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Teams who have played in the Alliance League.

39 Steps1999/00
A&T Sports
(as GE Lighting)1998/99 to 2002/03
(as GE Sports)2003/04
(as A&T Sports)2004/05 to 2007/08
AA Sports Sunday1993/94 to 1994/95
AC Blyth1989/90 to 1990/91
AC Chalkies1989/90 to 2000/01
Academy Builders - See Blaby 1485
Advance Couriers
(as Vikings Tun)1995/96 to 2000/01
(as Advance Couriers)2001/02 to 2007/08
Advance Tapes1977/78 to 1979/80
AFC Beaumont2005/06 to 2007/08
AFC Beaumont Reserves2007/08
AFC Benwell Smyths2000/01
AFC Brant1995/96 to 1997/98
AFC Hurricanes2000/01 to 2001/02
AFC Hurricanes
(as Red Star Bell Inn)2002/03 to 2006/07
(as AFC Hurricanes)2007/08
AFC Volvic1996/97 to 1998/99
AFC Wheatsheaf1991/92 to 1994/95
AFC Wheatsheaf Reserves1994/95
All In One Windows2002/03 to 2003/04
Anstey Hounds2004/05 to 2007/08
Anstey Swifts Old Boys2005/06 to 2007/08
Apollo Sunday1983/84 to 1984/85
Askot Rangers1998/99 to 2000/01
Avonside1990/91 to 1992/93
1994/95 to 1999/00
Aylestone Athletic1988/89 to 1992/93
Aylestone Park Diamonds
(as Widdowson Haulage)1987/88 to 1994/95
(as Jasmine Diamonds)1995/96
(as Aylestone Park Diamonds)1996/97
1998/99 to 2001/02
Aylestone Park Old Boys Sunday1981/82
Aylestone Working Mens Club 2004 - See RLF Rangers
B&S1994/95 to 1997/98
Babington Horse
(as Horse)2001/02 to 2005/06
(as Babington Horse)2006/07 to 2007/08
Bakers Arms Syston1994/95 to 1997/98
Bath Hotel - See Brewster Munchen Gladbach
Bath Hotel Shearsby1976/77 to 1977/78
Beaumont Town1999/00 to 2000/01
Belgrave Liberal1985/86 to 1986/87
Belgrave Wigston1989/90
Belle Vue Stars1981/82 to 1982/83
Billesdon1986/87 to 1987/88
Birstall Eagle1987/88 to 2002/03
Birstall Eagle Reserves1990/91 to 1997/98
Birstall Rangers2001/02 to 2007/08
Birstall Social1986/87
Blaby & Whetstone Old Boys1989/90 to 1998/99
2006/07 to 2007/08
Blaby 1485
(as Academy Builders)2002/03 to 2005/06
(as Blaby 1485)2006/07
Black Dog Inn
(as Black Dog Oadby)1999/00 to 2004/05
(as Black Dog Inn)2005/06 to 2007/08
Black Dog Oadby - See Black Dog Inn
Black Swan Athletic1996/97 to 1997/98
Blackbird Rovers1994/95 to 1998/99
Borough Alliance2004/05 to 2007/08
Braunstone Colts2002/03 to 2003/04
Braunstone Ravens2000/01
Braunstone Trinity2000/01
Braunstone West End1985/86 to 1992/93
Brewster Munchen Gladbach
(as Bath Hotel)2000/01 to 2005/06
(as Brewster Munchen Gladbach)2006/07 to 2007/08
Britannia1998/99 to 1999/00
Broughton Astley Rovers
(as Broughton Astley Rovers)1987/88 to 1996/97
(as TJ Broughton Astley Rovers)1997/98 to 1999/00
(as Broughton Astley Rovers)2000/01 to 2001/02
Broughton Astley Sunday1976/77 to 1979/80
Bulls Head1987/88 to 1988/89
Bulls Head1989/90 to 1991/92
Bulls Head Countesthorpe1996/97 to 1997/98
Bulls Head Reserves1989/90 to 1991/92
