County Medals Lutterworth

The Lutterworth County Medals competition was introduced in 1920/21, a lot later than other regions and it probably coincided with the formation of the Lutterworth & District Football League.

WinnersRunners Up
1920/21Lutterworth TownSwinford
1924/25GilmortonWilloughby Waterleys
1925/26GilmortonLutterworth Town Reserves
1926/27South KilworthGilmorton

The medals competition did not run for three years which coincided with the Lutterworth and District League ceasing to run for those years. It started again when the League reformed for the 1930/31 season.

WinnersRunners Up
1931/32SwinfordLutterworth Vedonis
1934/35Lutterworth TownGilmorton
1935/36Dunton Bassett UnitedWalcote
1936/37no competition
1937/38Lutterworth CorinthiansDunton Bassett United
1938/39Claybrooke RoversDunton Bassett United

The competition was suspended due to war between 1940 and 1946.

After the war ended the regional County Medals competitions format was changed to be a larger county wide format with the formation of the County Medals East & West in 1946.