Coalville & District Amateur Football League

The Coalville & District Amateur Football League ran from the 1899/00 season until 1974/75. It consisted of teams from the Coalville and the mining area of North West Leicestershire. After the final season most of the clubs moved to the North Leicestershire Football League.

What do we know about this League ?

Most of the participants are known apart from a few gaps in the 1920s. I don’t have that many final league tables after the first world war.

The league started as a single division before growing to three divisions before the First World War.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1899/00Ibstock Albion
1900/01Ibstock Albion
1901/02Coalville Excelsior
1902/03Coalville Town
1903/04Coalville Town Reserves
1904/05Measham United
1905/06Hugglescote United Reserves
1906/07Moira United
1907/08Moira United
1908/09Whitwick ImperialCoalville PSA
1909/10Coalville AmateursHugglescote St. John’s
1910/11Coalville PSARavenstone United
1911/12Coalville PSAPegg’s Green Victoria
1912/13Ellistown St. Christopher’sMeasham TownSwannington Institute
1913/14Hugglescote St. John’sPegg’s Green VictoriaMoira United Reserves
1914/15Ellistown St. Christopher’sRavenstone UnitedHeather Imperial

The league was suspended for three seasons during the First World War.

Division OneDivision TwoDivision Three
1918/19Hugglescote ImperialAshby Swifts
1919/20Moira UnitedIbstock WanderersOakthorpe Albion
1920/21Oakthorpe AlbionMeasham TownMeasham Town Reserves
1921/22Oakthorpe AlbionBagworth TownGriffydam
1922/23Measham TownSwannington Villa
1923/24Oakthorpe AlbionStanton-under-Bardon
1924/25Pegg’s Green Victoria
1925/26Pegg’s Green Victoria
1926/27Pegg’s Green Victoria
1927/28Ibstock Penistone Rovers
1928/29Ibstock Penistone Rovers
1929/30Ibstock Penistone RoversHugglescote Wesleyans
1930/31New Lount CollieryIbstock Penistone Rovers Reserves
1931/32Ibstock Swifts
1932/33Snibston UnitedIbstock Penistone Rovers Reserves
1933/34Ibstock Penistone RoversRavenstone Miners Athletic
1934/35Ibstock Penistone Rovers ReservesCoalville Victoria
1935/36Bagworth TownIbstock Villa
1936/37Bagworth Town
1937/38Nailstone All Saints
1938/39Brush Sports Reserves
1939/40Whitwick Holy Cross

The league was suspended for three seasons during the Second World War.

When the league resumed it was with only one division, but a second division was added in 1947/48 which is how the league stayed until the final season.

Division OneDivision Two
1943/44Whitwick Colliery
1944/45RAOC Moira
1945/46Whitwick Colliery
1946/47Ashby White Rose
1947/48Ravenstone SportsBagworth Colliery
1948/49Ravenstone SportsNailstone All Saints
1949/50South CollieryDonisthorpe Colliery Welfare
1950/51Ravenstone SportsThringstone House
1951/52Thringstone HouseNailstone Colliery
1952/53Ravenstone SportsNew Lount Colliery
1953/54Swannington SwiftsWoodville
1954/55Ibstock Penistone Rovers ReservesDesford Colliery Reserves
1955/56WoodvilleHeather St. John’s
1956/57Stanton SwiftsMarkfield Rovers
1957/58Markfield RoversNailstone Miners Welfare
1958/59Markfield RoversEllistown Colliery
1959/60Markfield RoversNewton Athletic
1960/61Markfield RoversEagle Works
1961/62Bardon HillRavenstone Miners Welfare Reserves
1962/63GrievesAppleby Magna
1963/64Markfield RoversEllistown Colliery
1964/65Old EdwardiansMarkfield Rovers Reserves
1965/66Heather St. John’sOld Edwardians Reserves
1966/67Old EdwardiansSouth Colliery
1967/68Old EdwardiansPegg’s Green Sports Club
1968/69Old EdwardiansPrecision Rubbers
1969/70Heather St. John’sCoalville Athletic
1970/71Heather St. John’sJoseph Burgess
1971/72Leicester College of EducationGreenhill
1972/73Leicester College of EducationEllistown Colliery

The league disbanded at the end of the 1974/75 season. Nine of the final Eleven teams in the league moved to the North Leicestershire Football League (previously the Loughborough & District Amateur Football Alliance).