Burton Overy Bell - See Trinderbox
Bushby Rangers Old Boys1999/00 to 2003/04
C&V United - See Thurnby United
C&V United Reserves
(as Humberstone Reserves)1992/93
(as C&V United Reserves)1997/98 to 1998/99
Carlton Hayes Sunday1978/79
Castle Tavern1979/80 to 1980/81
(as LCC Cavaliers)1986/87 to 1993/94
(as Groby Cavaliers)1994/95
(as Cavaliers)1995/96 to 2000/01
Cavendish Garage1997/98 to 1999/00
Cedar Motors1976/77 to 1980/81
Chalfont 841986/87 to 1987/88
Charnwood Sports1979/80 to 1980/81
Chartwell Rangers1976/77 to 1977/78
Citadel Insurance1989/90 to 1994/95
City Bus1990/91 to 1995/96
City Gas Sunday1991/92 to 1994/95
City Planners1976/77 to 1980/81
Cleansing Services2007/08
Coleman Old Boys1976/77 to 1980/81
Countesthorpe1998/99 to 2001/02
Countesthorpe Athletic Old Boys2004/05 to 2007/08
Countesthorpe Colts2004/05 to 2005/06
Countesthorpe Royals1998/99 to 2006/07
Coverguard Athletic1993/94 to 1995/96
Cradock Arms1996/97
Crown Services - See FC SWAPO
Custom Couriers1999/00 to 2001/02
Daniel Lambert1986/87
Demes Athletic1995/96 to 1997/98
Desford1992/93 to 1998/99
Desford Athletic1986/87 to 1991/92
Desford Athletic Reserves1986/87 to 1988/89
Desford United1993/94 to 2007/08
DGT Transport2005/06 to 2006/07
Dominion Athletic2003/04
E FC2004/05 to 2007/08
E.L. Cook Electrical - See Old Crown
E.Wykes - See Wykes
Eldon Rangers1976/77 to 1980/81
Ellis Park1993/94 to 2000/01
Elsten1993/94 to 1994/95
Empire2004/05 to 2005/06
Enderby Nags Head1996/97
Enderby Town1997/98 to 1998/99
Enderby Town Reserves1997/98 to 1998/99
Es Cana1986/87 to 2007/08
Euro Car Credit - See Swiss Gulf
Evans Halshaw1991/92 to 1993/94
Eyres Monsell Old Boys1978/79 to 1980/81
Fairfield Borough2004/05
FC Bermick - See Harrow
FC Blackbird2005/06 to 2007/08
FC Carpetworld 971998/99
FC Francis Sunday1996/97 to 1997/98
FC Kibworth2006/07 to 2007/08
FC Knights2006/07 to 2007/08
FC Kormska2007/08
FC Oadby2005/06
FC Park Rise1999/00 to 2001/02
FC Plasmatic
(as NT Plasmatic '93)1993/94 to 1994/95
(as NT Plasmatic)1995/96
(as FC Plasmatic)1996/97 to 1997/98
FC Rangers2004/05
FC Royal Oak1995/96
(as Crown Services)2004/05 to 2006/07
(as FC SWAPO)2007/08
FC SWAPO Reserves2007/08
FC Tappers2000/01 to 2001/02
FC Top House - See Harrow
FC Tumar2004/05 to 2007/08
FC Wigston2001/02 to 2004/05
FC Willow Athletic2002/03
Fengate1998/99 to 2007/08
Field Boxmore2002/03 to 2007/08
Fleckney & Kibworth United1997/98 to 1998/99
Fleckney Athletic Sunday1996/97 to 2007/08
Fleckney Golden Shield - See Lutterworth Knights
Fleckney Old Crown1995/96 to 2002/03
2004/05 to 2007/08
Fleckney Royals1993/94 to 2001/02
Fosse City2004/05 to 2007/08
Freemasons Arms1989/90 to 1995/96
Gartree Sports & Social1994/95
GB2006/07 to 2007/08
GCM1986/87 to 1998/99
