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Westerby Challenge Cup
Team List
Founded 1950.

   Winners  Runners Up
1950/51Leicester City ResBrush Sports
1951/52Leicester City ResBrush Sports
1952/53Leicester City ResBrush Sports
1953/54Leicester City ResBrush Sports
1954/55Leicester City ResHinckley Ath
1955/56Leicester City ResHinckley Ath
1956/57Leicester City ResAnstey Nomads
1957/58Hinckley AthBrush Sports
1958/59Hinckley AthAnstey Nomads
1959/60Hinckley AthAtherstone Town
1960/61Hinckley AthLoughborough Utd
1961/62Hinckley AthLoughborough Coll
1962/63Loughborough CollLoughborough Utd
1963/64Loughborough UtdHinckley Ath
1964/65Hinckley AthOadby Town
1965/66Loughborough UtdHinckley Ath
1966/67Loughborough UtdMeasham Social
1967/68Hinckley AthOadby Town
1968/69Oadby TownEnderby Town
1969/70Newfoundpool WMCLoughborough Utd
1970/71Oadby TownEnderby Town
1971/72Friar Lane OBOadby Town
1972/73Enderby TownAnstey Nomads
1974/75Friar Lane OBEnderby Town
1975/76Enderby TownJones & Shipman
1976/77Friar Lane OBOadby Town
1977/78Anstey NomadsOadby Town
1978/79Enderby TownAnstey Nomads
1979/80Enderby TownAnstey Nomads
1980/81Wigston FieldsOadby Town
1981/82Shepshed CharterhouseOadby Town
1982/83Leicester CityEnderby Town
1983/84Wigston FieldsAnstey Nomads
1984/85Wigston FieldsHinckley Ath
1985/86Shepshed CharterhouseLeicester Utd
1986/87Leicester UtdBirstall Utd
1987/88Leicester UtdWigston Fields
1988/89Leicester CityLeicester Utd
1989/90Hinckley TownShepshed Charterhouse
1990/91Leicester CityHinckley Town
1991/92Leicester CityLeicester Utd
1992/93Shepshed AlbLeicester Utd
1993/94Leicester CityHinckley Town
1994/95Leicester CityHinckley Town
1995/96Leicester CitySt. Andrews SC
1996/97St. Andrews SCShepshed Dynamo
1997/98Leicester CityShepshed Dynamo
1998/99Leicester CityOadby Town
1999/00Leicester CityBarwell
2000/01Hinckley UtdBarwell
2001/02Hinckley UtdOadby Town
2002/03Leicester CityShepshed Dynamo
2003/04Hinckley UtdOadby Town
2004/05Oadby TownBarwell
2005/06Leicester CityCoalville Town
2006/07Hinckley UtdBarwell
2007/08Oadby TownFriar Lane & Epworth

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