City of Leicester Medals

This competition started in the 1905/06 season as the number of teams in county junior leagues increased. The Borough of Leicester Medals was created to allow teams from Division 3 and below in the Leicester area to have their own cup competition.

Borough of Leicester Medals

WinnersRunners Up
1905/06Elmdale UnitedBelgrave Albion
1906/07Ivanhoe UnitedSt. Martin’s Sunday School
1907/08St. Martin’s Sunday SchoolHumberstone St. Mary’s
1908/09Belgrave Primitive MethodistsBelvoir Street Sunday School
1909/10Belvoir Street Sunday SchoolWest End Albion
1910/11St. Mary’sEmmanuel Church
1911/12Carey HallBelgrave St. Peter’s Mission
1912/13Aylestone Park ASBishop Street BC
1913/14Belvoir Street JuniorsOxford Street Sunday School

There was no Borough of Leicester Medals competition between 1914/15 and 1918/19 seasons due to the First World War. When the competition resumed in 1919/20 it had changed it’s name due to Leicester being granted City status in 1919.

City of Leicester Medals

WinnersRunners Up
1919/20Aylestone St. JamesIvanhoe United
1920/21King Richard’s Road WesleyansCarey Hall
1921/22T. Grieve & Co.Rupert Street Sunday School
1922/23Bishop Street Sunday SchoolSt. Andrew’s BC
1923/24Wolsey Abbey Meadow MillsCrafton Street AS
1924/25St. Barnabas InstituteMantle Road OB Guild
1925/26St. Augustine’sMantle Road OB Guild
1926/27Church of the MartyrsFree Gospel Hall
1927/28SouthfieldsBentley Engineering
1928/29Stafford’s ClassChurch of the Martyrs
1929/30Westcotes ChurchParkside
1930/31Uppingham Road BaptistsLondon Road Congregational
1931/32PetroniansHinckley Road United
1932/33Belgrave UnitedAylestone St. James
1933/34Argyle RoversKirby Muxloe Sunday School
1934/35Vipan & HeadleyFaire Brothers Ltd.
1935/36Faire Brothers Ltd.Curzon United
1936/37Birstall St. JamesHumberstone St. Mary’s
1937/38Curzon UnitedClarendon Park Athletic
1938/39St. Anne’sBraunstone Victoria
1939/40Oadby ImperialCity Gas

The competition was once again suspended due to war between 1940 and 1946.

WinnersRunners Up
1946/47Wellington Victoria ReservesKnighton Athletic
1947/48YMCA Youth ClubCWS
1948/49Old Fosse BoysLNER Sports
1949/50King Richard’s Road WMCCity Gas

City Medals ‘A’

For the start of the 1950/51 season the City of Leicester Medals competition was split into two separate competitions, ‘A’ competition mainly for teams in Divisions 4 & 5 of the City & Mutual leagues and the ‘B’ competition for the remaining teams in the Leicester area.

WinnersRunners Up
1950/51Braunstone ImperialG. Stibbe & Co.
1951/52Gateway Old Boys ReservesHill & Herbert’s
1952/53Viaduct WorksBirstall Royal British Legion
1953/54Braunstone Imperial ReservesBraunstone East
1954/55HillcroftWesthill United
1955/56Friar Lane Old BoysWellington Victoria ‘A’
1956/57St. Margaret’s AthleticBraunstone Legionaires
1957/58Braunstone East ReservesBrookfield Swifts
1958/59Saffron Lane WMCJones & Shipman Reserves
1959/60SaketaNorthfield United Reserves
1960/61Abbey RangersNorthfield United Reserves
1961/62Humberstone VictoriaStead & Simpson
1962/63OlympicNew Parks Boys’ Club Old Boys
1963/64PetroniansClareonians Athletic
1964/65New Parks Co-OpGimson’s
1965/66Mowmacre Boys’ Club Old BoysNew Parks Co-Op
1967/68Needham RangersT. Forsell
1968/69Oadby Boys’ Club Old BoysTUL Athletic
1969/70Old LancastriansCity Gas
1970/71Wildts & Co.City Gas
1971/72King Richard’s Road WMCFriar Lane Old Boys ‘A’
1972/73Saketa ReservesNew Parks Boys’ Club Reserves
1973/74Stadium RoversGranby YC

City Medals ‘B’

WinnersRunners Up
1950/51Aylestone WMC ReservesEverards Sports
1951/52St. Margaret’s Works ReservesBelgrave Victoria ‘A’
1952/53Humberstone St. Mary’sBraunstone WMC
1953/54HillcroftG.Stibbe & Co.
1954/55Electricity Sports ReservesWimbledon Athletic
1955/56Leicester Carriage BuildersSouthfields British Legion
1956/57HiltonsSpinney Hill WMC Reserves
1957/58Bentley Engineering ‘A’BTH Lamp Works
1958/59St. Margaret’s Athletic ReservesJones & Shipman ‘A’
1959/60Abbey RangersSaketa Reserves
1960/61Viaduct WorksNew Parks Boys’ Club Old Boys
1961/62CoronaRichards Social
1962/63Mowmacre Boys’ Club Old BoysNorthfield United ‘B’
1963/64Braunstone Imperial ‘A’Foister Clay & Ward
1964/65Mowmacre Boys’ Club Old Boys ReservesNew Parks Boys’ Club Old Boys Reserves
1965/66Rose ValeSouth End ‘A’
1966/67Boot & Shoe WMCOld Lancastrians
1967/68Eyres Monsell Boys’ Club Old BoysBritish United ‘A’
1968/69Bethel Youth ClubInvicta Plastics
1969/70MarwinsRose Vale Reserves
1970/71Knighton & District WMCStandard Athletic
1971/72Broad AvenueKingsway Reserves
1972/73New Parks Social Club ReservesSapna United Reserves
1973/74St. Andrews SCBethel

After the 1973/74 season the county cups were reorganised so that the City Medals and County Medals competitions were combined into the three Saturday Medals competitions.