GE Lighting - See A&T Sports
GE Sports - See A&T Sports
Geary's Bakeries1989/90 to 1994/95
GEC Sports & Social Sunday1996/97 to 1998/99
GEC Sports & Social Sunday Reserves1996/97 to 1998/99
Gent Athletic1998/99 to 1999/00
Gilmorton1989/90 to 2000/01
Gilmorton Reserves1992/93 to 2000/01
Glen Parva2004/05 to 2007/08
Glenfield Superstore1980/81 to 1982/83
Glenfield Town Sunday2007/08
Glengate Rangers1990/91 to 1992/93
Globe Victoria2001/02
Great Bowden1998/99 to 2001/02
Great Wigston1996/97
Great Wigston2007/08
Great Wigston Working Mens Club1986/87 to 1987/88
Greyhound1986/87 to 1989/90
Groby Cavaliers - See Cavaliers
Groby Stamford1999/00 to 2005/06
Groby Town2000/01 to 2005/06
Grove1985/86 to 1986/87
Guthlaxton Old Boys2006/07 to 2007/08
GW Throop - See Throops
Half Time Orange1998/99 to 1999/00
Hamilton United2003/04
(as FC Bermick)2002/03
(as FC Top House)2003/04
(as Thurmaston Athletic)2006/07
(as Harrow)2007/08
Hastings Albion1976/77 to 1979/80
Hat & Beaver2003/04 to 2007/08
HCS1997/98 to 2002/03
Henry Walker1998/99 to 2003/04
Hinckley Supporters1986/87
Hockley Rangers2000/01 to 2007/08
Hogans Bar2000/01
Horse - See Babington Horse
Houghton Rangers Sunday1994/95 to 1995/96
Humberstone - See Thurnby United
Humberstone Rangers2007/08
Humberstone Reserves - See C&V United Reserves
Huncote Sports & Social Sunday1981/82
Hunters1984/85 to 1991/92
Hunters Reserves1988/89 to 1989/90
Huntsman 841985/86 to 1991/92
Husbands Bosworth - See The White Lion
Husbands Bosworth The White Lion - See The White Lion
Ibstock Brick1976/77 to 1980/81
I-Profile - See Knighton Dynamo
Jasmine Diamonds - See Aylestone Park Diamonds
JBL - See RLF Rangers
JD United2004/05
Kaffir Harriers2000/01 to 2002/03
Kestrel Sunday1982/83
King Richards Road Working Mens Club Sunday1978/79 to 1979/80
Kingstone AFC1995/96 to 1996/97
Kingsway Celtic
(as LFE Rangers)2001/02 to 2004/05
(as Kingsway Rangers)2005/06
(as Kingsway Celtic)2006/07
Kingsway Rangers - See Kingsway Celtic
Kirby Muxloe Rangers2003/04 to 2007/08
Klein 881988/89 to 1990/91
KLN1987/88 to 1988/89
Knighton Dynamo
(as I-Profile)2004/05
(as Knighton Dynamo)2005/06 to 2006/07
Knighton Park Rangers1990/91
Lancaster A1988/89
LCC Becksys1991/92 to 1993/94
LCC Cavaliers - See Cavaliers
Legion United2005/06 to 2007/08
Leicester Academicals2000/01 to 2007/08
Leicester Celtic1991/92 to 1994/95
Leicester Foxes - See Leicester Foxes Old Boys
Leicester Foxes Old Boys
(as Leicester Foxes)1986/87 to 2003/04
(as Leicester Foxes Old Boys)2004/05 to 2007/08
Leicester Foxes Reserves2003/04
Leicester Fruiterers - See Scraptoft Garage 2007
Leicester Market - See Scraptoft Garage 2007
Leicester Photo-Litho1978/79 to 1981/82
Leicester Polska2004/05 to 2007/08
Leicester Polska Reserves2005/06 to 2007/08
