Leicester & Charnwood Sunday League

Leicester & Charnwood Sunday League 2023/24

West End 2021 are champions on goal difference.


WinnersRunners Up
Premier DivisionWest End 2021Birstall Stamford
Division OneLeicester BharatShepshed Oaks
Division TwoSporting Football ClubBirstall Stamford Reserves
Division ThreeBroomleysShepshed United Reserves
League CupBirstall StamfordWest End 2021
Senior CupWest End 2021Birstall Stamford
Transport CupBirstall Stamford ReservesLK United
Presidents CupBagworth Athletic ReservesBraunstone United 2016

AB Window Cleaning Premier Division

1West End 202112101177176031
2Birstall Stamford12101179304931
3Shelthorpe Lions127055151021
4Garats Hay1260648291918
5Long Whatton1252549351417
6Thurmaston DPC1220103479-456
7Southside Athletico (-4)12001216113-97-4

The Stirrup Cup Division One

1Leicester Bharat16121367501737
2Shepshed Oaks16102461421932
3Sporting Loughborough1693464273730
4Shepshed United167364444024
5Thurmaston DPC Reserves167364141024
6Thorpe Acre166283958-1920
7Blaby Road Bumblebees1651104260-1816
8FC Poplar1642104958-914
9Spinney Rovers1631124572-2710

Fish it Baits Division Two

1Sporting Football Club18143173225145
2Birstall Stamford Reserves18131495356040
3LK United1894578403831
4Sporting Meadows18101763432031
6Knighton Park Dynamo188195552325
7Union Inn1851125371-1816
8Sporting Loughborough Tigers1851123183-5216
9Leicester Rising Starz18431132101-6915
  • Iannis Development resigned in February.

The Plough East Goscote Division Three

2Shepshed United Reserves22164288394952
3Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves22133677453242
4AFC Sportsman22122874591538
5Mossdale Rangers AFC22104877651234
6Dishley Rangers22103965521333
7Braunstone United 20162210395152-133
8Newstock Rangers22102107072-232
9Ratby Sunday2253144493-4918
10Bagworth Athletic Reserves2244143566-3116
12Shepshed Oaks Reserves22141745113-687

Stay Clean Windows League Cup

First Round

17th September 2023  
Broomleys4 – 2Shoemakers
Dishley Rangers6 – 2Bagworth Athletic Reserves
Iannis Development3 – 0Braunstone United 2016
Leicester Rising Starz4 – 3Newstock Rangers
Ratby Sunday0 – 8EMR Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves
Shepshed Oaks Reserves3 – 4AFC Sportsman
Shepshed United Reserves3 – 2Mossdale Rangers AFC

Byes: Birstall Stamford, Birstall Stamford Reserves, Blaby Road Bumblebees, Burton, EMR Knighton Park Dynamo, FC Poplar, Garats Hay, Gimbles, Leicester Bharat, LK United, Long Whatton, Shelthorpe Lions, Shepshed Oaks, Shepshed United, Southside Athletico, Spinney Rovers, Sporting Football Club, Sporting Loughborough, Sporting Loughborough Tigers, Sporting Meadows, Thorpe Acre, Thurmaston DPC, Thurmaston DPC Reserves, Union Inn and West End 2021.

Second Round

22nd October 2023
AFC Sportsman9 – 2Union Inn
Blaby Road Bumblebees1 – 3Garats Hay
EMR Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves4 – 3Shepshed United
Gimbles7 – 2Thorpe Acre
Leicester Bharat3 – 0Burton
LK United4 – 2Southside Athletico
Shelthorpe Lions4 – 2Thurmaston DPC
Spinney Rovers4 – 4
(1 – 4 pens)
5th November 2023
Shepshed United Reserves3 – 1EMR Knighton Park Dynamo
19th November 2023
Birstall Stamford Reserves2 – 2
(6 – 5 pens)
Thurmaston DPC Reserves
West End 20216 – 1Sporting Loughborough
17th December 2023
Birstall Stamford3 – 1Sporting Football Club
Long Whatton(home walkover)Iannis Development
14th January 2024
Shepshed Oaks6 – 1Sporting Loughborough Tigers
21st January 2024
Dishley Rangers3 – 0Leicester Rising Starz
FC Poplar2 – 4Sporting Meadows

Third Round

21st January 2024
Birstall Stamford8 – 0Leicester Bharat
Birstall Stamford Reserves1 – 2LK United
Gimbles1 – 2Shepshed United Reserves
Shelthorpe Lions2 – 1Garats Hay
11th February 2024
AFC Sportsman1 – 4Sporting Meadows
3rd March 2024
Long Whatton7 – 1Broomleys
Shepshed Oaks4 – 1Dishley Rangers
10th March 2024
West End 202114 – 0EMR Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves

Quarter Finals

10th March 2024
LK United4 – 2Shelthorpe Lions
24th March 2024
Shepshed Oaks2 – 5Sporting Meadows
7th April 2024
Birstall Stamford3 – 0Shepshed United Reserves
West End 20214 – 3
Long Whatton

Semi Finals

21st April 2024
Birstall Stamford5 – 0Sporting Meadows
West End 20215 – 0LK United


31st May 2024
West End 20211 – 1
(3 – 5 pens)
Birstall Stamford
at Holmes Park, Whetstone.

