Leicester & District Mutual Sunday School Football League

The Leicester & District Mutual Sunday School Football League (or Mutual League as it came to be known) was a major junior league in Leicestershire from 1900/01 to 1997/98.

It was initally formed to cater for Sunday School and Evening Class teams in Leicester and the central Leicestershire villages. In later years it expanded to include all types of teams, and the Sunday School part was dropped from the league name after the second world war.

At it’s peak in the 1960’s the league contained as many as ten divisions, but this gradually reduced during the 1980’s and 1990’s until the final season in 1997/98 their were only two divisions and a total of 16 teams.

What do we know about this league ?

I’m missing quite a lot of information from the late 1920’s regarding the teams that played and the number of divisions that were active.

From the mid 1960’s to the mid 1970’s I’m missing the majority of division champions.

Note for these league lists I have used the following abbreviations to keep the lists more managable:

  • AS – Adult School
  • BC – Bible Class
  • Congs – Congregational
  • Noncon – Nonconformists
  • PM – Prmitive Methodists
  • Res – Reserves
  • SS – Sunday School
  • Wes – Wesleyans
Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision FiveDivision SixDivision Seven
1901/02EmmanuelSt. Andrews Res
1902/03St. AndrewsSt. Marks United
1903/04De Montfort CatholicsSt. Marks United
1904/05Gas & ElectricAylestone St. James’
1905/06Wigston PMKnighton SSClarendon Park Wes
1906/07Clarendon Park CongsSt. Leonard’s ExcelsiorWigston All Saints’
1907/08Wigston CongsWigston All Saints’St. Martins BCAll Souls SS
1908/09Wigston All Saints’St. Martins BCBelgrave PMBelvoir Street Juniors
1909/10Belgrave NonconSyston St. Peter’sBelvoir Street SSEvington Road ChapelClarendon Park Juniors
1910/11Belgrave NonconBelvoir Street SSWigston All Saints’Syston St. Peter’s ResThurmaston SS Res
1911/12Belvoir Street SSSouth Wigston PMAbbey Gate BCBelgrave St. Peter’s MissionBlaby United SSSouth Wigston PM Res
1912/13Belvoir Street SSVictoria Road InstituteBelgrave St. Peter’s MissionCarey HallSouth Wigston PM ResFriar Lane BCBelgrave PM Res
1913/14Belvoir Street SSAylestone Park ASSouth Wigston PM ResBelgrave PMBelvoir Street Junior BCAylestone St. Andrew’sWigston Congs
1914/15Belvoir Street SSSt. Mary’s SSGallowtree Gate CongsWigston All Saints’ JuniorsWhetstone BaptistsKing Richard’s Road Wes

The league closed down for four seasons due to the First World War.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision FiveDivision SixDivision Seven
1919/20Belvoir Street SSEnderby St. John’sSyston SSThurmaston SS ResSt. Andrews BC
1920/21Thurmaston SSTyroSt. John’s DivineFriends ASCarey HallGreat MeetingAnstey PM
1921/22Thurmaston SSThurmaston SS ResWhetstone CongsAnstey PMHumberstone Road WesBelvoir Street BCBelvoir SS Juniors
1922/23not decidedAylestone St. James’ ResAnstey CongsMoat Road SSBishop Street SSBelvoir SS JuniorsNorthgate Street Wes SS
1923/24Stafford’s ClassAylestone St. James’ ResWest End BCSt. Paul’s InstituteWigston Magna SSMantle Road OB GuildWest End BC Res
1924/25Humberstone St. Mary’sOxford Street YMIKirby Muxloe SSWigston CongsRothley ChurchSt. Nicholas BCSt. Augustine’s
1925/26Syston St. Peter’sBelgrave St. Peter’sRothley ChurchMantle Road OB GuildCrafton ASAbbey Gate SSCatherine Street PM
1926/27Syston St. Peter’sMantle Road OB GuildRobert Hall SSSaxby SSAnstey PM ResHumberstone YM GuildAndrewes Street SS
1930/31Belgrave St. Peter’sCrafton ASCosby United SSSyston St. Peter’s ResCathedralSouth Wigston CC Res
1932/33Belgrave St. Peter’sWigston COBRearsby St. Michael’sSt. Paul’s InstituteMelbourne Hall SSEmmanuel Church
1933/34Belgrave St. Peter’sCosby United SSBirstall St. James’Aylestone Old ScholarsEmmanuel ChurchBishop Street SS
1934/35Anstey PMMarkfield CongsMelbourne Hall SSSyston BaptistsSt. Andrews Church
1935/36Syston St. Peter’sSouth Wigston CoCThurmaston St. Michael’sTrinity MethodistsNarborough Congs
1936/37Syston St. Peter’sBarlestone BCLeicester YMCAunknownunknown
1937/38Syston St. Peter’sAylestone Old ScholarsBelvoir Street SSSt. AnnesWigston COB Res
1938/39Wigston COBDesford St. Martin’sUnity BCNorth Evington Free ChurchHastings

