorSpinney Hill WMC ReservesShaftesbury Athletic
1922/23British LegionSt. Mark’s Old BoysWestcotes UnitedCenturion UnitedDan Garner’s Reserves
1923/24British LegionBritish UnitedWolsey AMMDan Garner’s ReservesBelgrave WMC Reserves
1928/29unknownWyvern LaundryBentley EngineeringunknownDorset ImperialunknownVictoria
1929/30Rudkin & LaundonEnderby TownRudkin & Laundon ReservesConstone SportsunknownVictoriaunknown
1930/31Rudkin & LaundonRudkin & Laundon ReservesConstone SportsHumberstone Victoria ReservesUnited Old BoysAbbey Lane ImperialWolsey ‘B’Chester United
1932/33unknownBentley EngineeringAbbey Lane ImperialStead & SimpsonHarrison Road Old BoysWolsey AMMFleckney BP ScoutsEnderby Athletic Reserves
1933/34Rudkin & LaundonAbbey Lane ImperialStead & SimpsonEnderby AthleticMellor BromleyBelgrave Nomads ReservesStead & Simpson Reserves
1935/36CWS Wheatsheafunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1936/37Bentley EngineeringLansdowne InstituteJones & ShipmanFaire BrothersStead & SimpsonWhetstone Athletic ReservesW. Burton’sTangent
1937/38Bentley EngineeringWhetstone AthleticStead & SimpsonPark Vale UnitedSt. Margaret’s WorksTangentCurzon UnitedOadby Imperial
1938/39Bentley EngineeringFleckney AthleticJ. Rawson’s & SonsWhetstone Athletic ReservesLNEROadby ImperialWoodgate VictoriaEnderby Town Juniors

The Second World War interrupted the league which closed down for five seasons. The next two decades saw the league at it’s height with up to 11 divisions at one point before declining from the 1990s.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision FiveDivision SixDivision SevenDivision EightDivision NineDivision TenDivision Eleven
1945/46unknownunknownGateway Old Boys Reserves
1946/47Wellington VictoriaunknownStead & SimpsonGlen Villaunknown
1947/48Wellington VictoriaWellington Victoria ReservesunknownEnderby Town ReservesAnstey Nomads ‘A’unknownEnderby Town ‘A’
1948/49Wellington VictoriaunknownAylestone WMCunknownLNER SportsunknownSt. Margaret’s Works
1949/50Avon AthleticAylestone WMCCity Gasunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1950/51Wellington VictoriaLutterworth TownImperial TypewriterWest End RoversRothley ImperialAylestone WMC ReservesStoughtonWest Hill UnitedAylestone WMC ‘A’unknown
1951/52Gimson’sImperial TypewriterSt. Margaret’s WorksEvington ParksViaduct WorksWest Hill UnitedLutterworth Town ReservesThurcaston & CropstonWhetstone Athletic ReservesStead & Simpson Reserves
1952/53Wellington VictoriaSt. Margaret’s WorksWhetstone AthleticWadkinsWest Hill UnitedBraunstone WMCS. RussellsGilmortonAshwell & NesbitMellor Bromley Reserves
1953/54Wellington VictoriaWellington Victoria ReservesBroughton AstleyHumberstone VictoriaBraunstone WMCIvanhoe AthleticFollsain WycliffeAshwell & NesbitBirstall British Legion ReservesEvington Parks ReservesDunton Bassett
1954/55Whetstone AthleticBroughton AstleyWoodfordsKibworth TownDunton BassettGilmortonWhetstone Athletic ReservesBrevitt ShoesSt. Margaret’s AthleticBritish United ‘A’
1955/56South End UnitedBentley Engineering ReservesDunlop Rubber Co.Wellington Victoria ‘A’Belgrave Victoria ReservesSt. Margaret’s AthleticMellor BromleyMidland DynamoEnderby Juniors
1956/57Whetstone AthleticKibworth TownGilmortonNorthfield UnitedBrevitt ShoesJones & Shipman ReservesKibworth Town ReservesEnderby Town ‘B’Billesdon Reserves
1957/58St. Margaret’s WorksHumberstone VictoriaNorthfield UnitedEnderby Town ‘A’Art Pattern & KnifeSaketaEnderby Town ‘B’Bentley Engineering ‘A’Jones & Shipman ‘A’
1958/59St. Margaret’s WorksNorthfield UnitedEnderby Town ‘A’SaketaJones & Shipman ReservesSt. Margaret’s Athletic ReservesMellor Bromley & PeggAbbey RangersWoodfords Reserves
1959/60St. Margaret’s WorksEnderby Town ‘A’SaketaStead & SimpsonOadby Town ‘A’Northfield United ReservesSaketa ReservesG. Perry’sTaylor, Taylor & Hobson
1960/61Northfield UnitedSaketaCity of Leicester WMCThurcaston & CropstonNorthfield United ReservesAbbey RangersViaduct WorksWadkins ReservesNorthfield United ‘A’unknown
1961/62Jones & ShipmanWest Hill UnitedHumberstone VictoriaAbbey RangersSt. Patrick’s AthleticSamuel Pegg & SonMelbourne HallW.E. Booton’sOadby Town ‘B’
1962/63Jones & ShipmanArt Pattern & KnifeBirstall RBLArt Pattern & Knife ReservesParmeko SportsRegent Rovers ReservesThorntonOadby Town ‘B’T. Forsell
1964/65Jones & ShipmanBirstall RBLunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownAvon Athletic ‘A’
1965/66unknownunknownBraunstone AthleticunknownRothley ImperialunknownunknownunknownRothley Imperial Reserves
1966/67Regent RoversBraunstone AthleticMelbourne HallT. Forsellunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1967/68Braunstone AthleticAylestone WMCunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1968/69Braunstone Athleticunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1969/70South EndFosse ImpsHumberstone UnitedWoodfordsBroadway AthleticDunlop Sports ReservesMarwinsFosse Imps Reserves
1970/71unknownunknownWildts & Co.unknownMarwinsKnighton & District WMCunknownAvon Athletic ‘A’
1971/72South EndWildts & Co.Braunstone Athletic ResKnighton & District WMCHoughton Rangers ResWildts & Co. ResLinwood Old Boys ‘A’United Crusaders