Leicester Speedway Supporters1982/83
Leicester YMCA Sunday1987/88
LFE Rangers - See Kingsway Celtic
LFE Rangers Reserves2003/04 to 2004/05
Little Bowden2002/03 to 2007/08
LK Old Boys2007/08
LM United2000/01 to 2007/08
Lutterworth Knights
(as Fleckney Golden Shield)2002/03 to 2006/07
(as Lutterworth Knights)2007/08
Lutterworth United Sunday1980/81
Magna 73 Rangers2000/01 to 2007/08
Magna Town1980/81
1982/83 to 1983/84
1986/87 to 1990/91
1994/95 to 2003/04
Magna Windows1996/97 to 2000/01
Mark Jarvis1991/92 to 1995/96
Market Bosworth Athletic1990/91 to 2003/04
(as Marquis Wellington)1998/99 to 2001/02
(as Marquis)2003/04
Marquis Wellington - See Marquis
Marquis Wellington Reserves2000/01
Mayflower Sunday1985/86 to 1989/90
1998/99 to 2001/02
Mere Athletic2000/01 to 2002/03
(as Millrose)1982/83 to 1985/86
(as Tilleys United)1986/87
(as Mertons)1987/88 to 1989/90
Millrose - See Mertons
MM Electrical - See Trinity Old Boys
Monsell Diamonds2004/05 to 2005/06
Monsell Magpies1999/00 to 2002/03
Mossdale Royals1986/87 to 1988/89
Mowmacre Eagles1993/94 to 1996/97
Mowmacre Rangers2002/03 to 2003/04
Mowmacre Rangers Reserves2003/04
Nailstone Sports1976/77 to 1978/79
Nailstone Sports Reserves1977/78 to 1978/79
Narborough Athletic2002/03
Narborough Rangers1978/79 to 1981/82
Narborough Rangers Reserves1983/84
National Carriers1976/77 to 1980/81
Nautical William1989/90
New Inn1991/92
New Parks2006/07 to 2007/08
New Parks Rangers1989/90 to 1997/98
New Parks Rockets2007/08
New Parks Social Club1998/99 to 1999/00
New Road Inn1979/80 to 1980/81
Newfoundpool Working Mens Club Rangers2002/03
Nicholls Colton - See Trinderbox
Niffy - See Niffy Rangers
Niffy Rangers
(as Niffy Rangers)1988/89 to 2003/04
(as Niffy)2005/06 to 2006/07
(as Niffy Rangers)2007/08
Niffy Rangers Reserves
(as Niffy Rangers Reserves)1994/95 to 2003/04
(as Niffy Reserves)2006/07
(as Niffy Rangers Reserves)2007/08
Niffy Reserves - See Niffy Rangers Reserves
Norburg1985/86 to 1989/90
North Kilworth Sunday1976/77 to 1980/81
1986/87 to 1990/91
1994/95 to 1996/97
North Sports & Social1986/87 to 1988/89
NT Plasmatic - See FC Plasmatic
NT Plasmatic '93 - See FC Plasmatic
Oadby & Wigston1997/98
Oadby Academicals1989/90 to 1997/98
Oadby Academicals Reserves1989/90 to 1997/98
Oadby Construction1995/96 to 1996/97
Oadby Owls2005/06 to 2007/08
Oadby Rangers1988/89 to 1993/94
Oadby Royal British Legion1978/79 to 1980/81
Oadby United2006/07 to 2007/08
Oadby United Reserves2006/07
OEM Harriers1999/00
Old Aylestone2005/06
Old Crown
(as E.L. Cook Electrical)1980/81
(as Old Crown)1986/87 to 1988/89
Old Inn Littlethorpe1992/93 to 1993/94
Old Manor Inn1987/88 to 1988/89
Old Smythonians1979/80 to 1980/81
Our Lady's Eagles2000/01
Palfreymans1996/97 to 1999/00
Park End 74 Sunday1987/88
Peacocks1978/79 to 1979/80
