Junior Cup North

The Junior Cup was run on a regional basis from 1902/03 until 1973/74. Split into North and South regions the Junior Cup North was competed by clubs from the Coalville, Loughborough, Melton Mowbray and Rutland areas.

WinnersRunners Up
1902/03Barrow Rising StarCoalville Excelsior
1903/04Loughborough EmmanuelHathern Victoria
1904/05Shepshed AlbionCastle Donington Town
1905/06Shepshed AlbionCastle Donington Town
1906/07Castle Donington TownHugglescote Athletic
1907/08Castle Donington TownLoughborough Amateurs
1908/09Woodhouse ImperialCoalville PSA
1909/10Sileby Victoria ReservesEllistown St. Christopher’s
1910/11Sileby VictoriaCoalville PSA
1911/12Coalville PSALoughborough Old Boys
1912/13Sileby VictoriaEllistown St. Christopher’s
1913/14Ellistown St. Christopher’sBarrow Trinity
1919/20Castle Donington VictoriaOakthorpe Albion
1920/21Barrow TrinityMeasham Town
1921/22Loughborough Technical CollegeBagworth Town
1922/23Bagworth TownKegworth Victoria
1923/24Mushroom LaneShepshed Athletic
1924/25Hathern VictoriaThringstone House
1925/26Sileby VictoriaStanton-under-Bardon
1926/27Belton VillaPegg’s Green Victoria
1927/28Loughborough Brush WorksIbstock Penistone Rovers
1928/29Ibstock Penistone RoversMountsorrel Athletic
1929/30Ibstock SwiftsBelton Villa
1930/31Coalville RoversMountsorrel Athletic
1931/32Newfield SportsShepshed Athletic
1932/33Ibstock Penistone RoversBelton Villa
1933/34Measham ImperialMountsorrel Athletic
1934/35Ibstock SwiftsLoughborough Brush Works
1935/36New Lount CollieryLoughborough Brush Works
1936/37Measham ImperialQuorn Methodists
1937/38Moira UnitedShepshed Parish Church
1938/39Loughborough Brush Works ReservesHugglescote United
1939/40Castle Donington AmateursNailstone All Saints’
1945/46Whitwick CollieryCastle Donington Town
1946/47Melton RAVCColeorton Rovers
1947/48GreethamColeorton Rovers
1948/49Ravenstone Athletic SportsHarby United
1949/50Ravenstone Athletic SportsRedmile
1950/51Loughborough Colleges ReservesQuorn Methodists Reserves
1951/52Coleorton RoversOakham Imperial
1952/53Measham ImperialRedmile
1953/54Swannington SwiftsRAF Cottesmore
1954/55Loughborough Colleges ReservesRavenstone Miners Athletic
1955/56WoodvilleShepshed Amateurs
1956/57Babcock & WilcoxDonisthorpe Colliery Welfare
1957/58Loughborough Colleges ReservesGreetham
1958/59Markfield RoversMelton ATC
1959/60Glenmore RangersMelton Old Grammarians
1960/61Markfield RoversGreetham
1961/62Markfield RoversBardon Hill
1962/63Castle Donington TownCoalville Old Edwardians
1963/64Enderby Town ReservesCastle Donington Town
1964/65Enderby Town ReservesBrush Amateurs
1965/66Loughborough College of TechnologyBardon Hill
1966/67Ibstock Penistone Rovers ReservesCoalville Old Edwardians
1967/68Pegson’sCoalville Old Edwardians
1968/69Coalville Old EdwardiansGroby
1969/70Thringstone Miners WelfareIbstock Penistone Rovers Reserves
1970/71Thringstone Miners WelfareLoughborough Colleges Reserves
1971/72Thringstone ReservesGlenfield United
1972/73Ibstock Penistone Rovers ReservesPegson’s
1973/74Thringstone ReservesBreedon

After the 1973/74 season the Junior Cup once again reverted back to being a single county wide competition.