Junior Cup South

The Junior Cup was run on a regional basis from 1902/03 until 1973/74. Split into North and South regions the Junior Cup South was competed by clubs from the Hinckley, Leicester, Lutterworth and Market Harborough areas.

WinnersRunners Up
1902/03Anstey TownEarl Shilton United
1903/04British UnitedEarl Shilton United
1904/05British UnitedEarl Shilton Victor
1905/06Earl Shilton VictorEnderby
1906/07Oxford VictoriaEnderby Town
1907/08Barwell UnitedHolwell Works
1908/09R Walker & SonsEarl Shilton Albion
1909/10Leicester Imperial ReservesEarl Shilton Albion
1910/11Earl Shilton AlbionOakham Athletic
1911/12Wigston UnitedEarl Shilton Albion
1912/13Enderby TownBarlestone St. Giles
1913/14Osbaston UnitedEnderby Town
1919/20Enderby TownEarl Shilton Albion
1920/21Anstey AthleticBarlestone St. Giles
1921/22Barwell United ReservesEnderby Town
1922/23Kibworth TownEarl Shilton Albion
1923/24Enderby TownEarl Shilton Albion
1924/25Humberstone St. Mary’sStoney Stanton Combination
1925/26Symington’sEarl Shilton Albion
1926/27Enderby TownEarl Shilton Albion
1927/28Barlestone RoversBelgrave WMC
1928/29Croft Granite Club & InstituteHumberstone Victoria
1929/30Belgrave WMCCroft Granite Club & Institute
1930/31Holywell AmateursSouth Wigston Imperial
1931/32Holywell AmateursRudkin & Laundon
1932/33British LegionHolywell Amateurs
1933/34Holywell AmateursHumberstone Victoria
1934/35Holwell WorksHolywell Amateurs
1935/36Enderby TownDadlington United
1936/37Rudkin & LaundonNewbold Verdon Jubilee
1937/38Holywell AmateursSymington’s
1938/39Holywell AmateursFaire Brothers
1939/40Enderby TownDesford St. Martin’s
1945/46Wellington VictoriaBentley Engineering
1946/47Barlestone UnitedNewbold Verdon Jubilee
1947/48Wellington VictoriaBurbage
1948/49BurbageWellington Victoria
1949/50BurbageWellington Victoria
1950/51Linwood Lane Old BoysCosby United
1951/52Lutterworth TownWellington Victoria
1952/53Stoke GoldingKnighton & Aylestone United
1953/54Wellington VictoriaStoke Golding
1954/55Braunstone ImperialWigston COB
1955/56Wigston COBOld Fosse Boys
1956/57Dainite MillsWigston COB
1957/58Whetstone AthleticSt. Margaret’s Works
1958/59St. Margaret’s WorksHillcroft
1959/60Dainite SportsBelgrave Liberal
1960/61HillcroftGreat Bowden Imperial
1961/62HillcroftHinckley Gunners
1962/63Newfoundpool WMC ReservesHillcroft
1963/64Jones & ShipmanBritish United
1964/65HillcroftFriar Lane Old Boys
1965/66Great Bowden ImperialHillcroft
1966/67Friar Lane Old BoysHillcroft
1967/68Friar Lane Old BoysHillcroft
1968/69Desford CollieryFriar Lane Old Boys
1969/70HillcroftOadby Town Reserves
1970/71HillcroftBraunstone Athletic
1971/72Friar Lane Old Boys ReservesOadby Town Reserves
1972/73Oadby Town ReservesDesford Colliery
1973/74Birstall United SocialOadby ’67

After the 1973/74 season the Junior Cup once again reverted back to being a single county wide competition.