County Medals Mid Leicestershire

This competition started in the 1905/06 season as the number of teams in county junior leagues increased. The regional County Medals competitions were introduced for teams below the top divisions in the Junior leagues or teams who were not in a league in that area of the county.

The Mid Leicestershire area consisted of the towns and villages that immediately surrounded Leicester, these include former villages that now could be considered part of Leicester (such as Glenfield and Thurmaston).

WinnersRunners Up
1905/06Ratby AlbionWigston PM
1906/07Wigston PMAnstey Council
1907/08GlenfieldWigston Congregational
1908/09Countesthorpe Sunday SchoolThurmaston Sunday School
1909/10Anstey CouncilCountesthorpe Sunday School
1910/11Thurmaston Sunday SchoolRatby St. Philip’s & St. James’
1911/12Thurmaston Sunday SchoolSouth Wigston PM
1912/13Thurmaston Sunday SchoolAnstey St. Mary’s
1913/14Syston St. Peter’sRatby St. Philip’s & St. James’

There was no Mid Leicestershire Medals competition between 1914/15 and 1918/19 seasons due to the First World War.

WinnersRunners Up
1919/20Thurmaston Sunday SchoolSyston Sunday School
1920/21Thurmaston Sunday SchoolRatby St. Philip’s & St. James’
1921/22Thurmaston Sunday School ReservesWigston Excelsior
1922/23Anstey Primitive MethodistsAnstey Congregational Church
1923/24Syston St. Peter’sAnstey Primitive Methodists
1924/25Anstey Primitive MethodistsCossington All Saints
1925/26Anstey Primitive MethodistsSouth Wigston Junior Sunday School
1926/27Syston St. Peter’sRothley Church
1927/28Wigston PMGroby Athletic
1928/29Wigston PMThurmaston Athletic
1929/30Anstey Primitive MethodistsCountesthorpe Sunday School
1930/31Anstey Primitive MethodistsSouth Wigston Church of Christ
1931/32Anstey Primitive MethodistsRearsby St. Michael’s

For the 1932/33 season the teams that usually played in the Mid Leicestershire Medals were allocated to the City of Leicester Shield and Medals competitions. This marked the end of the Mid Leicestershire Medals competition.