Pearlustra1989/90 to 1993/94
Post Office Sports Sunday1978/79 to 1980/81
1986/87 to 1988/89
Post Office Sports Sunday Reserves1986/87
Premier Drum1978/79 to 1980/81
Premier Sports Travel1998/99 to 2007/08
Prince of Wales2004/05
Queniborough Park Rangers2003/04 to 2007/08
Racing Green1986/87 to 1987/88
Railway Working Mens Club1994/95 to 1999/00
Real Muxloe2005/06 to 2007/08
Red Arrow2000/01 to 2007/08
Red Cow 862001/02 to 2002/03
Red Star Bell Inn - See AFC Hurricanes
RF Brookes SSC1990/91 to 1992/93
1994/95 to 1995/96
Rhombus Tiger1998/99 to 2000/01
RLF Rangers
(as Aylestone Working Mens Club 2004)2004/05 to 2005/06
(as JBL)2006/07
(as RLF Rangers)2007/08
Robinsons Garage2003/04 to 2004/05
Robinsons Garage Reserves2004/05
Roosters Inn1988/89 to 1989/90
Rowlatts1979/80 to 1980/81
Royal Mail Parcels1987/88 to 1991/92
Royal Mail Sports & Social1992/93
Royal Oak1980/81
Royal Oak Belgrave2003/04
Royal Oak Rovers1994/95 to 1996/97
Royalist1986/87 to 1991/92
1998/99 to 2000/01
SB Rovers1999/00 to 2001/02
Scarlet Pimpernel - See Scarlet Pimpernel Sunday
Scarlet Pimpernel Reserves - See Scarlet Pimpernel Sunday Reserves
Scarlet Pimpernel Sunday
(as Scarlet Pimpernel)1976/77 to 1979/80
(as Scarlet Pimpernel Sunday)1980/81
Scarlet Pimpernel Sunday Reserves
(as Scarlet Pimpernel Reserves)1977/78 to 1979/80
(as Scarlet Pimpernel Sunday Reserves)1980/81
Scraptoft Garage 2007
(as Leicester Fruiterers)1986/87
(as Leicester Market)1987/88
2004/05 to 2006/07
(as Scraptoft Garage 2007)2007/08
Seaton United2002/03 to 2005/06
SGP Enterprise2005/06 to 2007/08
Shakespeares Head2002/03
Shoulder of Mutton2002/03 to 2003/04
Smith Steel Rangers2001/02
South Wigston1991/92
South Wigston Working Mens Club1988/89
Southfields1977/78 to 1980/81
Sparta Moshdock2007/08
Sporran 871987/88
Sporting Parva1997/98 to 2003/04
Sportsman 821984/85
Sportsman Bar1999/00 to 2000/01
St. Gabriels 971997/98 to 1998/99
St. Gabriels Topside2001/02
St. Georges1989/90 to 1990/91
St. Georges Reserves1990/91
St. Patricks Sunday2005/06 to 2007/08
Starry Knight1992/93
1994/95 to 1995/96
Stonesby Royals - See Talbot 2000
SW Wand1988/89
Swinging Sporran1982/83 to 1984/85
1993/94 to 1995/96
Swinging Sporran Reserves1986/87
Swiss Gulf
(as Euro Car Credit)2005/06
(as Swiss Gulf)2006/07
Syston Town Sunday1991/92 to 1995/96
Talbot 2000
(as Stonesby Royals)1998/99 to 1999/00
(as Talbot 2000)2000/01 to 2007/08
The 18521993/94 to 1995/96
The Abbey2001/02
The Blues1983/84 to 1984/85
The Cherry Tree Tigers1997/98 to 2001/02
The Cricketers1989/90
The Difference2004/05 to 2005/06
The Dove1991/92 to 1992/93
The Huntsman1996/97
The Latimer2000/01
The Navigation Inn2003/04 to 2005/06
The Old Swan1996/97 to 1998/99
The Star & Garter1986/87 to 1992/93
The Star & Garter Reserves1991/92
