Hinckley & Harborough Alliance Football League

The Hinckley & Harborough Alliance Football League was formed for the 1972/73 season when the South Leicestershire Football League and the Market Harborough & District Football league merged.

Division OneDivision Two
1972/73Leicester Polytechnic ‘A’Desford United Reserves
1973/74Barton-in-the-BeansDesford United Reserves
1974/75Barton-in-the-BeansLeicester University ‘B’
1975/76Barton-in-the-BeansLeicester Polytechnic ‘B’
1976/77Leicester Polytechnic ‘A’Carlton Hayes
1977/78Leicester University

The league closed down at the end of the 1977/78 season due to lack of clubs but by that time it had also started a Sunday section which continues today as the Alliance Football League.