JD Berrington Griffin Senior Cup

Group Stage

Group A

1Birstall Stamford3210217147
2Shelthorpe Lions312011745
3Shepshed United3021510-52
4Thorpe Acre3012316-131

Group B

1Long Whatton3300283259
2Thurmaston DPC3201813-56
3Blaby Road Bumblebees3012917-81
4Spinney Rovers3012921-121

Group C

1West End 2021330011479
2Leicester Bharat320189-16
3Sporting Loughborough3102911-23
4Southside Athletico300348-40

Group D

1Garats Hay3300206149
2FC Poplar32018536
3Thurmaston DPC Reserves3102711-43
4Shepshed Oaks3003417-130

Quarter Finals

28th January 2024
Birstall Stamford(home walkover)Leicester Bharat
Garats Hay3 – 0Thurmaston DPC
Long Whatton3 – 0FC Poplar
24th March 2024
West End 20214 – 1Shelthorpe Lions

Semi Finals

31st March 2024
Birstall Stamford2 – 1Garats Hay
West End 20213 – 2Long Whatton


3rd May 2024
West End 20215 – 3Birstall Stamford
at Linwood Playing Field, Leicester.

Transport Cup

First Round

28th January 2024
EMR Knighton Park Dynamo2 – 3Sporting Meadows
Iannis Development(away walkover)Sporting Football Club
LK United6 – 0Union Inn
Sporting Loughborough Tigers(away walkover) *Burton
* Sporting Loughborough Tigers vs Burton was originally a 2-0 win for Sporting Loughborough Tigers but was later declared a walkover to Burton.

Byes: Birstall Stamford Reserves, Blaby Road Bumblebees, FC Poplar, Gimbles, Leicester Bharat, Leicester Rising Starz, Shepshed Oaks, Shepshed United, Spinney Rovers, Sporting Loughborough, Thorpe Acre and Thurmaston DPC Reserves.

Second Round

25th February 2024
Sporting Loughborough4 – 1FC Poplar
3rd March 2024
Sporting Football Club3 – 3
(4 – 2 pens)
10th March 2024
Birstall Stamford Reserves3 – 1Spinney Rovers
Blaby Road Bumblebees0 – 2Thurmaston DPC Reserves
Gimbles1 – 9Shepshed United
Shepshed Oaks2 – 5Leicester Bharat
Thorpe Acre3 – 4Sporting Meadows
24th March 2024
Leicester Rising Starz0 – 12LK United

Quarter Finals

31st March 2024
Birstall Stamford Reserves2 – 2
(3 – 2 pens)
Leicester Bharat
LK United2 – 1Sporting Football Club
Sporting Loughborough5 – 1Shepshed United
Sporting Meadows0 – 2Thurmaston DPC Reserves

Semi Finals

14th April 2024
LK United4 – 2Thurmaston DPC Reserves
5th May 2024
Sporting Loughborough2 – 5Birstall Stamford Reserves


10th May 2024
LK United0 – 4Birstall Stamford Reserves
at Linwood Playing Field, Leicester.

Presidents Cup

First Round

28th January 2024
AFC Sportsman0 – 2Braunstone United 2016
Broomleys2 – 1Shoemakers
Mossdale Rangers AFC7 – 0Shepshed Oaks Reserves
4th February 2024
Dishley Rangers5 – 1Newstock Rangers

Byes: Bagworth Athletic Reserves, EMR Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves, Ratby Sunday and Shepshed United Reserves.

Quarter Finals

25th February 2024
Bagworth Athletic Reserves3 – 0Broomleys
Braunstone United 20163 – 0EMR Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves
Dishley Rangers5 – 2Ratby Sunday
10th March 2024
Shepshed United Reserves1 – 3Mossdale Rangers AFC

Semi Finals

7th April 2024
Braunstone United 20163 – 1Mossdale Rangers AFC
Dishley Rangers3 – 3
(1 – 4 pens)
Bagworth Athletic Reserves


24th May 2024
Braunstone United 20162 – 2
(4 – 5 pens)
Bagworth Athletic Reserves
at Hall Lane, Lutterworth.