During the Second World War the Mutual League ran a joint competition with the Leicester City League called the Leicester City & Mutual Football Combination. This ran for five seasons until the Mutual League started up again for the 1945/46 season.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision FiveDivision SixDivision SevenDivision EightDivision NineDivision Ten
1945/46Gateway Old Boys
1946/47Syston St. Peter’sAylestone UnitedWigston COB Res
194748Wigston COBKnighton AthleticLeicester Forest EastYMCA Youth Club
1948/49Knighton AthleticLeicester NomadsunknownCosby United ResOld Fosse Boys
1949/50Cosby UnitedLeicester YMCACosby United ResKing Richard’s Road WMCBelgrave Liberalunknown
1950/51Wigston COBunknownunknownBraunstone ImperialBrookfield Swiftsunknownunknown
1951/52Wigston COBKing Richard’s Road WMCBrookfield SwiftsHuncote UnitedBraunstone EastFriar Lane Old BoysHumberstone St. Mary’s
1952/53Wigston COBBelgrave LiberalGlen Hills SCBraunstone EastBarkby SwiftsWigston Fields ResBraunstone Imperial ResMidland Athletic
1953/54King Richard’s Road WMCWigston FieldsBraunstone EastBraunstone Imperial ResParksideSaffron WorksHillcroftRoyce InstitiuteMidland Athletic Res
1954/55Old Fosse BoysBraunstone EastBraunstone Imperial ResHillcroftWest End UnitedSyston BLElectricity Sports ResSaffro Works Res
1955/56Old Fosse BoysBraunstone Imperial ResThurmaston PWMCStoney StantonLeymont UnitedPetroniansBell UnitedGlen Hills SC Res
1956/57Wigston COBThurmaston PWMCStoney StantonPetroniansBirstall Social ClubBell UnitedLeicester YMCAThurmaston PWMC ResGroby Ex-Service
1957/58Belgrave LiberalMidland AthleticBraunstone AmateursBrookfield SwiftsEx-Cell-OGlenfield United ResGroby Ex-ServiceRoyce Institute ResLeicester YMCA ‘A’
1958/59Braunstone ImperialDesfordBrookfield SwiftsHaynes AthleticElectricity SportsRavenhurst CasualsThrussingtonWigston Fields JuniorPetronians Res
1959/60Midland AthleticEx-Cell-OunknownunknownunknownQueniborough AmateursWigston Fields ‘B’unknownunknownSyston Imperial
1960/61HillcroftunknownunknownunknownBurlington Victoriaunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1961/62Belgrave LiberalLeicester YMCAWigston Fields ‘A’Syston ImperialClareonians AthleticNew Parks BCOBWhite StarsKingswayCountesthorpe Youth ClubAylestone Casuals
1962/63HillcroftWigston Fields ‘A’Barlestone St. GilesNew Parks BCOBOlympicStandard EngineeringCountesthorpe UnitedSyston Imperial ResMowmacre BCOBCountesthorpe United Res
1964/65HillcroftNew Parks BCOBunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1967/68Friar Lane Old Boysunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1968/69Friar Lane Old BoysFriar Lane Old Boys ResunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownunknownFriar Lane Old Boys ‘A’
1969/70HillcroftunknownunknownSyston BCOBOld LancastriansRoundhill Community CollegeunknownunknownOadby Juniors
1970/71Friar Lane Old Boys ResunknownunknownFriar Lane Old Boys ‘A’unknownunknownunknownunknownunknown
1972/73unknownOadby 67unknownQueniboroughNew Parks SocialOadby 67 ResunknownHighfield Rangers
1973/74Birstall United SocialunknownunknownunknownBarsby & Districtunknownunknownunknown
1974/75unknownunknownunknownHighfield RangersunknownunknownQueniborough Amateurs Resunknown
1975/76unknownQueniboroughBlack RoseunknownQueniborough ResRoundhill Community CollegeCounty Hall Resunknown
1976/77Towers UnitedCounty HallBethelBarsby & DistrictMetal BoxMagna 73 ResKingfisher Youth Res
1977/78Towers UnitedBlaby 74Roundhill Community CollegeSouth Wigston WMCSpencers UnitedBlaby 74 ResBSC Gunners

For the start of the 1978/79 season the divisions were renamed with the top division becoming the Premier Division.

Premier DivisionDivision OneDivision TwoDivision ThreeDivision FourDivision FiveDivision Six
1978/79Highfield RangersSouth Wigston WMCNeedham RangersMetal BoxBlaby 74 ResMelody MillsPex Res
1979/80Highfield RangersImperialHighfield Rangers ResManny Bernstein ResHighfield DynamoBuckminster Covenanters
1980/81ImperialNetherhall TenantsHighfield DynamoKingfisher YouthSpencers United Res
1981/82Highfield RangersBethelMelody MillsLeicester Rail WMCSan Antonio
1982/83Highfield RangersHighfield Rangers ResPexGroby PoolKingfisher Youth
1983/84Highfield RangersHighfield Rangers ResNeston TownHighfield Rangers ‘A’RS Original
1984/85Highfield RangersHighfield Rangers ResSt. Martins RecordsAnstey WMCValley Rangers
1985/86BrooksideFC RimaLeicester YMCA ‘A’Norman & Underwood
1986/87FC NirvanaBirstall Old BoysBuckminster RangersSaffron United
1987/88FC RimaMonsell WMCKing Richard’s Road WMCHuncote S&S ‘A’
1988/89Highfield WorkshopsSpring GroveFisher SportingSpitfires UK
1989/90Highfield Rangers ‘A’Preci-SparkMidland ’89
1990/91Highfield Rangers ‘A’Albion UnitedLeicester Saints
1991/92Spring GroveAylestone 91Birstall Old Boys
1992/93King Richard’s Road WMCNeedham RangersDesford Bucks Res
1993/94Scraptoft UnitedBrooksideAA Sports
1994/95BrooksideBirstall Old BoysHinckley Central
1995/96Wellington Victoria 86Sportsmans 82Saffron Athletic
1996/97Wellington Victoria 86Birstall Old Boys
1997/98Parva WayfarersMidland Co-Op

The league ceased having a competition for mens adult football, with most of the teams moving to the Leicester City League the following season. The Leicester & District Mutual League continued with the youth football section and is still active with teams competing in many different age group competitions.