For the 1972/73 season the top division became known as the Premier Division.

Premier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision FiveDivision SixDivision Seven
1975/76St. Andrews SCunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1976/77Humberstone UnitedWoodfordsHumberstone United ReservesMontroseMayfield AthleticBelgrave WMC ReservesMontrose ReservesEast Park
1977/78St. Andrews SCSt. Andrews SC ReservesSt. Margaret’s Athletic ReservesBirstall RBL ReservesThorpe RangersEast ParkBraunstone ImperialKirklands Reserves
1978/79St. Andrews SCSt. Margaret’s Athletic ReservesKirklandsEast ParkBraunstone ImperialSt. Andrews SC ‘A’Braunstone Imperial ReservesPost Office Sports
1979/80St. Andrews SCSt. Andrews SC ReservesEast ParkSt. Andrews SC ‘A’GNG ReservesPost Office SportsLinwood Old Boys ReservesEnderby Forest
1980/81St. Andrews SCSt. Andrews SC ReservesKirby Muxloe ReservesCarlton HayesPacke HorseDurham OxWest End InnKirby Muxloe ‘B’
1981/82Braunstone TownNotts ClubWadkins SCPacke HorseOadby Boys’ Club Old BoysWadkins SC ReservesRed StarLibra Sports
1982/83Fosse ImpsPacke HorseBeaumont Town ReservesOadby Boys’ Club Old BoysBelgrave VictoriaMillfieldThurnby Boys’ ClubSpinney Hill
1983/84Fosse ImpsOadby Boys’ Club Old BoysGEC Sports & SocialThurnby Boys’ ClubSpinney HillSaints 78AK Tudor
1984/85Magna 73GEC Sports & SocialThurnby Boys’ ClubWigston 82Park End 74VulcanSquires & Kintons
1986/87St. Margaret’s AthleticThurnby Boys’ ClubWadkins SC ReservesThe BeechesBraunstone FalconRowlattsWigston 82 Reserves
1988/89St. Margaret’s AthleticAnstey WMCWJ ParkerWesthill United ReservesBraunstone Falcon ReservesBelgrave Victoria ‘A’
1989/90St. Margaret’s AthleticWesthill UnitedRatby SportsThurnby AthleticBritish UnitedWJ Parker
1990/91Syston TownThurnby AthleticFC RangersShawsWreake ValleyUnion Inn
1991/92Thurnby AthleticPark End 74ShawsLast StrawUnion InnFC Flamengo
1992/93Magna 73Wreake ValleyunknownFC Flamengounknownunknown
1993/94New ParksOadby Boys’ Club Old BoysPark End 74Glen ParvaNew Parks ‘A’Charnwood Rangers
1994/95New ParksNew Parks ReservesInvincible 94Wigston 82 ReservesCorinthiansFord & Slater
1995/96Oadby Boys’ Club Old BoysWigston 82Electricity 94Ratby Sports 95Eyres Monsell WMCDixons Travel Old Boys Reserves
1996/97Belgrave WMCPark End 74GoodwoodDixons Travel Old Boys ReservesRatby Sports 95 Reserves
1997/98Ratby Sports 95Great Wigston WMCScarlet PimpernelWigston 87Great Wigston WMC Reserves
1998/99St. Patrick’sKing Richards Road WMCSyston St. Peter’sMidland AthleticEnderby Old Boys
1999/00King Richard’s Road WMCAFC AvenueKirby Muxloe Old BoysNorthfieldsSpinney Hill
2000/01GNGNorthfieldsColeman RoadHorsewell Lane
2001/02FC Braunstone VictoriaMidland Co-OpGoodwood GunnersKibworth Town Reserves
2002/03FC Braunstone VictoriaNorthfield EaglesFC LAYAKirby Muxloe Old Boys
2003/04FC Braunstone VictoriaThe WillowMonsell UnitedFC Rowlatts
2004/05FC Braunstone VictoriaBraunstone AthleticPark End 74
2005/06FC Braunstone VictoriaPark End 74FC Rowlatts
2006/07FC KhalsaFC RowlattsTele Link Taxis
2007/08EvingtonAFC Aylestone
2008/09South Wigston WanderersWigston Athletic
2009/10BradersFC Cricks

The final season saw just one division of eight teams. After that season four of the teams moved to the Leicester & District League and the Saturday section folded. The Leicester City League continues to this day as a Veterans League.