Coventry Alliance

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The Coventry Alliance was formed for the 1971/72 season when the Coventry Works League changed its constitution to allow non works teams into the competition. Originally called the Coventry Suburban & Football Alliance it changed name to the shorter Coventry Alliance around 1991.

Teams from around the Hinckley area have participated in this league in the past.

The Coventry Alliance is not officially part of the National League System, though teams from this league have moved into the lower divisions of the Midland Football League.

Leicestershire & Rutland Teams
1971/72No teams.
1972/73Hinckley Gunners
1973/74Hinckley Gunners (+ Reserves)
1974/75Hinckley Gunners (+ Reserves)
1975/76Hinckley Gunners
1976/77Hinckley Gunners
1977/78Hinckley Gunners
1978/79Hinckley Gunners
1979/80Hinckley Gunners
1980/81Hinckley Gunners
1981/82Hinckley Gunners
1982/83Hinckley Gunners (+ Reserves)
1983/84Hinckley Gunners
1984/85Hinckley Gunners, Witherley United
1985/86Hinckley Gunners, Witherley United
1986/87Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1987/88Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1988/89Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1989/90Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1990/91Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1991/92Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1992/93Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1993/94Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1994/95Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1995/96Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1996/97Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1997/98Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1998/99Witherley United (+ Reserves)
1999/00Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2000/01Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2001/02Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2002/03Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2003/04Witherley United
2004/05Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2005/06Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2006/07Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2007/08Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2008/09Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2009/10Witherley United (+ Reserves)
2010/11Witherley United
2011/12Witherley United
2012/13 – currentNo teams.