County Medals Hinckley

This competition started in the 1905/06 season as the number of teams in county junior leagues increased. The regional County Medals competitions were introduced for teams below the top divisions in the Junior leagues or teams who were not in a league in that area of the county.

WinnersRunners Up
1905/06Barlestone Rising StarCosby United
1906/07Burbage United ReservesHuncote United
1907/08Hinckley Church InstituteEarl Shilton Town
1908/09Croft Rising StarBroughton Astley Institute
1909/10Cosby SwiftsNewbold Verdon United
1910/11Broughton AstleyHinckley Wesleyans
1911/12Hinckley Church UnitedOsbaston United
1912/13Burbage United ReservesHuncote United
1913/14Croft Rising StarNewbold Verdon Swifts

There was no Hinckley Medals competition between 1914/15 and 1918/19 seasons due to the First World War.

WinnersRunners Up
1919/20Stoney Stanton Combination ReservesStoke Golding
1920/21Hinckley St. Peter’sStoney Stanton Combination Reserves
1921/22Stoney Stanton Combination ReservesDesford Rovers
1922/23Earl Shilton Adult SchoolDesford Rovers
1923/24Barwell Primitive MethodistsHuncote United
1924/25Eatoughs Ltd.Earl Shilton Wesleyans
1925/26Earl Shilton WesleyansHinckley Baptists
1926/27Cosby VictorEarl Shilton Wesleyans
1927/28Barwell UMPeckleton Rovers
1928/29Croft Granite ReservesL&W Electric Power
1929/30Regent’s SportsEarl Shilton Adult School Reserves
1930/31Cosby United Sunday SchoolHinckley Black & White
1931/32Nicholls & WilemanCosby United Sunday School
1932/33Burbage CongregationalStoke Golding United
1933/34Broughton AstleyStoney Stanton Rovers
1934/35Hinckley Great MeetingCroft Granite Reserves
1935/36Hinckley Great MeetingNewbold Verdon Sunday School
1936/37Broughton AstleySharnford YMCA
1937/38Broughton AstleyDesford St. Martin’s
1938/39Broughton AstleyMiddlefield Mission
1939/40Newbold Jubilee ReservesStoke Golding Reserves

The competition was once again suspended due to war between 1940 and 1946.

After the war ended the regional County Medals competitions format was changed to be a larger county wide format with the formation of the County Medals East & West in 1946.