The White Lion
(as Husbands Bosworth)1989/90 to 1996/97
(as Husbands Bosworth The White Lion)1997/98
(as The White Lion)1998/99
The Workhouse1989/90 to 1991/92
Thomas Cook 981998/99 to 1999/00
(as GW Throop)2006/07
(as Throops)2007/08
Thrussington2003/04 to 2007/08
Thurmaston Athletic - See Harrow
Thurmaston United2001/02 to 2003/04
Thurmaston United Reserves2002/03
Thurnby United
(as Humberstone)1986/87 to 1993/94
(as C&V United)1997/98 to 2003/04
(as Thurnby United)2004/05 to 2007/08
Thurnby United Sunday1994/95 to 1996/97
Thurnby United Sunday Reserves1994/95 to 1996/97
Tilleys United - See Mertons
TJ Broughton Astley Rovers - See Broughton Astley Rovers
Tolwell1997/98 to 1999/00
2001/02 to 2002/03
Tom Towers1984/85
Tomorrows World Travel1988/89 to 1992/93
Toyoda Gosei2005/06 to 2007/08
Transbuild Reserves1991/92
(as Burton Overy Bell)2001/02 to 2005/06
(as Nicholls Colton)2006/07
(as Trinderbox)2007/08
Trinity Old Boys
(as MM Electrical)2006/07
(as Trinity Old Boys)2007/08
Turner & Jarvis1977/78 to 1980/81
1986/87 to 1996/97
Two Triangles1999/00 to 2000/01
Union Inn2002/03 to 2005/06
Vikings Tun - See Advance Couriers
Webby's Wanderers2005/06 to 2007/08
Welford Victoria Sunday2003/04 to 2007/08
West End United2005/06 to 2007/08
West End United Reserves2007/08
West End Working Mens Club1997/98 to 2002/03
West End Working Mens Club Reserves2002/03
Western1994/95 to 1995/96
Western Athletic2007/08
Westhill United Sunday1980/81
1986/87 to 1987/88
White Horse 851986/87 to 1988/89
Widdowson Haulage - See Aylestone Park Diamonds
Widdowson Haulage Reserves1990/91 to 1994/95
Wigston 521995/96 to 1999/00
Wigston Firs1992/93
Wigston Plough1989/90 to 1990/91
1994/95 to 1995/96
Wigston Rangers1986/87
Wigston Royal British Legion1977/78 to 1980/81
1986/87 to 1992/93
Wigston Royal British Legion Reserves1978/79 to 1980/81
Wigston Town
(as Wigston Town CC)1977/78 to 1980/81
1986/87 to 1999/00
(as Wigston Town)2000/01 to 2001/02
Wigston Town CC - See Wigston Town
Wigston Town CC Reserves1989/90 to 1992/93
1994/95 to 1997/98
Wigston United1999/00 to 2007/08
Wigston United Reserves2002/03 to 2007/08
William Wygston1999/00 to 2001/02
Willowbrook Rangers1995/96 to 1998/99
Willowbrook Rangers Reserves1996/97
Winstanley Wanderers1998/99 to 2001/02
WMC Braunstone1978/79 to 1981/82
1983/84 to 1989/90
WMC Braunstone Reserves1982/83
Woodbank SM2001/02
Woodgate 80 Old Boys1994/95 to 1998/99
Woodies Wanderers1995/96 to 1996/97
Wrights Clinic1997/98 to 1998/99
Wrightways1989/90 to 1992/93
Wycliffe2001/02 to 2006/07
Wycliffe Wanderers1997/98 to 2000/01
Wygston Boro2002/03 to 2003/04
(as E.Wykes)1988/89 to 1989/90
(as Wykes)1990/91
Wyvern2000/01 to 2002/03
YMCA City Athletic1997/98
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